Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Greetings From Swampland, USA

I don't really have much to report as of yet. However, as I've been driving around, it appears that all Michigan State fans look exactly like their mascot:

That face is creepy as hell.

BulldawgJosh and Bubba's 80's Music Video of the Week

First, we have to apologize for the absence of a video last week. Secondly, we want to wish everyone a happy new year by giving you the 1986 classic "The Final Countdown" by Swedish Rockers Europe as we countdown to 2009:

Europe - Final Countdown

Good luck to Earl, Streit, BDJ, and all of out other friends in Orlando supporting the Dawgs. Have a safe and happy New Year.

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Bubba 'N Earl Bowl Pool Update #8

I'm preparing to go to Orlando, so I'm going to try and keep this short.

Bubba and Streit were the only ones to pick all 3 of yesterday's games right.

BFR, Earl, Joe, and ThinkingBulldog each only got 1 game right.

The majority was right on 2 out of 3 games, only missing the Oregon victory.

Terps vs. The Other Wolfpack

Great game, the Terps pulled it out in the end.

Broncos vs. Owls

Rice showed its intellectual and athletic superiority by crushing Western Michigan.


"I'M A MAN, I'm 40!" vs. Ducks

Great game, as many of us expected. Ducks pulled it out, and Okla State wasn't the same with Dez Bryant.

We have 5 games on the slate for New Year's Eve:

Cougars vs. Falcons

The majority picked this game by an 8/5 split, in favor of Houston over Air Force.

Beavers vs. Wannstache

Jacquizz and James Rodgers are out for Oregon State, which puts their ability to win in doubt.

I would wish to take this pick back, but it would be violating my number policy for college football: NEVER BET ON THE WANNSTACHE. Let him prove you wrong. More often than not, he won't.

Bubba, Earl, Streit, and ThinkingBulldog were the only ones to pick Pitt.

Commies vs. Wicked Awesome Eagles

Vandy is in a bowl game for the first time during my lifetime. Wow.

Too bad they didn't get to leave Nashville.

This game was another 8/5 split in favor of Boston College.

Fighting Manginos vs. Golden Gophers

Minnesota comes into this game on a 4 game losing streak.

Don't mess with Kansas, Mangino is a badass.

Earl, Joe, and Streit were the only ones to pick Minnesota.

NERDS vs. Cajun Bengals

North Avenue Trade School. Yuck. Both teams in Yellow. Yuck.

Thank that lord I won't be around Atlanta tonight in case the Nerds win this game.

Ann&Bob, AUMaverick, Bubba, Earl, and myself were the only ones to pick the Techies. Man, I feel dirty for doing so.


The majority picked Houston, Oregon State, Boston College, Kansas, and Ga Tech.

Ally and Streit 1st place, Earl and Jason are tied in 2nd, and Joe and AUMaverick are tied for last.

Ally - 11pts.
Streit - 11pts.
Earl - 10pts.
Jason W. - 10pts.
Ann & Bob - 9pts.
Stephen S. - 9pts.
Bubba - 9pts.
SRQDawg15 - 9pts.
BFR - 8pts.
BulldawgJosh - 8pts.
ThinkingBulldog - 7pts.
Joe P. - 5pts.
AUMaverick - 5pts.

Streit's Bowl Picks: SEC Edition

The bowl season is almost halfway over and now the real bowls can begin. The SEC has sent 8 teams to bowls for the 2008-2009 season (the only guys missing out are Mississippi State, Auburn, Arkansas, and Tennessee). Below are my picks for all of the SEC games, including Georgia's match up with Michigan State, leading up to the BCS Championship. I will preview that game in a later post.

Music City Bowl - Boston College vs. Vanderbilt

Vandy finally qualified for a bowl game for the first time in 26 years and they get to travel to... Nashville. That's right, they get to stay home and play Boston College in their home town. Vanderbilt was everyones early season darling, jumping out to a 5-0 start and a top 15 ranking. But, the Commodores soon returned to Earth and lost 6 of their final 7 games (including an embarrassing loss to Duke). Boston College was not expected to compete for the ACC Championship in their first year PMR (Post Matt Ryan). The Eagles ended the regular season strong, winning their final 4 games before falling to Virginia Tech in the ACC Championship. Boston College improved during the season while Vandy seemed to get worse.
Boston College 37, Vanderbilt 13

Chick-Fil-A Bowl - LSU vs. Georgia Tech

As much as the Georgia defense was a disappointment this season, LSU's defense was worse. LSU allowed 31 points in each of its final 3 games to the likes of Troy, Ole Miss, and Arkansas. Lesticles does not have a solid option at QB with Jarrett Lee continuing to throw touchdowns to the wrong team and Jordan Jefferson still a year away from being ready to take the reins. Receiver Brandon LeFell and RB Charles Scott are big time players, but the lack of a QB hurts the Bayou Bengals. Georgia Tech has become a media darling this season with Paul Johnson's triple option attack working better than most thought it would. ACC player of the year Jonathan Dwyer, Roddy Jones, and Josh Nesbitt will be a tough task for the LSU defense. most people are picking Tech to win this one, but I think there will be an upset.
LSU 31, Georgia Tech 27

Outback Bowl - South Carolina vs. Iowa

Steve Spurrier's Palmetto State chickens finished an up and down 2008 season with a loss to rival Clemson and a 7-5 record. Outside of WR Kenny McKinley (who missed part of the season with injury) Carolina never found a true identity on offense. The strength of the SC team is their defense led by linebackers Eric Noorwood and Jasper Brinkley. The 'Cocks will be without leading tackler Emanuel Cook, who has been suspended by Coach Steve Spurrier. The Carolina defense ranked 11th in the nation, one spot ahead of the Iowa Hawkeyes. For Iowa, the game plan is all about defense and running back Shonn Greene. Greene beat out Knowshon Moreno and Javon Ringer for the Doak Walker Award by putting up big time numbers for the 8-4 Hawkeyes. The edge in this game goes to Iowa because of their ability to pull a major upset (of then #2 Penn State).
Iowa 20, South Carolina 14

Cotton Bowl - Ole Miss vs. Texas Tech

Houston Nutt surprised a lot of people in his first season in Oxford by winning eight games. I was not one of those people. With Texas transfer Jevan Snead under center and a new attitude on the sideline, I expected the Ole Miss program to have a strong 2008. Jevan Snead and WR/HB Dexter McCluster lead an explosive Mississippi offense. The question is, will they be able to keep up with Mike Leach's Red Raiders? Graham Harrel and Michael Crabtree lead the Texas Tech offense that scored 535 points this season. This team reached as high as #2 in the rankings and also gave one of the most memorable moments of 2008:

Texas Tech 45, Ole Miss 38

Liberty Bowl - Kentucky vs. East Carolina

Kentucky gave Georgia a scare this season when it finally found its QB of the future in Randall Cobb. The 'Cats were riddled with injuries this year, and after a 4-0 start lost 6 of their last 8 games. East Carolina also started the the season with some big wins, dropping Virginia Tech and West Virginia in consecutive weeks. But, disappointing losses to NC State, Houston, and Virginia derailed their BCS dreams. The Pirates recovered and won the Conference USA Championship by beating Tulsa. Even with ECU's impressive wins, I think Kentucky has a chance to pull the upset.
Kentucky 27, East Carolina 21

Sugar Bowl - Utah vs. Alabama

Another non-BCS school gets to take on the SEC in the Sugar Bowl. This sucks and I expect to see a similar story to play out as the one that happened last year. Nick Saban will have the Crimson Tide ready for the Utes and I expect the defense to have a field day. The Tide offense, while not explosive, will do enough between the running of Glenn Coffee, the passing of JPW, and the receiving of Julio Jones to put up 40 points. Without consensus All-America OL Andre Smith, suspended for violation of team rules, Alabama will need to get the ball out of the backfield a little quicker than usual. Don't look for that to cause Saban too many headaches in the game planning. Utah still runs a variation of the offense left by Urban Meyer, so look for them to use a similar scheme to that which was used by Florida in the SEC Championship. This game won't be as ugly as Georgia's destruction of Hawaii was, but another easy win for 'Bama none the less.
Alabama 45, Utah 24

Capital One Bowl - Georgia vs. Michigan State

At this point, we all know the big story line of this game is the match up between Knowshon Moreno and Javon Ringer. Both backs had great seasons and were finalists for the Doak Walker Award. The Dawgs were a preseason #1 team that underachieved and lost big games while the Spartans were a middle of the pack Big 10 team who is hoping to get to 10 wins for the first time since Nick Saban left for LSU. Rather than carry on about statistics, I'm just going to give my opinion on this game: Georgia should win rather easily. Georgia's offense boasts several top-tier college players: in addition to Knowshon Moreno, consider the fact that Matt Stafford and the combination of AJ Green and Mohammed Massaquoi have become one of the best QB/WR combos in the country. While Georgia may have struggled on D over the last few games, the offense has not. We are the better team and we should win. Ringer is a good back, but he averages only 4.2 yards a carry vs. 5.9 for Knowshon. If we step up and make tackles (yes, that is a big IF), we should stop Ringer in his tracks. And despite our struggles on D, we still ranked 28th in the country on total defense while Michigan State was 61st. I'm picking the Dawgs to pick up their 10th win of the season.

Georgia's 2009 New Year's Resolution: TACKLE BETTER!

Georgia 45, Michigan State 28

I'm headed to Orlando in the morning to cheer on the Dawgs. I'll be back next week with my National Championship Game preview as well as a season wrap up for Georgia.


Late Notice: Capital One Bowl Tickets available

Last minute notice for anyone who has not yet made plans for the game and wishes to attend:

A true Bulldog fan and truly wonderful person who helped to sponsor the infamous BFR and BDJ trip to Lexington has offered up two tickets that will not be used. If you're thinking about going, please help out Carole by buying her tickets so that she is not stuck with them. She is looking for as close to face value as she can get for the tickets, but that's not asking too much. Help out a fellow Dawg fan if you, or anyone you know, are looking for tickets to the game. Please give me a call on my cell phone if you are interested--706-224-8634--and I'll help get you in touch with Carole.

Go Dawgs and thank you Carole!

P.S. I'm really trusting our readers not to disseminate or otherwise abuse the phone number listed above. If you fail to live up to the responsibility inherent in reading this blog, now with my personal phone number posted, I'll have no other choice than to go Knowshon on your ass...

Don't abuse my number, man...but do call me for the tickets, or if you're cute, single, and maybe a season ticket holder!

Bubba 'N Earl Bowl Pool Update #7

AUMaverick, Joe, and myself got both games wrong yesterday.

Ann&Bob, BFR, Earl, Jason, SRQDawg15, and Streit got both games right yesterday.

New Jersey Knights vs. Wolfpack

In one heck of a game, Rutgers pulled out a win against NC State. The Wolfpack were plagued by their starting QB being injured and the back ups playing inconsistently (just as they dealt with in the beginning of the season).

The slight majority of 7 took this game.

Kitty Cat Battle - Tigers vs. Wildcats

The most accurate kicker in NCAA history missed a last second, game winning field goal for Mizzou. THIS IS WHY YOU WATCH BOWL GAMES.

I'm sure the commentators for the game jinxed him after constantly discussing how he would never miss a field goal...oops...

Unfortunately for AUMaverick, Joe, Bubba, and myself, Northwestern blew it in OT.

The majority won on this close game game.

Today we have three games:

Terps vs. The Other Wolfpack

Maryland was probably one of the more wildly inconsistent teams this year. They would lose to teams they had no business losing to, and they would crush teams that were better than them.

AUMaverick, BFR, Earl, and ThinkingBulldog were the only ones to pick Nevada.

Broncos vs. Owls

The MAC meets Conference USA in this battle between Western Michigan and Rice.

Rice comes into this game on a 6 game winning streak.

Rice hasn't won a bowl game in over 50 years, while W. Michigan has never won a bowl game (in 5 previous bowl appearances).

Joe and ThinkingBulldog were the only ones to pick Western Michigan.

"I'M A MAN, I'm 40!" vs. Ducks

The holiday bowl is typically a great game, and this year shouldn't be any different.

Oregon comes in on a 3 game winning streak, having destroyed Oregon State in their previous game.

Both teams are 9-3, the Ducks come into this game a bit under the radar, and Oklahoma State's quality play this year has been forgotten because of their end of the season loss to Oklahoma.

In the last 10 meetings, the Big 12 leads this bowl battle 6-4 over the Pac-10. In that time span, Oregon is 1-1 in this bowl game.

AUMaverick, Bubba, Streit, and ThinkingBulldog were the only ones to choose Oregon. Even though I didn't pick them, I'm surprised so few people went with Oregon.


The majority has strongly picked the Terps, the Owls, and the Ducks for today's games.

Here are the most up to date rankings:

-Ally and Earl are now tied for 1st
-Streit is now tied with Jason for 2nd
-Ann&Bob have jumped from the bottom to a 4 way tie for 3rd
-AUMaverick is still in last

Ally - 9pts.
Earl - 9pts.
Jason W. - 8pts.
Streit - 8pts.
Ann & Bob - 7pts.
Stephen S. - 7pts.
BFR - 7pts.
SRQDawg15 - 7pts.
BulldawgJosh - 6pts.
ThinkingBulldog - 6pts.
Bubba - 6pts.
Joe P. - 4pts.
AUMaverick - 3pts.

Monday, December 29, 2008

Public Apologies to BDJ and the Entire Bulldog Nation

Please accept this as my public apology for deciding not to make the trek down to Orlando to support our beloved Dawgs in the Capital One Bowl this year. Bulldawg Josh and I vowed to each other in a completely heterosexual and non-innuendo fashion that we would attend every Georgia game this season. My defection from the Capital One trip breaks that solemn vow. I hope to maintain some respect for my patronage at all other Bulldog football games this season, but alas, I will not be able to claim that I attended 100% of the contests this season. I won't even be able to lay claim to attendance at all games in a calendar year given my January 2008 absence from the Sugar Bowl which broke my string of six consecutive Georgia bowl game trips. The Sugar Bowl absence wasn't by choice, my boss wouldn't let me miss work to go to the game. I believe his exact words were "I would understand if they were playing for the National Championship, but...Hawaii?!?"

BDJ, please accept my apologies for breaking my promise and for changing the plans on you at the last minute. Fellow Dawg fans, please don't hate me. BNE is represented well in Orlando with BDJ, Earl, Streit, and the new Mrs. Streit in attendance.
Go Dawgs!
I was at this game!

Bubba 'N Earl Bowl Pool Update #6

In a 17-10 finish, Dooley's Cajun Dogs edged out the Huskies.

This afternoon, we have the Scarlet Knights vs. the Wolfpack. This should be a great matchup, given that both teams are on hot winning streaks (Rutgers-6 games, NC State-4 games).

7 people picked Rutgers, while 6 picked NC State.

Tonight we have the kitty cat battle between the Mizzou Tigers and Northwestern Wildcats.

AUMaverick, Bubba, Joe, and myself were the only ones to pick Northwestern. Man, I hope this pans out. Northwestern hasn't won a bowl game in 200 years.

Here are the most up to date rankings:

Ally maintains the lead, with Earl jumping into second by himself.

Ally - 8pts.
Earl - 7pts.
Jason W. - 6pts.
Streit - 6pts.
BulldawgJosh - 6pts.
Stephen S. - 6pts.
BFR - 5pts.
SRQDawg15 - 5pts.
ThinkingBulldog - 5pts.
Bubba - 5pts.
Ann & Bob - 5pts.
Joe P. - 4pts.
AUMaverick - 3pts.

Sunday, December 28, 2008

Bubba 'N Earl Bowl Pool Update #5

Congrats to Ally and Stephen for getting all 3 games right yesterday.

No one missed them all, but AUMaverick, Bubba, Earl, Joe, Streit, and ThinkingBulldog did only get one game right.

Ally's sweep yesterday has put her into 1st place, with Earl dropping down to 2nd with Jason.

Stephen's sweep has vaulted him into the 5 way tie for 3rd.

AUMaverick is now all on his own in last.

Dooley's Cajun Dogs vs. Midwest Huskies

Cajun Tech plays No. Illinois tonight in Shreveport for the Independence "The SEC Didn't Fulfill All Of Its Bowl Slots" Bowl.

AUMaverick, BFR, Jason, Joe, and SRQDawg15 picked No. Illinois. Everyone else picked Cajun Tech.


Ally - 7pts.
Earl - 6pts.
Jason W. - 6pts.
Streit - 5pts.
BFR - 5pts.
BulldawgJosh - 5pts.
SRQDawg15 - 5pts.
Stephen S. - 5pts.
Joe P. - 4pts.
ThinkingBulldog - 4pts.
Bubba - 4pts.
Ann & Bob - 4pts.
AUMaverick - 3pts.

Saturday, December 27, 2008

Bubba 'N Earl Bowl Pool Update #4

Schnellenberger kept his bowl victory streak alive, and so no one in the pool gets any additional points.

For today's games:

Couch Burners vs. Tar Heels

-5 people have picked the West Virginia Couch Burners, while 8 have picked the Carolina Blue Heels.

-Pat White is 3-0 in bowl games and Butch Davis is 4-0 in bowl games.

Free Shoes University vs. Whees-kahn-seen

-Joe, AUMaverick, and ThinkingBulldog picked the Badgers, while everyone else picked the Bowdenites.

Thugs vs. Hippies

-6 people have picked the Thugs of MIAMI!, while 7 are going with the Hippie Bears of Cal.

Here are the most up to date rankings:

Earl - 5pts.
Jason W. - 4pts.
Ally - 4pts.
Streit - 4pts.
BFR - 3pts.
BulldawgJosh - 3pts.
SRQDawg15 - 3pts.
Joe P. - 3pts.
ThinkingBulldog - 3pts.
Bubba - 3pts.
Ann & Bob - 2pts.
AUMaverick - 2pts.
Stephen S. - 2pts.

Friday, December 26, 2008

Bubba 'N Earl Bowl Pool Update #3

Well, the Indiana leprechauns crushed the 'Bows in an effort that made Jimmy Clausen look pretty good (for the first time ever).

I get to eat a lot of crow because of this. I don't think anyone bad mouths Notre Dame as much as myself. Luckily, I didn't do it on this blog.

After Notre Dame's win, Ally and Streit have jumped into a tie with Jason for 2nd place.

Here are the most up to date rankings:

Earl - 5pts.
Jason W. - 4pts.
Ally - 4pts.
Streit - 4pts.
BFR - 3pts.
BulldawgJosh - 3pts.
SRQDawg15 - 3pts.
Joe P. - 3pts.
ThinkingBulldog - 3pts.
Bubba - 3pts.
Ann & Bob - 2pts.
AUMaverick - 2pts.
Stephen S. - 2pts.

Tonight we have Florida Atlantic and Central Michigan. While I picked Central Michigan, Howard Schnellenberger is undefeated in bowl games. I Wish I had known that before I did my picks.

Everyone in the pool picked Central Michigan in this game, so it doesn't even matter!

Streit's Bowl Picks: December 26 - 28

TCU pulled out a close one to knock off Boise and Notre Dame cruised to a decidely one-sided victory over Hawaii. My overall record stands at 4-3.

Motor City Bowl - Florida Atlantic vs. Central Michigan

Howard Schnellenberger's Owls of Florida Atlantic endured a rough start to this season, winning only one of their first six games. But quarterback Rusty Smith (2,900 yards and 22 touchdowns) led the team back in the second half of the season (including a 57-50 overtime win over rival Florida International), to reach 6-6. Central Michigan is all about QB Dan LeFevour, who we like to call the poor man's Tim Tebow. As Georgia fans saw earlier this season, he makes things happen on the ground and through the air. The Chippewas will be too much for the owls in this one.

Central Michigan 41, Florida Atlantic 21

Meineke Car Care Bowl - West Virginia vs. North Carolina

Coming off another BCS bowl victory, there were preseason talks of a national title in Morgantown. However, Pat White's senior season and the first year under Bill Stewart did not go as planned for the Mountaineers who finished at 8-4. Going into their November 11 match up with Maryland, the Tar Heels were 7-2 and looked destined for the ACC Championship Game for the first time. Unfortunately, a late score for the Terps upset UNC and they finished the season at 8-4. This should be a balanced game between two teams that fell short of preseason expectations. Look for the Tar Heels to win in an upset.

North Carolina 27, West Virginia 21

Champs Sports Bowl - Wisconsin vs. Florida State

Wisconsin found itself ranked in the top 10 early in the season, but after suffering 4 straight losses to begin their conference schedule, they found themselves out of the Big 10 race. The Badgers, on the back of HB PJ Hill, finished the season a respectable 7-5. Florida State was very close to regaining its lead position in the ACC, but a goal line fumble against Georgia Tech ended that dream. Look for FSU to win what could be an ugly defensive battle.

Florida State 20, Wisconsin 14

Emerald Bowl - Miami vs. Cal

Miami struggled through another up-and-down season under Randy Shannon. After a gritty performance against Florida, the Hurricanes were in the ACC race until a fateful Thursday night in Atlanta. The Yellow Jackets whipped "Da U" and Miami's season was over. Cal had another successful Pac-10 season on the legs of running back Javhid Best. Best rushed for nearly 1,400 yards and 13 touchdowns while leading the Bears to big wins over Michigan State and Oregon. This should be a close match up with Cal's running game proving to be too much for the Miami D.

California 31, Miami 23

Independence Bowl - North Illinois vs. Louisiana Tech

I don't really know much about either of these teams and I don't really care. Derek Dooley, son of Georgia's Vince Dooley, is the coach of Louisiana Tech. Advantage Louisiana Tech.

Louisiana Tech 38, Northern Illinois 10

I'll be back on Monday with my picks leading up to the New Year's Day bowls.

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Merry Chirstmas from Bubba 'N Earl

From everyone here at Bubba 'N Earl Sittin' on the 50, we want to wish you a Merry Christmas. Hopefully we all get copies of Munson's Greatest Calls and Georgia branded grill toppers to brighten what has been a sad time since the loss to NATS. For a good Christmas laugh, here a couple of Christmas-themed Lewis stories to brighten your day.

Bing Won't be Home...

Christmas Moose Smooch

Bubba 'N Earl Bowl Pool Update #2

Here are the most up to date rankings after the Horned Frogs' win over the Blue Field Broncos in the Poinsettia Bowl.

Surprisingly, Joe and Stephen were the only ones that picked Boise State to win.

Earl - 5pts.
Jason W. - 4pts.
Ally - 3pts.
BFR - 3pts.
BulldawgJosh - 3pts.
SRQDawg15 - 3pts.
Streit - 3pts.
ThinkingBulldog - 3pts.
Ann & Bob - 2pts.
Bubba - 2pts.
AUMaverick - 2pts.
Stephen S. - 2pts.
Joe P. - 2pts.

Earl still leads the pool overall, and Jason is still by himself in second.

Tonight we have the losers of Notre Dame vs. the mighty Rainbow Warriors of Hawai'i.

Only 4 people (Ally, Bubba, Joe, and Streit) picked Notre Dame to break their near decade and a half bowl win drought, while the rest of us went with Hawai'i.

Monday, December 22, 2008

Streit's Bowl Picks: December 23-24

There are two games on the mid-week slate of the Bowl schedule for this week. First up is the game that I consider to be best match up of teams who are not from BCS conferences. The second is the two teams who have gotten killed in the last two Sugar Bowls.

Poinsettia Bowl - #9 Boise State vs. #11 Texas Christian University

The blue turf Broncos turned in another undefeated season under coach Chris Peterson. Unfortunately, (or not unfortunately for Earl), Boise was left out of the BCS party in favor of Utah. The Broncos are led by freshman quarterback Kellen Moore, who had a stunning year completing 70% of his passes for over 3,200 yards and 25 touchdowns. The Broncos also feature Ian Johnson, the hero from the Fiesta Bowl win over Oklahoma. Despute his notoriety from the Fiesta Bowl win and marriage proposal to a hot cheerleader, Johnson's role has been reduced during his senior year. The Broncos offense averages almost 40 points a game but those points may be tough to come by against TCU. The Horned Frogs boast the #2 overall defense in the country and held Oklahoma to its lowest point total of the season. Their rush defense is particularly strong and only allowed a mere 48 yards per game (25 yards better than the # 2 ranked rushing defense of Texas). TCU's offense is no slouch either. TCU averages 35 points a game on the backs of quarterback Andy Dalton and receiver Jimmy Young. Look for some solid play from both teams as TCU gets the win.

TCU 27, Boise State 20

Hawaii Bowl - Notre Dame vs. Hawaii

Notre Dame lost to Syracuse. They are bad and Jimmy Clausen is a tool. After getting crushed by the Dawgs last year, June Jones left for SMU and Colt Brennan left for the NFL. The Warriors struggled this year, but still managed to make it a bowl. I couldn't care who wins this game as both teams blow. I would love to see Touchdown Jesus do the Haka dance. That would be awesome.

Notre Dame 24, Hawaii 17

Hopefully my picks in these games turn out better than the last. Currently, I'm 2-3.

Bubba 'N Earl Bowl Pool Update #1

After the first two days of bowls, here are the Bubba 'N Earl Bowl Pool Rankings:

Earl - 4pts.
Jason W. - 3pts.
Ally - 2pts.
BFR - 2pts.
BulldawgJosh - 2pts.
Joe P. - 2pts.
SRQDawg15 - 2pts.
Stephen S. - 2pts.
Streit - 2pts.
ThinkingBulldog - 2pts.
Ann & Bob - 1pt.
Bubba - 1pt.
AUMaverick - 1pt.

All 5 games played thus far were worth 1 point each.

Some quick notes:

-Earl and I were the only ones to pick Colorado State

-Earl, Jason, and Joe were the only ones to pick Arizona

-Joe and ThinkingBulldog were the only ones to pick Southern Miss.

-Joe was the only one to incorrectly pick Memphis over USF

-Bubba is last among B'NE contributors, while Earl is first overall.

The next matchup is TCU and Boise State on Tuesday night.

Happy Bowling!

Friday, December 19, 2008

Streit's Bowl Picks: December 20-21

"There's nothing quite like Bowl Week, it's the best time of the Year..." That is how the jingle that ESPN used to run for it's Bowl Week began. The first weekend of the 2008-2009 bowl season brings us 5 games. Here are my predictions for this weekend's slate:

Eagle Bank Bowl - Navy vs. Wake Forest
- This is a rematch from their September 27 meeting that saw Navy upset Wake, 24-17. The Deacons came into the game ranked and looking like an early favorite in the ACC. But 6 turnovers, including 4 interceptions by quarterback Riley Skinner, killed the Deacons and allowed the Midshipmen to escape with the win. Navy closed its season with a shutout of rival Army, but I look for the Deacons to get some revenge in this one.
Wake Forest 27, Navy 21

New Mexico Bowl - Fresno State vs. Colorado State
- Fresno State was destroyed by the Broncos of Boise State in their final game of the season and are looking to close out a season that opened with high expectations on a high note. Colorado State reached a bowl game by winning its final two games of the season on the back of halfback Gartrell Johnson (1,191 yards and 10 touchdowns). Look for Bulldogs senior Quarterback Tom Brandstater to close out his career with a big game against the Rams.
Fresno State 31, Colorado State 24

St. Petersburg Bowl - Memphis vs. South Florida
- After reaching #2 last season, the Bulls opened the year with high hopes of a Big East Championship. But after losing their last 3 game, the Bulls finished a disappointing 7-5. Two junior college transfers, quarterback Arkelon Hall and Curtis Steele, helped turn the Tigers 0-3 start into a 6-6 bowl season. Look for South Florida's defense, ranked 13th in the nation and led by DE George Selvie, to hold Hall and Steele in check while Matt Grothe does just enough to lead the Bulls to victory.
South Florida 30, Memphis 20

Las Vegas Bowl - BYU vs. Arizona
- BYU and its high powered offense led by QB Max Hall, WR Austin Collie, and TE Dan Pitta head to the desert to take on Mike Stoops' improving Arizona Wildcats. The Wildcats capped their season with a win over Arizona State to finish at 7-5. Look for a shootout between two high scoring offenses that in the end will see BYU with too much firepower for the 'Cats to answer.
BYU 45, Arizona 38

New Orleans Bowl - Southern Miss vs. Troy
- Troy won the Sun Belt conference this year, but the season would have been so much better if they had not collapsed in the fourth quarter at Baton Rouge. The Trojans had LSU on the ropes, but failed to deliver the final punch. The Trojans look to get that 9th win that was stolen from them against Southern Miss. The Golden Eagles stood at 2-6 in late October and needed to pull off four straight wins just to make a bowl. Look for DuJuan Harris of Troy to run wild and the Trojans to win big.
Troy 38, Southern Miss 13

Look for the quality bowl match ups to kick into full gear beginning Tuesday when Boise State takes on TCU in the Poinsetta Bowl.

Thursday, December 18, 2008


Bowl Pool picks are due in to me at before kickoff of the first game saturday morning.

There will not be an entry fee to join the pool, but we will give away a $25 gift card for as a prize for the winner.

We will operate the pool under the following rules:

-Make your picks straight up, not against the spread

-Scoring will work as follows:
Pre-New Years Day, Int'l, & GMAC Bowls - 1pt.
New Years Day Bowl - 3 pts. (includes Cotton and Liberty)
BCS Bowls - 5 pts.
Nat'l Champ game - 8 pts.

1st tie breaker: closest to total # points scored in title game
2nd tie breaker: most # of BCS bowls picked correctly (includes nat'l title game)
3rd tie breaker: most # of bowl games pick correctly
4th tie breaker: fight to the death

Leave a comment with your e-mail in it to let me know you want to participate, or send me an e-mail at I will then send you the spreadsheet to fill out your picks.

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

What would Lewis Grizzard have written about Chizik?

With the fiasco that has been Auburn hiring Gene Chizik, you have to wonder what Lewis Grizzard would have thought about the whole situation. In 1980, Grizzard wrote a piece about Doug Barfield who had recently left as Auburn's coach. Auburn was attempting to hire Vince Dooley away from Athens and in all the media mess, Barfield became the forgotten man. It seems like the Auburn boosters were sticking their noses into the football business even back then:

I remember back several weeks ago when the rumors started flying that Barfield would be fired. A man named Charles Smith, a member of the Auburn Board of Trustees, made all sorts of noise about finding a coach who could be tougher on the players than Barfield.

Charles Smith runs a laundry in Montgomery. Can you imagine having some guy who runs a laundry deciding how well you were performing in your chosen profession?

More on Doug Barfield from my friend in Auburn:
“He’s warm. He has more class than he’s ever been given credit for. He’s kind. And under all this pressure and criticism, he was a man of steel.”

While auburn officials offered Dooley the farm this week, Doug Barfield quietly resigned. He said, “I don’t want to be anyplace I’m not wanted.” He also said, “But I don’t feel like I have to hide my face.”

I wouldn’t be a football coach if you gave me the pick of cheerleaders.

Monday, when all the hoopla about Dooley was at its height, Doug Barfield was in Montgomery.

He had been summoned for federal court jury duty. Each prospective juror was asked to stand before the court and give his name, place of residence, and occupation.
Doug Barfield stood and said:
“Doug Barfield.
“Auburn, Alabama.
War Eagle. ***

How many people remember Doug Barfield? Probably about as many people who will one day remember Gene Chizik.

***You can read the rest of this story and others from the 1980 season in "Don't Sit Under the Grits Tree With Anyone Else But Me" by Lewis Grizzard available HERE.

BulldawgJosh and Bubba's 80's Music Video of the Week

This week, we bring you John Cafferty and his 1985 classic "Hearts On Fire " from the movie Rocky IV. This song does not have an accompanying music video and this allows us to give you one of the great motivational movie montages of the 1980's as Rocky trains in Russia, fighting Communism and big, doped up Ruskies.

The synthesizer solo at 2:48 is totally awesome and seriously, that's one big damn Russian.

Monday, December 15, 2008

2008 Atlanta Falcons - NFL Story of the Year?

Lewis Grizzard once wrote this about the Atlanta Falcons:

"The Falcons lost a game to the Chicago Bears 36-0 and the Falcons' coach blamed it on poor officiating. The Falcons have been big losers most every year they've been in Atlanta, and a man fell out of the stadium during a Falcons game once and was killed. I think he jumped after another Falcons' holding penalty."

For many years, being a Falcons fan has been like a putting your hand against an electric fence, getting shocked and backing off, but going right back to touch the fence again. Every so often, it has looked like the franchise may be starting to turn things around. In 1998, the Falcons came from nowhere to go 14-2 and reach the Super Bowl. The team looked solid under Dan Reeves and it looked as though the futility might end. But when Jamal Anderson went down for the season with a knee injury, the 1999 Falcons once again found themselves with a losing record.

A few years later, with new coach Jim Mora, Jr. and star quarterback Michael Vick, the Falcons won the NFC South and made it to the NFC Championship game. But over the next two seasons, the Falcons would go 8-8 and 7-9 and Mora was eventually fired. Bobby Petrino was brought in as the new coach, but suddenly dog fighting charges appeared for Michael Vick. With the team in disarray, the 2007 Falcons stumbled to a 4-12 record that included Petrino quiting on the team midway through the season. Coming into the 2008 season, most experts predicted only 2 or 3 wins for the Atlanta franchise that has never had back to back winning seasons. 14 games later, the future of the Falcons looks bright as the team sits at 9-5 and in the middle of the NFC playoff hunt.

Falcons' owner Arthur Blank wanted to change the image of his team and he brought in Thomas Dimitroff from the New England Patriots to help. They cut a number of veteran players who were cancers to the team (Alge Crumpler, Deangelo Hall) as well as some good guys who were just past their prime (Warrick Dunn and Rod Coleman). They then brought in Mike Smith from the Jacksonville Jaguars and signed free agent running back Michael Turner. But the biggest decision was the drafting of quarterback Matt Ryan, who was taken over Glenn Dorsey at the third overall pick.

Throughout the 2008 season, these Falcons have shown that they are different from the Falcon teams of the past. They have built a solid foundation of young players mixed with some key veterans to form a team that is already making the days of Michael Vick seem long ago. The team pulled off an amazing victory over the Chicago Bears when, down 1 point with only 12 seconds on the clock, they received a kick-off, completed a long pass, and kicked a game winning field goal to steal a victory. They have dominated weak teams (Oakland) and defeated others in hostile environments (winning on the road in Green Bay and San Diego). The difference in this Falcons team and those of years past is HEART.

The decision to draft Matt Ryan may be looked at as one of the best draft day decisions of recent memory. Ryan is the front runner for the rookie of the year, an MVP candidate, and has replaced the hated Vick as the new face of the franchise. Michael Turner has shed his role as LT's backup and proven his worth as an every down player. Coach Mike Smith has led a team picked to finish dead last in the conference to a winning record. The future is bright for the Falcons.

Small Reaction to "ESPN's Bowl Mania"

I wanted to post these thoughts in the comments section of Streit's post below, but I thought that my rant was a little too wordy for the comments. Our readers may find that it's too wordy for the blog in general, just as the rest of the BNE crew usually tell me that I'm too long-winded, but...sorry. I have made considerable progress in condensing the length of my blog entries since my first post back at the beginning of the season. The following comes from an e-mail exchange between Streit and myself this morning:

"I tried to watch the show during the Sunday Night Football commercials last night but the needle on my in-home obnoxious meter never even twitched to indicate it would dip below 'OBSCENE.' I noticed that it did present a lower reading when I changed the channel back to SNF on NBC, but the lingering effects of Bob Costas on Football Night in America coupled with the fact that I bet big money on the Giants who were anemically incapable of scoring points kept the meter at a higher reading than I anticipated. At least the fluctuation let me know that the meter wasn’t broken.
I stopped watching the Bowl Mania show with about six or seven of Jesse’s picks remaining. All of them were in the top quarter of his highest confidence rankings and I knew he would never pick a MSU upset with that high a confidence rating. I was sure he would pick the Dawgs and rank them highly, but I am surprised to hear he put them as his number one pick.

Last year we had an office pool for the bowl picks and I chose Florida over a terrible Michigan team with a lame-duck coach as my number one confidence pick. Like I’ve always said, I will always, always root against Florida, no matter who they’re playing, even if I’m going to lose money. Most of you were at my house to watch that game, so you remember what happened. Also, you’ve probably never seen me so happy to lose so much money, unless you were in NOLA for Streit’s bachelor party and you happened to be sitting close enough to me at Déjà Vu to clearly see the expression on my face through the thick clouds of smoke and vaporized VD during the two and a half hours I spent 'conversing' with the nice lady who sat on my lap."

I just thought I should share my thoughts since I've been completely snowed-under with work and school lately and I haven't been nearly as active with my posting as I had hoped to be. My contributions to the blog at this point have been limited to a few sporadic posts which are quickly overtaken by some of BNE's regularly scheduled content, comedic additions to a few of the comments sections on other contributors' posts, and most largely, grammatical editing duties once the entries are posted to the public. Now, let it not be said that I haven't contributed!

Be sure to post your comments to Streit's post with your thoughts about UGA being Palmer's most confident selection out of this season's bowl slate. In the comment section of this post, go ahead and tell me how much you enjoy my writing, how much you wish I would post more, how much you value the grammatical integrity of pieces posted to the internet and the importance of proper grammar and spelling in the world today, etc. Or--take the opposite approach on all of those topics...

ESPN's Bowl Mania Show

Last night the evil empire that is The Worldwide Leader ran a show called "ESPN's Bowl Mania." They advertised the show by saying that were going to preview all 34 bowl games, however they ended up only talking about approximately 10 games and just picked winners for the rest (despite the show being on for 3 hours). The only true predictions were provided by Jesse Palmer, who had a board showing each of his picks ranked by confidence. Out of all of the games he ranked, who do you think he picked as the team he was most confident would win?

No, not Alabama over Utah (which I would have picked) or even his beloved Gators over Oklahoma. No, Jesse picked Georgia to beat Michigan State as the pick in which he held the most confidence. He said he thought we were going to destroy Michigan State in what will be a NFL showcase game for Stafford and Moreno. While I think we will win, I do not think this game will be an absolute blowout.

Any thoughts?

Friday, December 12, 2008

Heisman Predictions

Let me preface my comments by saying that I think the Heisman Trophy is a worthless award and that it has nothing to do with actually recognizing the best player in the country.

I would also like to say that Graham Harrell's exclusion as a nominee just further proves how worthless this entire charade is. I'm not saying he should win it, but how can a guy with overall better numbers which are than those of the three nominees and an 11-1 record at least not get a nomination?

The Gators still haven't let us forget that Teblowme won the Heisman last year. If he wins it again, I think the earth itself will melt from the obnoxiousness that will spew like lava from the state of Florida.

I hope he drops that damn thing on his toe...

If I had a vote, I would give it to Colt McCoy. Despite my hatred for him, it is hard to deny how solid Teblowme is, and it is hard to argue he isn't the best player. As David Hale points out, this article by Chris Low gives Teblowme a great case for winning. I almost want to change my decision and give it to Teblowme based upon this (almost).

At the end of the day, I think McCoy will come in third behind Teblowme and Bradford. Many of these same people ranked Oklahoma above Texas, so I don't believe they will rank McCoy above Bradford. Of course, maybe I'm using too much logic here and assuming too much.

In any event, here are everyone's opinions on who they would vote for, and who they actually think will win.

Earl would vote for: McCoy
Earl thinks will win: Teblowme

Streit would vote for: Bradford
Streit thinks will win: Teblowme

BulldawgJosh would vote for: McCoy
BulldawgJosh thinks will win: Teblowme

Bubba would vote for: McCoy
Bubba thinks will win: Teblowme

BFR would vote for: McCoy
BFR thinks will win: "I f***ing hate Florida"

Congrats to Colt McCoy. You have been awarded the "Bubba 'N Earl 'Our Heisman Is Better Than The Real One' Trophy" for 2008.

The 2008 "Bubba 'N Earl 'Our Heisman Is Better Than The Real One' Trophy"

Unfortunately, none of us think you will win the real thing.

Damn you Florida. Damn you Teblowme.

Bubba 'N Earl Bowl Pool

As we posted here, we are organizing a bowl pool here for any bloggers and anybody who reads this blog.

There will not be an entry fee to join the pool, but we will give away a $25 gift card for as a prize for the winner.

We will operate the pool under the following rules:

-Make your picks straight up, not against the spread

-Scoring will work as follows:
Pre-New Years Day, Int'l, & GMAC Bowls - 1pt.
New Years Day Bowl - 3 pts. (includes Cotton and Liberty)
BCS Bowls - 5 pts.
Nat'l Champ game - 8 pts.

1st tie breaker: closest to total # points scored in title game
2nd tie breaker: most # of BCS bowls picked correctly (includes nat'l title game)
3rd tie breaker: most # of bowl games pick correctly
4th tie breaker: fight to the death

Leave a comment with your e-mail in it to let me know you want to participate, or send me an e-mail at I will then send you the spreadsheet to fill out your picks.

Unless we have a ton of people sign-up, we're going to run it ourselves and not on a website.

No Award for Knowshon

Shonn Greene from Iowa took home the Doak Walker Award last night. Greene rushed for more yards this season than either Moreno or Javon Ringer from Michigan State.

Unfortunately, that means our bowl game pits the two runner-ups against each other, rather than the winner vs. the runner-up.

On that note, read this AJC article on what Javon Ringer would want his perfect game against UGA to be in his final game as a Spartan.

Ringer isn't really smack talking, though. He said he would want his final game to be 25 carries, 200 yards, and 3 TDs. He never said he was going to do it, and acknowledged it will be difficult against Georgia.

Georgia Recruits in the Georgia High School Championships

Georgia has 3 commits who will take part in Georgia's high school state championships at the Georgia Dome this weekend. Dallas Lee and the Buford Wolves go for their second straight Class AA Championship as they take on the Calhoun Yellow Jackets at 5:00 PM on Friday. On Saturday at 2:00 PM, Dexter Moody and Washaun Ealey will lead the Emmanuel County Institute Bulldogs against the Wesleyan Wolves in Class A Championship.

We want to wish all of the Georgia recruits playing in playoff games around the country this weekend good luck.


Thursday, December 11, 2008

BulldawgJosh & Bubba's 80's Music Video of the Week

Here is Pat Benatar's, "Shadows Of The Night." This 1982 gem features Judge Reinhold in his first on screen appearance. It also features some Nazis. In fact, you can see the one and only Bill Paxton playing a Nazi. I always knew there was something off about him.

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

SEC vs. Big XII Quarterbacks

Georgia quarterback Matthew Stafford led the SEC in passing yardage this season with 3209 yards (267 per game) and finished third with 22 touchdown passes. With those kind of stats, do you know which Big XII quarterback Stafford ’s season was most comparable to?

Joe Ganz of Nebraska .

Ganz threw for 3300 yards (6th in the Big XII) and 23 touchdowns (7th in the Big XII).

In the SEC, Stafford was second team All-SEC. In the Big XII, he would be considered nothing more than middle of the road. Just a little more perspective on the differences between the defenses in the SEC and the Big XII.

2008 SEC Team MVPs Part 1: The East

(*Note: This article is part 1 of a 2 part series which will highlight the individual team MVPs for each of the schools in the Southeastern Conference.)

FloridaTim Tebow, Quarterback

Tim Tebow led his Florida Gator squad to their second SEC Championship by playing hard week in and week out. While his numbers may not have been the record breaking numbers he put up during his Heisman season in 2007, he still accounted for 40 touchdowns. Tebow completed nearly 65% of his passes for 28 touchdown passes while only throwing 2 interceptions and also added 564 yards and 12 scores on the ground. While some may argue that Percy Harvin is the best all-around player on the team, Tebow was the reason the Gators were able to knock off Alabama with Harvin out of the line-up.

Tebow’s 2008 Highlights

When Tebow finally decides to leave the Gators, he will be remembered as player who left his heart out on the field. He reminds us of a certain defensive end who played at Georgia from 2001-2004:

Pollack Video

GeorgiaKnowshon Moreno, Tailback

While Matthew Stafford, Mohamed Massaquoi and AJ Green all had great seasons for the Dawgs, no one was more important to the Bulldog offense than #24. When Georgia lost to Florida and Alabama, Knowshon was surprisingly absent from the field. He had a number of amazing runs, including a 68-yard touchdown run in UGA's victory over LSU and his first career touchdown reception that finally put the Dawgs in the end zone against Auburn. For the season, Moreno averaged nearly 6 yards per carry totaling 1338 yards and 16 touchdowns on the ground. He also had 27 receptions for 329 yards and a touchdown. In his 2 years in Athens, Knowshon has racked up over 2,600 yards and 30 touchdowns.

Knowshon also made one of the most memorable plays of the 2008 college football season:

The entire Bulldog Nation wishes Knowshon the best if he decides to leave early for the pros.

Kentucky Trevard Lindley, Cornerback

No team (except for maybe Georgia) was decimated by injury more than the Kentucky Wildcats. Losing their senior leader, Dicky Lyons Jr., and failing to find a quarterback until late in the season left Kentucky to rely heavily on its defense to keep them in games. One player who stepped up on the defensive side of the ball was junior cornerback Trevard Lindley. Lindley had a league leading 11 pass deflections and 4 interceptions. He returned 1 of those interceptions for a touchdown in their narrow loss to South Carolina. His 34 career pass break ups is a school record and he was named as a member of the All-SEC first team.

South CarolinaEric Norwood, Linebacker

South Carolina was led by a number of veteran leaders who helped make Steve Spurrier’s defense one of the stiffest in the entire SEC. Captain Munnerlyn and Jasper Brinkley both made large contributions, but no one’s effort was more important than those of Eric Norwood. The All-SEC linebacker tallied 66 total tackles (42 solo) and a league leading 9 sacks. Norwood was constantly after the quarterback, sometimes lining up at defensive end and totaled 9 QB hurries on the year. Only a junior, Norwood will be looked upon to lead the Gamecock defense in 2009.

TennesseeEric Berry, Safety

A disappointing 5-7 season in Knoxville and the firing of Philip Fulmer overshadowed the amazing year turned in by Creekside High School alum Eric Berry. The sophomore safety turned in an amazing season that earned him SEC Defensive Player of the Year honors. Berry led D-1 with 7 interceptions, amassing 265 yards in returns and 2 touchdowns. He also became a feared hitter across the middle of the field and added 72 tackles (44 solo and 9 for loss), 3 sacks, and 6 deflections to his resume. Berry is a bright point that potential new defensive coordinator Monte Kiffin can build around in 2009.

We all remember these two amazing plays Berry turned in this fall in Athens.

VanderbiltDJ Moore, Cornerback/Wide Receiver

DJ Moore was Mr. Everything as the Vanderbilt Commodores became bowl eligible for the first time in 26 years. Never were his talents more on display than in the bowl eligibility clinching victory over Kentucky in November. Moore had 2 interceptions and 2 touchdown catches as Vanderbilt beat the Wildcats in Lexington, 31-24. At his natural position of corner, Moore had 54 total tackles (including a sack) with 6 interceptions and 6 pass deflections. His contributions on offense included 73 yards rushing on 9 carries and 7 receptions for 143 and two scores. Moore also acted as a kickoff and punt returner for the ‘Dores, contributing 651 total yards.

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

McCoy Returns for Senior Season at Texas

Colt McCoy has announced that he plans to return to Texas for his senior season. The Longhorns will have an experienced team which will most likely open the year in the top 5. Most writers and Georgia fans seem to think Matt Stafford will not follow McCoy's lead and instead will declare for the draft (where is is projected in many mock drafts as the #1 overall pick).

My question is: What affect does Stafford declaring for the NFL draft have on Georgia's preseason ranking for next season?

Please leave your thoughts in the comments section.

Go Dawgs!

Monday, December 8, 2008

Position: Head Coach, Michigan State

Oh, its too bad that John L. Smith isn't Michigan State's head coach anymore or we might get more gems like this. At least Smith doesn't blame the execution of his players. He actually blames the coaches.

But, current Michigan State head coach Mark Dantonio doesn't disappoint while discussing former Michigan RB Mike Hart's height after Hart called Michigan State "little brother."

And here, Dantonio channels his inner Mike Gundy because Dantonio is a man and he's over 40. This involves the Detroit media talking about an alleged fight back in October between Michigan State's football team and its hockey team.

Just goes to show you that this kind of stuff happens everywhere with all sorts of media types and football teams.

Bubba 'N Earl Bowl Pool

We're going to run a bowl pool here for any bloggers and anybody who reads this blog. Really, anybody can participate, so please do!

The team here at Bubba 'N Earl is going to give away a prize to the winner of the pool, and it will be free to enter.

We're going to have more details on it this week, but either leave a comment with your e-mail in it to let me know you want to participate, or send me an e-mail at

Unless we have a ton of people sign-up, we're going to run it ourselves and not on a website.

Happy Bowling!

Sunday, December 7, 2008

Capital One Bowl 2009: The Battle of the Tailbacks

Moreno vs. Ringer: Which player will lead their squad to victory?

Its official. Georgia will head to Orlando to take on Michigan State in the Capital One Bowl. What I am excited about is the match up between two of the best tailbacks in the country. It should be a lot of fun to watch these two play what could be their last collegiate game on January 1st.


Friday, December 5, 2008

Caddyshack - To the End of Golfing Season

While Streit, BFR and BulldawgJosh aren't particularly big golfers, both Bubba 'n Earl are, and we both wish we would've gotten the chance to play with Lewis Grizzard himself.

In honor of this week's '80s video, Paul Simon's "You Can Call Me Al", and Chevy Chase's cameo in it, I thought it would be appropriate to post the best clip (in Earl's opinion) from one of the best movies of all-time, 1980's Caddyshack.

So, here's to Chevy Chase, Bill Murray, Ty Webb and Carl Spackler and to the end of the 2008 golfing season.

BNE's Weekend Picks - Championship Week

We posted our picks for the SEC Championship earlier today. Here are our picks for the remaining big games this weekend:

*Note: This is the average of all the scores and picks that the BNE staff has made.

Big XII Championship: Oklahoma 50, Missouri 31

ACC Championship: Boston College 24, Virginia Tech 18

Conference USA Championship: Tulsa 38, East Carolina 29

MAC Championship: Ball State 37, Buffalo 21

For the Pac-10 Championship: USC 58, UCLA 9

Military Classic: Navy 33, Army 17

BNE's SEC Title Game Predictions

Number 1 vs. Number 2, at least the AP Poll says so. You can't get any better than that for the SEC Championship Game. Alabama vs. Florida for the SEC Championship for the first time since 1999. It's the 6th time these two teams have met for the title, the most of any matchup. It's Alabama's 6th trip to the SEC Championship Game (2-3), while it's Florida's 9th trip (6-2), the most of any SEC school.

As much as it pains the BNE crew to pick this SEC Championship Game, we will do it for the good of the blog.

BFR: Florida 37, Alabama 17. Gross, disgusting. I f***ing hate them [Gators].

Streit: Florida 38, Alabama 23. I think it will be a close game until the 2nd half, and Florida will tack on a score or two in the 4th quarter to put it out of reach. If Percy Harvin is limited or doesn't play, Alabama has more of a chance.

Earl: Florida 27, Alabama 23. The Gators win, but don't cover the spread. Alabama has been hearing about how good the Gators are for an entire month now. That's great motivation for Saban and Co. If Florida had a lesser coach, I would take Alabama to the bank. But Urban's excellent too. And Florida's talent puts them over the top as Tebow wills it at the end.

BulldawgJosh: Alabama 34, Florida 28. I hate both of these teams...I-hate-them-so-much...I can't encompass in written words how much I hate both of them, and I have to do it at the same time. These two groups combined means an arrogant and delusional apocalypse is upon us this weekend.

The Tide will not roll over, except to roll over on Teblowme. Rammer Jammer Yellow Bananer.

Bubba: Alabama 28, Florida 27. Logic would say pick Florida because Alabama isn't going to score over 30 points. It is going to take a strong defensive gameplan from Saban and Co. to deny the Gators. Look for Bama to make a couple of strong Red Zone stands and force a turnover or two. Florida may not be ready to take a couple of blows in the face, and the Tide should come out motivated and swinging.

Sarah Jessica Parker Wilson is terrible in the Jon England/Mike Usry mold. Hopefully, JPW can look forward to a career as a landlord as well.

Note: I've picked against Florida twice this season and they've made me look pretty bad by blowing out both Tennessee and LSU.

In Conclusion: Florida 3, Alabama 2 with an average score of
Florida 31, Alabama 25.

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Spurrier Beaten Twice

Writer's Note: I would've included the 1993, 1994 and 1996 SEC Championship Games, but it seems that YouTube Florida fans post more victories over Florida State in the 1990s than anything else, and that was a great rivalry back then. Wish the Seminoles could bring it back.

1999 SEC Championship Game: Alabama 34, Florida 7. Alabama claimed its first SEC title since 1992 and defeated the favored Florida Gators for the second time that year, beating them earlier in the Swamp.

Obviously, the signature play of this game was Freddie Milons run at about 0:58 in which he lined up at QB in the shotgun. It was the play that gave Alabama the confidence to win this game. That, and they were playing against The Bachelor Jesse Palmer.

Will Alabama have such a play on Saturday? Or will they ride Glen Coffee and Mark Ingram like Shaun Alexander?

Hey, anybody who beat Steve Spurrier twice in one year is okay by me.

Alabama went on to lose the Orange Bowl to Michigan 35-34 in OT on a missed extra point. And Florida went to lose the Citrus Bowl (Capital One) to Michigan State and Plaxico Burress. Better times for Plaxico indeed.

By the way, Bobby Williams was the interim head coach of that Michigan State team as Nick Saban had already accepted the head coaching position at LSU for the 2000 season.

Looks like it all connects...

Alabama – Florida: The Similarities

As the 2008 SEC Championship Game between the Alabama Crimson Tide and Florida Gators nears, many in the media are quick to point out their clashing styles. Alabama is a strong defensive team with an offense built around its strong rushing attack. Florida is a high powered offense that relies on turnovers and special teams to set up quick scoring strikes. As their differences may be glaring, you may be surprised to see how similar these teams are in the numbers they have put up during the 2008 season.

SEC Statistical Rankings

As expected, Florida and Alabama dominate as the statistical leaders in the SEC. Of the 31 major categories which are tracked on the SEC’s statistics web site, either Florida or Alabama ranks first in 21 of those categories. In the following categories, the teams hold the first and second spot:

Scoring Offense – Florida 1, Alabama 2 (tied with Georgia)
Scoring Defense – Alabama 1, Florida 2
Rushing Offense – Florida 1, Alabama 2
3rd Down Conversion % - Florida 1, Alabama 2
Turnover Margin – Florida 1, Alabama 2
Pass Efficiency Defense – Florida 1, Alabama 2
Opponents’ First Downs – Alabama 1, Florida 2
Fourth Down Conversions – Alabama 1, Florida 2

Other categories where the two teams were also ranked closely to each other were:

Total Defense: Alabama 1, Florida 3
Rushing Defense: Alabama 1, Florida 3
Pass Defense: Florida 3, Alabama 5
Punt Return Average: Florida 2, Alabama 3
Kickoff Coverage: Florida 6, Alabama 7
Sacks Allowed: Florida 3, Alabama 4

Adding Demps to an offense that already had Tebow and Harvin meant a lot of points on the score board for the Gators in 2008.

Common Opponents:

Alabama and Florida shared 6 common opponents during the 2008 season. Here’s a look at each of those games, how each divisional champion fared, and which team’s victory was more impressive.

- Alabama : Win, 41-30
- Florida : Win, 49-10

Both of these games were blowouts, with the Alabama and Florida each clearly dominating one half of the respective football game. The Crimson Tide opened a huge 31-0 lead on the Dawgs in the first half and cruised to victory (despite some late garbage time touchdowns for Georgia ). Florida turned a close game at half into a complete destruction and without a late touchdown pass from Joe Cox would have landed an almost 50 point victory.

The Georgia Blackout failed miserably against the Crimson Tide.

Advantage: Push

Ole Miss
- Alabama : Win, 24-20
- Florida : Loss, 31-30

Both teams struggled with Houston Nutt’s surprising Rebels team. Alabama jumped out to a 24-3 lead at half and was able to hold off 17 unanswered points from Ole Miss to win 24-20. Florida struggled to find a rhythm with its offense and a missed extra point ended up being the difference as the Gators fell 31-30.

Ole Miss stopped Tebow on a fourth and 1 and the celebration was on.

Advantage: Alabama

- Alabama : Win, 27-21(OT)
- Florida : Win, 51-21

Florida destroyed the Tigers, building a huge first half lead and never looking back (and getting some revenge for the loss in Death Valley last year). Nick Saban’s first trip back to the Bayou was ugly, as the emotion was almost enough to push the Tigers to victory. But a costly mistake by Jarrett Lee in OT led to the winning TD for the Tide.

Advantage: Florida

- Alabama : Win 49-14
- Florida : Win, 38-7

Alabama jumped out to a huge 35-7 lead at the half and cruised to a big victory over the Hogs. Florida struggled in the first half, but poured it on in the second half (scoring 21 points in the fourth after some careless Arkansas interceptions).

Advantage: Alabama

- Alabama : Win, 29-9
- Florida : Win, 30-6

Alabama kept the rival Vols from putting points on the board while earning a workman like 29-9 victory on the Third Saturday in October (that was actually the fourth Saturday in October). Florida scored 17 points in the first, but if not for two UT turnovers inside the Gators’ 5, the game might have been a different story.

Advantage: Push

- Alabama : Win, 17-14
- Florida : Win, 63-5

Alabama looked sluggish coming off the big win over Georgia and barely held on to defeat the Wildcats in Tuscaloosa. The Gators used multiple blocked kicks to set up touchdowns in a complete destruction of Kentucky in the Swamp.

Advantage: Florida

Final Tally: Alabama 2, Florida 2, Push 2

Final Thoughts

On paper, these teams look to be very similar. No team holds a distinct advantage either statistically or in common opponent victories. This game will most likely come down to which team forces the other team to make mistakes. I look for a close game at half, but the Gators’ offense to be too strong in the second half.

...but that won't stop the Gators from winning this game.

Prediction: Florida 38, Alabama 23

BulldawgJosh & Bubba's 80's Music Video of the Week

This week's flash to the past is Paul Simon's 1986 hit "You Can Call Me Al":

The song describes a man going through an identity crisis and we can all agree the the UGA defense is going through an identity crisis right now. Chevy Chase is also my favorite movie star of the 1980's and I really wanted to use this music video.