Friday, December 12, 2008

Heisman Predictions

Let me preface my comments by saying that I think the Heisman Trophy is a worthless award and that it has nothing to do with actually recognizing the best player in the country.

I would also like to say that Graham Harrell's exclusion as a nominee just further proves how worthless this entire charade is. I'm not saying he should win it, but how can a guy with overall better numbers which are than those of the three nominees and an 11-1 record at least not get a nomination?

The Gators still haven't let us forget that Teblowme won the Heisman last year. If he wins it again, I think the earth itself will melt from the obnoxiousness that will spew like lava from the state of Florida.

I hope he drops that damn thing on his toe...

If I had a vote, I would give it to Colt McCoy. Despite my hatred for him, it is hard to deny how solid Teblowme is, and it is hard to argue he isn't the best player. As David Hale points out, this article by Chris Low gives Teblowme a great case for winning. I almost want to change my decision and give it to Teblowme based upon this (almost).

At the end of the day, I think McCoy will come in third behind Teblowme and Bradford. Many of these same people ranked Oklahoma above Texas, so I don't believe they will rank McCoy above Bradford. Of course, maybe I'm using too much logic here and assuming too much.

In any event, here are everyone's opinions on who they would vote for, and who they actually think will win.

Earl would vote for: McCoy
Earl thinks will win: Teblowme

Streit would vote for: Bradford
Streit thinks will win: Teblowme

BulldawgJosh would vote for: McCoy
BulldawgJosh thinks will win: Teblowme

Bubba would vote for: McCoy
Bubba thinks will win: Teblowme

BFR would vote for: McCoy
BFR thinks will win: "I f***ing hate Florida"

Congrats to Colt McCoy. You have been awarded the "Bubba 'N Earl 'Our Heisman Is Better Than The Real One' Trophy" for 2008.

The 2008 "Bubba 'N Earl 'Our Heisman Is Better Than The Real One' Trophy"

Unfortunately, none of us think you will win the real thing.

Damn you Florida. Damn you Teblowme.

Bubba 'N Earl Bowl Pool

As we posted here, we are organizing a bowl pool here for any bloggers and anybody who reads this blog.

There will not be an entry fee to join the pool, but we will give away a $25 gift card for as a prize for the winner.

We will operate the pool under the following rules:

-Make your picks straight up, not against the spread

-Scoring will work as follows:
Pre-New Years Day, Int'l, & GMAC Bowls - 1pt.
New Years Day Bowl - 3 pts. (includes Cotton and Liberty)
BCS Bowls - 5 pts.
Nat'l Champ game - 8 pts.

1st tie breaker: closest to total # points scored in title game
2nd tie breaker: most # of BCS bowls picked correctly (includes nat'l title game)
3rd tie breaker: most # of bowl games pick correctly
4th tie breaker: fight to the death

Leave a comment with your e-mail in it to let me know you want to participate, or send me an e-mail at I will then send you the spreadsheet to fill out your picks.

Unless we have a ton of people sign-up, we're going to run it ourselves and not on a website.

No Award for Knowshon

Shonn Greene from Iowa took home the Doak Walker Award last night. Greene rushed for more yards this season than either Moreno or Javon Ringer from Michigan State.

Unfortunately, that means our bowl game pits the two runner-ups against each other, rather than the winner vs. the runner-up.

On that note, read this AJC article on what Javon Ringer would want his perfect game against UGA to be in his final game as a Spartan.

Ringer isn't really smack talking, though. He said he would want his final game to be 25 carries, 200 yards, and 3 TDs. He never said he was going to do it, and acknowledged it will be difficult against Georgia.

Georgia Recruits in the Georgia High School Championships

Georgia has 3 commits who will take part in Georgia's high school state championships at the Georgia Dome this weekend. Dallas Lee and the Buford Wolves go for their second straight Class AA Championship as they take on the Calhoun Yellow Jackets at 5:00 PM on Friday. On Saturday at 2:00 PM, Dexter Moody and Washaun Ealey will lead the Emmanuel County Institute Bulldogs against the Wesleyan Wolves in Class A Championship.

We want to wish all of the Georgia recruits playing in playoff games around the country this weekend good luck.


Thursday, December 11, 2008

BulldawgJosh & Bubba's 80's Music Video of the Week

Here is Pat Benatar's, "Shadows Of The Night." This 1982 gem features Judge Reinhold in his first on screen appearance. It also features some Nazis. In fact, you can see the one and only Bill Paxton playing a Nazi. I always knew there was something off about him.

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

SEC vs. Big XII Quarterbacks

Georgia quarterback Matthew Stafford led the SEC in passing yardage this season with 3209 yards (267 per game) and finished third with 22 touchdown passes. With those kind of stats, do you know which Big XII quarterback Stafford ’s season was most comparable to?

Joe Ganz of Nebraska .

Ganz threw for 3300 yards (6th in the Big XII) and 23 touchdowns (7th in the Big XII).

In the SEC, Stafford was second team All-SEC. In the Big XII, he would be considered nothing more than middle of the road. Just a little more perspective on the differences between the defenses in the SEC and the Big XII.

2008 SEC Team MVPs Part 1: The East

(*Note: This article is part 1 of a 2 part series which will highlight the individual team MVPs for each of the schools in the Southeastern Conference.)

FloridaTim Tebow, Quarterback

Tim Tebow led his Florida Gator squad to their second SEC Championship by playing hard week in and week out. While his numbers may not have been the record breaking numbers he put up during his Heisman season in 2007, he still accounted for 40 touchdowns. Tebow completed nearly 65% of his passes for 28 touchdown passes while only throwing 2 interceptions and also added 564 yards and 12 scores on the ground. While some may argue that Percy Harvin is the best all-around player on the team, Tebow was the reason the Gators were able to knock off Alabama with Harvin out of the line-up.

Tebow’s 2008 Highlights

When Tebow finally decides to leave the Gators, he will be remembered as player who left his heart out on the field. He reminds us of a certain defensive end who played at Georgia from 2001-2004:

Pollack Video

GeorgiaKnowshon Moreno, Tailback

While Matthew Stafford, Mohamed Massaquoi and AJ Green all had great seasons for the Dawgs, no one was more important to the Bulldog offense than #24. When Georgia lost to Florida and Alabama, Knowshon was surprisingly absent from the field. He had a number of amazing runs, including a 68-yard touchdown run in UGA's victory over LSU and his first career touchdown reception that finally put the Dawgs in the end zone against Auburn. For the season, Moreno averaged nearly 6 yards per carry totaling 1338 yards and 16 touchdowns on the ground. He also had 27 receptions for 329 yards and a touchdown. In his 2 years in Athens, Knowshon has racked up over 2,600 yards and 30 touchdowns.

Knowshon also made one of the most memorable plays of the 2008 college football season:

The entire Bulldog Nation wishes Knowshon the best if he decides to leave early for the pros.

Kentucky Trevard Lindley, Cornerback

No team (except for maybe Georgia) was decimated by injury more than the Kentucky Wildcats. Losing their senior leader, Dicky Lyons Jr., and failing to find a quarterback until late in the season left Kentucky to rely heavily on its defense to keep them in games. One player who stepped up on the defensive side of the ball was junior cornerback Trevard Lindley. Lindley had a league leading 11 pass deflections and 4 interceptions. He returned 1 of those interceptions for a touchdown in their narrow loss to South Carolina. His 34 career pass break ups is a school record and he was named as a member of the All-SEC first team.

South CarolinaEric Norwood, Linebacker

South Carolina was led by a number of veteran leaders who helped make Steve Spurrier’s defense one of the stiffest in the entire SEC. Captain Munnerlyn and Jasper Brinkley both made large contributions, but no one’s effort was more important than those of Eric Norwood. The All-SEC linebacker tallied 66 total tackles (42 solo) and a league leading 9 sacks. Norwood was constantly after the quarterback, sometimes lining up at defensive end and totaled 9 QB hurries on the year. Only a junior, Norwood will be looked upon to lead the Gamecock defense in 2009.

TennesseeEric Berry, Safety

A disappointing 5-7 season in Knoxville and the firing of Philip Fulmer overshadowed the amazing year turned in by Creekside High School alum Eric Berry. The sophomore safety turned in an amazing season that earned him SEC Defensive Player of the Year honors. Berry led D-1 with 7 interceptions, amassing 265 yards in returns and 2 touchdowns. He also became a feared hitter across the middle of the field and added 72 tackles (44 solo and 9 for loss), 3 sacks, and 6 deflections to his resume. Berry is a bright point that potential new defensive coordinator Monte Kiffin can build around in 2009.

We all remember these two amazing plays Berry turned in this fall in Athens.

VanderbiltDJ Moore, Cornerback/Wide Receiver

DJ Moore was Mr. Everything as the Vanderbilt Commodores became bowl eligible for the first time in 26 years. Never were his talents more on display than in the bowl eligibility clinching victory over Kentucky in November. Moore had 2 interceptions and 2 touchdown catches as Vanderbilt beat the Wildcats in Lexington, 31-24. At his natural position of corner, Moore had 54 total tackles (including a sack) with 6 interceptions and 6 pass deflections. His contributions on offense included 73 yards rushing on 9 carries and 7 receptions for 143 and two scores. Moore also acted as a kickoff and punt returner for the ‘Dores, contributing 651 total yards.

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

McCoy Returns for Senior Season at Texas

Colt McCoy has announced that he plans to return to Texas for his senior season. The Longhorns will have an experienced team which will most likely open the year in the top 5. Most writers and Georgia fans seem to think Matt Stafford will not follow McCoy's lead and instead will declare for the draft (where is is projected in many mock drafts as the #1 overall pick).

My question is: What affect does Stafford declaring for the NFL draft have on Georgia's preseason ranking for next season?

Please leave your thoughts in the comments section.

Go Dawgs!

Monday, December 8, 2008

Position: Head Coach, Michigan State

Oh, its too bad that John L. Smith isn't Michigan State's head coach anymore or we might get more gems like this. At least Smith doesn't blame the execution of his players. He actually blames the coaches.

But, current Michigan State head coach Mark Dantonio doesn't disappoint while discussing former Michigan RB Mike Hart's height after Hart called Michigan State "little brother."

And here, Dantonio channels his inner Mike Gundy because Dantonio is a man and he's over 40. This involves the Detroit media talking about an alleged fight back in October between Michigan State's football team and its hockey team.

Just goes to show you that this kind of stuff happens everywhere with all sorts of media types and football teams.

Bubba 'N Earl Bowl Pool

We're going to run a bowl pool here for any bloggers and anybody who reads this blog. Really, anybody can participate, so please do!

The team here at Bubba 'N Earl is going to give away a prize to the winner of the pool, and it will be free to enter.

We're going to have more details on it this week, but either leave a comment with your e-mail in it to let me know you want to participate, or send me an e-mail at

Unless we have a ton of people sign-up, we're going to run it ourselves and not on a website.

Happy Bowling!

Sunday, December 7, 2008

Capital One Bowl 2009: The Battle of the Tailbacks

Moreno vs. Ringer: Which player will lead their squad to victory?

Its official. Georgia will head to Orlando to take on Michigan State in the Capital One Bowl. What I am excited about is the match up between two of the best tailbacks in the country. It should be a lot of fun to watch these two play what could be their last collegiate game on January 1st.