Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Good Luck, Washaun

While many of us expected it to happen, the news yesterday that Washaun Ealey is leaving Georgia is still a bit shocking. After being suspended indefinitely earlier in the semester, Ealey fought hard to get back in the good graces of the staff. But an injury in spring practice and continued talks about Isaiah Crowell seemed to be the rock that tipped the scale.

Yes, Ealey had his share of troubles during his two years at Georgia. But he also contributed some key plays over the last few years. After being held out for the first few games of the 2009 season, he came off the bench in the game against LSU. His provided spark almost led to a Georgia victory on that Saturday. He paired with Caleb King to run all over Georgia Tech in 30-24 victory to close out the 2009 season. And, he is one of only a handful of players to ever score five touchdowns on the ground in a single game.

I wish him the best, wherever he ends up. I think Georgia Southern would be a good destination for him to continue his career.