Wednesday, September 4, 2019

Why Can't We Have Our Cupcakes and Eat Them Too?

Kirby Smart made some comments yesterday on why he felt it was important for schools like Georgia to continue to have FCS schools on their schedule.  While Georgia has made major strides in beefing up its schedule for the next decade, as a season ticket holder I would love to see FCS schools eliminated from the schedule.  I understand the importance of helping small schools fund their programs, but couldn't there be another way to do it?  I believe I have a simple answer to this dilemma that would allow big schools like Georgia help fund smaller schools programs and at the same time get them off of the regular schedule.

The solution is to allow schools to replace their spring games with an exhibition game against FCS schools.  The big schools are regularly drawing large crowds to spring games, so simply charge a low amount for tickets with the promise of action that more resembles an actual game.  The revenue made from ticket sales could fund the costs of bringing in a visiting team and then you could play a full, four quarter scrimmage.  Georgia and Florida are playing an exhibition baseball game in Jacksonville this fall on the night before the cocktail party, why can't football have off-season exhibitions as well.