Friday, October 2, 2009

80s Music Video of the Week

This week's video is Glass Tiger's 1986 hit "Dont' Forget Me (When I'm Gone)."

The first great thing is this band is Canadian, which is a plus for awesome 80's videos.

The U.S. video for this single is a lot less exciting. It's basically just a mock live performance. It doesn't compare to this Canadian version.

The awful hair, singing in his bedroom, keyboard player on two keyboards at once while being way into the singing the song, and the creepy ass 80's wedding make this version a standard of awesomely bad 80's videos.

The song title would also have been a good phrase for AJ to say to Arizona State, since I'm sure they're happy to never see him again.

Colin Cowherd in Atlanta for LSU-Georgia

Colin Cowherd is broadcasting his show from Buffalo Wild Wings in Buckhead today. Doesn't seem to be as a large attendance like I've seen at his past visits to other cities (or at least a more interesting crowd, like when he was in Austin the day before Texas-Texas Tech).

This is probably because 1) regular folk like ourselves have this thing called work (even if I am doing it from home right now), and 2) if you are traveling here to preview the LSU vs. UGA game, perhaps you should go to Athens where the game is being played.

I'm sure logistics are easier to handle in Atlanta, and around lunch the crowd might just explode given the location, but there is no way Atlanta can suffice for Athens.

Imagine having the background of his show full of drunk undergrads before noon, particularly some co-eds in their best sundresses.

Just saying.

UPDATE: It is way more packed now at his show, but I still maintain it would be much better in Athens.


AJ is finally getting some love in the national press, and Juh-Jones is nowhere to be found.

(h/t to Bill King at Junkyard Blawg, AJC)

Don't worry, there are no brains in Florida

According to this story from the AJC, the University of Florida has a plan to handle a zombie invasion as part of its disaster plan. Do you think the plan includes lining up tanks to protect Saint Urban and Timmy?

Thursday, October 1, 2009

D-Day 2009: The Louisiana State Preview

Four games into the 2009 season, the Georgia Bulldogs are still looking for an identity. After opening the season with a tough loss on the road to Oklahoma State, the Dawgs have come back to win three games in a row. Sitting at 3-1 (2-0 in the SEC), the Dawgs are right where most experts expected them to be. But the road to get here has been rather unpredictable. After two shootout victories in conference, the Dawgs struggled to put away Arizona State at home and find themselves as a team that can't find a pass rush, shows brilliance on offense one moment and looks horrible the next, and continues to make turnovers which lead to easy scores for the other team. Without the play of AJ Green, the Dawgs record may be 1-3 instead of 3-1. This weekend, the #4 LSU Tigers come to Sanford Stadium as a team that is searching for an identity as well. At the end of this game, we will know that one team is alive and should be a contender for the SEC Championship. The other team could be in for a very long season.

Who are these guys?

LSU is ranked #4 in the country, but that ranking comes mostly from starting the season ranked high and winning games they should win while other teams ahead of them have lost. The Tigers have looked rather unimpressive in their victories over Washington, Vanderbilt, Louisiana-LaFayette, and Mississippi State. The Mississippi State game was the most telling, as the Tigers needed a goal line stand to prevent an upset loss to the lowly Bulldogs from Starkville.

On the defensive side of the ball, LSU has been solid allowing just over 15 points a game. They are led cornerback Patrick Peterson. An elite member of LSU's 2008 signing class, Peterson draws the task of guarding AJ Green this week. Peterson will not be alone, as LSU safety Chad Jones will provide support. I expect to see both of these players on Green almost everytime he is on the field. The Tiger defense is much improved over the squad that struggled down the stretch in 2008. While I am not ready to put them on the level of the 2007 team, they are dangerous with playmakers at every position.

The real trouble for the Tigers this year lies on the offensive side of the ball. The Tigers rank dead last in the SEC in yards, averaging only 310 a game. That is good for 105th in the country. With dual threat quarterback Jordan Jefferson and experienced running backs Charles Scott and Keiland Williams, many expected the LSU rushing attack to be among the best in the SEC, but they are only 76th in the country right now. Charles has really struggled, averaging a mere 44 yards a game (after averaging 90 yards a game last season).

Jordan Jefferson was expected to improve his passing during his second season, but despite having a great receiving tandem in Terrance Tolliver and Brandon LaFell, the Tigers are 88th in the nation in passing at 190 yards per game. Jefferson has been an improvement over Jarrett Lee 9he of the many pick 6's last season) by throwing only 1 interception thus far. like many other teams this season, I expect LSU to try and use its size advantage over the Georgia corners to complete deep passes.

What are the Dawgs going to do?

That is a real good question. This team has been more up and down than the 2006 team that lost to Vandy and Kentucky and came back to beat three ranked teams to close the season. One minute the offense looks great, the next minute we can't move the ball. There have truly only been two consistent things about Georgia in 2009: turnovers on our side of the field that lead to easy scores and AJ Green.

For Georgia to win this football game, Georgia will have to prevent LSU from getting easy scores. That may mean that Joe Cox is not able to just throw it up and hope that AJ comes down with. LSU's secondary is too tall and athletic to just count on the fact that AJ will make a play. That also means that the running backs must hold on to the ball. All three Georgia running backs have had costly fumbles that have led to points for the opposing team this season. Caleb King had a good game running the ball for the second week in a row, but the fumble and two dropped screen passes put a damper on the performance. LSU is big and quick up front, and i think stretch runs and toss sweeps to Caleb give Georgia the best chance to get a running game going.

If the running game is successful, Georgia should be able to open up the play action game and take advantage of the double coverage applied to Green. Look for Cox to throw short to Michael Moore and Orson Charles if LSU keeps the double team on Green into the second half.

Defensively, the game plan should be similar to what was applied against Oklahoma State. They have a mobile quarterback with proven weapons at receiver and tailback. If Georgia can keep Jefferson in the pocket and get some pressure, they may be able to force some bad throws.


This is a match up between two teams who I feel are very similar. Both teams are filled with extremely talented players who have yet to put it all together. If one team can cut down on the mental mistakes, this games has the potential to move from a close battle to a blowout. However, I do not think that will happen. Vegas favors the Dawgs in this one pretty much on the fact that we are at home. I was in Baton Rouge last season and I am sure the Tigers want to get some revenge for that game. This one should be close, but for the first time i am predicting us to come out on the short end of the stick.

LSU 31, Georgia 28

Neck: LSU vs. Southern University

LSU and Southern University fans go back and forth about which band plays the best version of "Neck", originating from the Cameo song, "Talkin' Out the Side of Your Neck".

Here are both versions. Who's better?

SEC Weekend Games of Interest: 10/3/2009

Welcome back for another week of predictions and questionable assumptions. We managed another strong week record wise going 7-0, giving us a 27-4 mark five weeks into the season. It's great to be at this point of the year were the SEC schedule is really kicking in and here is what's happening in your neck of the woods:

Alabama at Kentucky: The Wildcats catch a tough break in having to face Florida and Bama in consecutive weeks, but at least they get to play both games in Lexington (it really didn’t help them last week). Kentucky hung tight against the Tide last year in Tuscaloosa with a great defensive effort, but I don’t see that happening this season as UK will easily be out-manned on offense and defense. Greg McElroy has gotten better every week and can facilitate some big plays for Bama and this is really going to be a comparison game to see how the performance of Alabama matches up against what Florida did to these same Wildcats last Saturday. Big difference, Greg McElroy isn’t carted off the field and doesn’t have a coach sleeping in his room after the game. Bama waxes 38-10.

Ole Miss at Vanderbilt: I would say that Ole Miss should be on the lookout for another upset this week, but they are playing a Vandy team that has been pretty bad to this point and hasn’t shown much against SEC competition. Rebel QB Jevan Sneed looked lost last Thursday in Columbia and needs a strong day in Nashville as the Commodores pulled this game out last year on the strength of 4 picks from the struggling QB. Overall, Houston Nutt’s team has been very flat and if they continue to play flat, they will lose a lot of unexpected games. However, they still have an electric athlete in Dexter McCluster (Just give the guy the ball out of the backfield, he needs the ball in his hands) and a monster defensive front, and should control the lines of scrimmage on their way to a 27-17 win.

South Carolina State at South Carolina: It’s going to be an epic grudge match between MEAC Powerhouse SCS Bulldogs and the Gamecocks of South Carolina. State is coming off of a 27-10 drubbing of Winston-Salem and is hot after opening the year 3-0. It’s really going to be tough for Stephen Garcia and company to match up with the Bulldog defensive front. It could be a long day for South Carolina, that is if this were an alternate universe. Carolina rolls 42-14.

North Avenue Trade School at Starkville Community College: This looks to be an interesting game as Mississippi State showed last week they can play against a more talented squad. The 2-2 Bulldogs are going to have to play assignment football and stout defense against the Yellow Jackets it have a chance. Another key will be keeping the Jackets off the field, as Miami did in Tech’s only loss. Unfortunately for the Bulldogs, they don’t have the playmakers at this point to control the clock as needed even though Anthony Dixon had a sold game in this matchup last year and took the Bayou Bengals for 106 yards last week. The key here will most likely be in the turnover department, as both squads have shown a tendency to throw the ball to the opposing team. However, GTU should feel good coming back to Atlanta with a 31-17 win.

Texas A&M vs. Arkansas: These two teams get the honor of reviving their SWC rivalry in Dallas at the new Cowboy Stadium. Texas A&M has quietly gotten off to a 3-0 start and has been scoring some points in the process. Junior QB Jerrod Johnson hasn’t thrown a pick against his 9 TD passes and is more than a threat running the ball with 38 carries and 196 yards as well. The questionable part of this Aggie squad has been their defense, especially the secondary, which bodes well for Arkansas and Ryan Mallett. I don’t expect much defense in this game and it should be a pretty entertaining shootout. Ultimately, the Razorbacks can’t afford to drop a third straight game with the SEC schedule that lies ahead of them. Arkansas makes the most plays in this track meet, winning 42-38.

Auburn at Tennessee: Personally, I’m really looking forward to this game to see how good the Auburn offense is, especially on the road, and how Tennessee can play against an SEC team other than Florida. The Volunteers didn’t play with nearly the intensity last weekend against Ohio that they did against the Gators and if they put that effort up against an Auburn squad that has been building confidence, it could be a frustrating night in Knoxville. While Tennessee still has plenty of questions, we still don’t know how good Chris Todd and company are, and Tennessee will easily have the best defense and scheme that the Tigers have seen so far this season. The one certain thing is this game will definitely be more entertaining than last year's 14-12 meltdown that set college football back decades. Ultimately, Tennessee still has very poor QB play and I expect Auburn to go on the road and win 24-17.

That does it for this week. Good luck to all and may the Jim Beam flow like wine in Athens this weekend. Go Dawgs!

Wednesday, September 30, 2009

LSU: 2004 Edition

I know that we posted this clip prior to the LSU game last year, but it's too good not to post it again. And we won last year after we posted it. Good vibes.

Georgia vs. LSU: The Importance of Joe Cox

If Georgia is to beat LSU this Saturday in Athens, the Dawgs will most likely need a big game from senior quarterback Joe Cox. In the last three Georgia-LSU matchups (all Georgia victories), the quarterback position has been responsible for 11 total touchdowns (9 passing, 2 rushing).

- David Greene threw for 5 touchdowns in the 2004 victory over LSU in Athens
- DJ Shockley threw for 2 touchdowns and rushed for another in the 2005 SEC Championship game
- Matt Stafford threw 2 touchdowns and ran for one in the 52-38 victory in Baton Rouge last season

If Joe Cox can have a day any where close to these, the Dawgs should be in a good position to upset the #4 ranked Tigers.

Beware the #4 - SEC West Update

Beware the #4 SEC West! Three teams in the SEC West are 4-0: Alabama, LSU & Auburn. Also, 3 teams in the top 4 of the AP Polls have fallen in the past 4 weeks: Oklahoma, USC & Ole Miss. Last week the SEC had 4 teams in the Top 10 of the AP Poll: Florida, Alabama, Ole Miss & LSU. Now LSU is ranked #4 heading into this weekend's game against UGA with a record of 4-0. LSU must face #4 Caleb King, #8 AJ Green, & #12 Tavarres King...see anything weird here? I think it might be a close game, but I'm saying that LSU is ripe to fall. If I were a UGA fan in Vegas, I'd bet it all on #4...that's black on the roulette wheel folks.

On a different note, I don't think Alabama will lose too much sleep over Dont'a Hightower's injury, but his pressure against the QB will be missed . That being said, Alabama's offense is much too balanced for Kentucky's defense, and Saban's red streak slides into next week's game against Ole Miss at 5-0 and holds tight at #3, with UF and Texas taking the week off.

Tim looks a little light in his loafers...I'm just sayin...

Finally, let me say it here and now; Auburn is 4-0. BUT, this is the beginning of their SEC schedule with 4 of their next 8 games on the road, so on in my mind the season is just beginning. Auburn might as well consider themselves 0-0 going into Tennessee. The Tigers are an underdog, a place where Auburn usually excels. In case you didn't know, this game features the #3 defense in the country, Tennessee, against the #3 offense in the country, Auburn. How we got here, I haven't a clue. But, I am excited to see what happens this weekend on Rocky Top and how #44 Ben Tate can run against #14Eric Berry.

More of this...

....and less of this.

So, with three teams at 4-0 in the SEC West, and given our track record of Top 4 teams falling over 4 weeks, and LSU ranked #4...I'm saying LSU better watch out.

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

LSU Notes: The Series

LSU leads the series 14-12-1. Georgia has won the past 3 meetings, including last year in Baton Rouge, 52-38.

The series is tied 6-6 in Athens.

And Saturday's matchup will be the 8th meeting between the two schools while both are nationally ranked. Georgia leads those meetings, 4-3.

Georgia is the only SEC team that Les Miles hasn't defeated (0-2).


Jay Crawford just interviewed Herschel Walker on ESPN First Take about why he is going to start fighting MMA.

Herschel was wearing a god awful looking t-shirt that all MMA fighters wear.

Crawford asked Herschel if he is serious about dooing this. I know he has to be a douchebag sports host and ask such questions, but it's nearly an insult to even ask such a question. It's downrigt annoying.

This isn't Jose Canseco, this is HERSCHEL WALKER. He's serious about everything. Whether it's football, business ventures, or putting Steve Spurrier in his place, Herschel doesn't take anything lightly and is pretty damn successful at almost everything.

Dana White, UFC President, apparently isn't happy with a 47 year old Herschel Walker taking up the sport at his age.

I'm not an MMA fan, but I presume White's frustration is his attempts to legitimize this sport in the mainstream and not have it seen as a circus sideshow (besides a rival signing Herschel). I can understand that frustration when other celebrities and amateurs are jumping into the sport.

However, if you are going to have a well known person come into this sport without any prior relation to it, and wish for them to respect the sport and everyone in it, Herschel is the exact person you would want.

LSU Notes

Turnover Margin: LSU +7 (first in SEC); UGA -9 (last in SEC)

Sizable sophomore cornerback Patrick Peterson (#7) and safety Chad Jones (#3) have played very well for the Tigahs in their defensive backfield. Both are playmakers and possible game changers. Peterson had a pick 6 vs. Miss. State while Chad Jones returned a punt for 6 of his own. Jones also had a game-saving pass breakup on 3rd-and-goal from the 1-yard-line late in the 4th quarter vs. Miss. State. Peterson will get the AJ Green assignment, not an envious assignment for even the best of cornerbacks.

The Tigahs struggled handling the football in the rain on special teams vs. Miss. State, dropping two snaps, one on an extra point attempt and the other on a punt attempt.

Where's QB Jarrett Lee and all of those pick 6's when you need them? And Georgia needs them with that awful turnover margin...

What's Really Under the Hood? Will Georgia see more of highly touted freshman Russell Sheppard (#10) at quarterback?

The LSU fans want it, although starting QB Jordan Jefferson (#9) is still a sophomore and has plenty of room to grow, even though it looked like he was a full-grown man vs. Georgia Tech last year.

Helping those two are WRs Brandon LaFell, Terrence Tolliver and Trindon Holliday, three dangerous threats. LaFell is just so consistent, it's hard to find much wrong with him. With the onslaught arrivals of AJ Green and Julio Jones in the SEC last year, LaFell was the forgotten man in the SEC WR rotation. He answered with a great season in 2008.

The surprise has been LSU's lack of a running game with two good RBs like Charles Scott and Keiland Williams. The offensive line has been a source of frustration for LSU fans as it has seemed to clog up running lanes instead of creating them. And QB Jefferson has faced constant pressure this year too.

Monday, September 28, 2009

Final Thoughts on Arizona State and on to LSU

Here are my final thoughts on the 20-17 victory over Arizona State on Saturday:

- The rain screwed up a lot of things. That was by far the most rain I have ever seen at a Georgia game, but unlike the 2004 Georgia Tech game, it was not freezing cold out. If it was not raining, I honestly think the Dawgs would have blown the Sun Devils out.

- Caleb King has his faults (the fumble and two dropped passes) but he look much better carrying the ball than Samuel did. He now has 22 carries on the season for 110 yards giving him a nice average of 5 yards a carry.

- Where was Michael Moore? Joe Cox only threw two passes his way and on a rainy night I thought the slot receiver would have played a much bigger role.

- The defense did a complete 180 from Arkansas. They only allowed 10 points and once again the touchdown came when the other team had a short field. Justin Houston and Geno Atkins had big games, and I am sure Arizona State fans are still having nightmares about Rennie Curran.

- Blair Walsh is money this year. So much for our scholarship kickers always losing their jobs to walk-ons.

- As Earl said, AJ Green. There are no other words needed.

After an ugly few weeks, the Dawgs sit at 3-1 with LSU coming to town. LSU is 4-0 and has moved up to #4 in the country. I honestly do not think they are a #4 team, but because so many other teams have lost, they have found their way to the top. LSU struggled in wins over Washington and Mississippi State and have failed to find any type of running game despite having two of the best backs in the SEC. This should be an interesting game on Saturday and could really provide a boost to the Dawgs national image if we pull out the victory.

Georgia won last year in Baton Rouge, 52-38. Here's a look back at last year:

What kind of plaque will they put up now?

According to ESPN, Urban says Timmy is going to be okay and will most likely start against LSU in two weeks. If the Gators lose, all the media will rave about what a gutsy performance it will be and how Tebow's injury is the only reason the Gators lose the game. But, if Timmy plays and they win, the media will fawn over another accolade for the GPOOE.

The real question is, what will the University of Florida put up to commemorate Tebow this time? Last year it was a plaque of his speech. Maybe a picture of his CAT scan?

You think the media coverage was bad when he got hurt. Just wait until he comes back.


On Saturday, we had the pleasure to meet some of the best college football fans we've ever come across. The unique nature and passion of this group is definitely worth mentioning to any and all college football fans. If only we had met them out in Tempe last year, we could have planned out a proper introduction to Athens!

The Moustache Nation is a group of die hard Arizona State fans that are all about what I love: going to a road game as a giant force.

Moustache Nation was set up on North Campus at the edge of downtown, and they had a party starting early in the morning.

Moustache Koozies = Moustache Power!!!

Our friend Diskin and I walked up to their tailgate and were immediately welcomed with great conversation and beer (they have Tecate, we have Natty Light...I'll take the Tecate, please). I'm sure they were concerned at first as to why two morons, one wearing red pants with bulldawgs on them, were walking straight for their tailgate.

Most everyone we talked to were from Tempe, some from other parts of the west coast, and we met a few that were currently living in Atlanta.

Over the next hour or so, we learned the basics of the Moustache Nation:

-They're a large group of ASU fans that are extremely dedicated (we can relate), and pick one road game a year to travel to as a very large group (I'm talking approximately 50 people).

-Several of them often travel to other college football games around the country during ASU's off week.

-Many of them wear awesome moustaches that I could only dream of being able to grow.

-They are named Moustache Nation in honor the great Jake Plummer, who grew a moustache and later began to resemble Ted Kaczynski once he entered the NFL (which I find awesome).

-You know they are the Moustache Nation because they wear yellow jerseys that say "Moustache Nation." The front of the jerseys have a retro picture of their mascot, Sparky, as well as an awesome moustache with "5 Cent Rides" written on it.

-The back of their jerseys say "SALAD BOWL" and "'51." This is in honor of the 1951 Salad Bowl game that Arizona State not only played in, but also lost to Miami (OH). You have to love a group of fans who so greatly appreciate that they played in a bowl called the Salad Bowl, even if they lost.

Boone's Farm, a preferred drink of Moustache Nation...along with hundreds of cans of beer.

We also learned some informative things about hardcore ASU fans:

-Just as we saw last year, they continue to show a passionate hatred of their in state rival, and Dawgs can certainly appreciate that.

-You can refer to them as ASU or Arizona State, but do not abbreviate any reference to them as Arizona. That's a douchebag school over an hour away from ASU. Many of our inebriated Dawg co-eds made this mistake at Boar's Head Saturday night.

-Many ASU fans hold a great disdain the Arizona Cardinals. If you listen to why they hate them, you'd certainly agree. It was interesting to learn the inside history of the Cardinals when they were playing on ASU's campus.

We were able hang out with members of the Moustache Nation several times during the day and several even came over to our tailgate to play some cornhole. We also got the chance to hang out with some of them after the game until last call closed out the night.

Unfortunately for our new friends, the gut wrenching game didn't turn out well in the end for them because AJ Green forgot to let everyone know he is a mutant super hero.


We want to give a big shout out to Troy, Mark, Chris, Steve, Dan, and all the others for hanging out with us most of the day and for showing us their dedication and how ASU fans party.

You can also check out Troy's store at Hopefully those koozies will be up there soon!

Also, while we didn't get the chance to talk, thanks to ASU Jay for his leadership of the Moustache Nation and making it possible for such a large group to travel as a force.

Moustache Nation helps to epitomize what college football fandom is all about, as well as doing a great job of representing ASU across the nation.

We salute you, Moustache Nation!

BNE Pick 'Em Week 4

Well, where do we begin? This was just an awful week for picks, with the theme for picks being hosed, as in we all got hosed. Most everyone in the pool was either .500 or below, with only 4 people managing a winning record for the week. Everything was upside down in college football, with blowouts turning into nail biters, and "gimmes" turning into embarrassments.

First up from out matchups this week, Ohio vs. Tennessee. Once again Kiffin managed to embarrass himself by playing down to Ohio and squeaking out a win after giving Florida fits last week. Another squeaker this weekend was Arizona vs. UGA. What happened here Dawgs? I thought UGA found their offense last week but instead they end up winning on a last second field goal. I hate to say it, but UGA has to get back to running and learn ball control or LSU will chew the Dawgs up next week.

Jarrell Holman taking one the other way.

However, the implosion of the week goes to Ole Miss and Jevan Snead. The Sports Illustrated curse aside, I'm glad Ole Miss lost early so we wouldn't have to hear the hype machine the rest of the season. This team should not have been ranked as high as 4 and I don't care how much talent they have. In addition to this let down, Oregon absolutely slapped Cal in the face and sent them out of the top 10 (along with PSU...WOW, again to Iowa??). Just about everyone got hosed on this one, as Oregon managed the game extremely well with a balanced run & passing game, and sticking Jahvid Best to only 55 yards.

Not a Heisman performance.

In other games, Beamer Ball managed to hold the Canes in check in an rainy game in Blacksburg, and Georgia Tech surprised a lot of folks by changing their defensive scheme, allowing only 150 yards of total offense by UNC. Michigan and LSU both managed to pull out close wins, while Florida swamped Kentucky even without Tim Tebow. And finally, Auburn posted another 500+ yard game, beating Ball State (but failing to beat the spread), with Chris Todd throwing 5 touch downs on 287 yards. That's 11 touchdowns for the season with over 1,000 yards.


Now let's get down to our overall standings...

1. Gen. Stoopangle

2. OneHairyDawg

3. Donald Eason

4. Dutch

5. dave1528 & aumaverick

7. dawgsman81

8. Woman...Do Not accost me while I am drinking! & bcdawg97

10. DawgDai

From our BNE staff...

1. aumaverick

2. BFR

3. bubba

4. earl

5. Streit

6. bulldawgjosh (really? 2-10?)

And, now for our bottom feeder of the week, sponsored by . I am proud to introduce this week's new bottom feeder, Tankdawg to our pool. With an overall record of 3-44 and a measly 13 points, Tankdawg is displaying the kind of skill and smarts it takes to play in the Sunbelt. Even the Magic Eight Ball had a better record last week. I suggest flipping a coin for your picks next week...maybe visit our sponsor, for some help.

Tune in this week for our matchups and submit your picks. We will have our usual great matchups with a special salute honoring our armed forces with the Air Force vs. Navy game. This is a classic game featuring two of the finest military academies, which should stir the fires of patriotism in every true blue-blooded American. GO AIR FORCE! BEAT NAVY!

The beautiful Air Force Academy Chapel

Sunday, September 27, 2009

SEC West

SEC West - LSU, Alabama, Auburn: 4-0

SEC East - Florida: 4-0

'Nough said...

AJ Green

...that is all.