Monday, March 12, 2012

The Bubba N Earl March Madness 2012

I have set up a new tournament challenge for this year. If you participated last year, we were over at CBS but I have set us up at ESPN this year. I'll try to update the standings as best I can, but I'll be at the lake with no internet this weekend.

I've got Kentucky, Missouri, Kansas, and Syracuse in the Final Four, with Kentucky winning the whole thing. Who ya got?

Group: BnE Challenge 2012

Help put Herscel on thel cover of NCAA 13

EA Sports has a poll up that is letting the fans pick the NCAA football legend to appear on the cover of NCAA Football 13 with RG3. One of the potentials is the immortal Herschel Walker. Spread the word, vote, and let's make Herschel the first Dawg to appear on the cover of a video game.

Tourny Time!

The brackets are out and the tournament kicks off with the opening round games tomorrow. And while it sucked to watch the Dawgs get knocked out in the first round last year, not being in the tournament sucks even more. I watched the selection show last night, but it is definitely more fun when you have a dog in the fight (no pun intended). Here are my thoughts on this year's tournament:
  • I'm picking Kentucky to win the whole thing. They are too good. Losing in the SEC Tournament championship game may actually help them play better. Coach Cal has never won the national championship, that ends this year.
  • My other Final Four teams: Syracuse, Kansas, and Missouri. That's right, I am predicting future SEC rival Missouri to take down #1 seed Michigan State.
  • Watch out for West Virginia. Huggy Bear always seems to have his team playing well in March. I've got them knocking out Ohio State.
  • Florida deserved better than a 7 seed. Losing to Georgia near the end of the season may have had something to do with it.
  • You lose to Georgia twice, you're not making the tourney. Sorry Miss State.
  • Washington got screwed. I know the Pac 12 sucked, but if you win the regular season championship, you should be in the tournament. Who cares about Iona. And they definitely deserved it more than Texas.
  • Its weird not seeing Butler there to pull upsets all over the place.
  • Murray out.
  • Who's smarter? Vandy or Harvard?

Let the madness begin!