Friday, September 7, 2012

The Wishlist Game 2: Missouri

  • Hold Missouri QB James Franklin to less than 50 yards rushing - The Dagws gave up around 80 yards to some scrub from Buffalo, but they are going to need to do a lot better against Franklin.  He is Missouri's leading returning rusher from 2011.
  • Force at least 2 turnovers - The Dagws did not force a turnover in week 1.  Momentum will be huge for Georgia in this game and there is no better way to swing it than with a turnover.
  • Win the time of possession battle  - As we have done with Georgia Tech in the past, the best way to beat a high powered offense is keep them off the field.
  • Complete a screen pass!
  • Registere a sack by a DT - Jenkins and Geathers are beasts, but we need them to get to Franklin.
  • One well timed personal foul penalty -What?  I want us to get a personal foul?  Yes, I do.  Missouri needs the proper hazing as a pledge to the SEC.  Just don't do it in a crucial moment.
  • Georgia 34, Missouri 20 - Yes, I know we could lose.  I am very aware of their offense and that they will be fired up.  But Georgia should dominate the very weak O line of Missouri and make it hard for Franklin to do much.  If the Dawgs can control the line and the clock, they win this game by double digits.

Thursday, September 6, 2012

The Wishlist Results: Buffalo

Let's see how I did:

  1. 0 turnovers from Aaron Murray - Check.  Murray did not have a turnover, so that is good.
  2. 10 carries each for Malcome, Marshall, and Gurley - Wrong.  Marshall was the only one to crack 10 carries.  However, Marshall had a good day and we all saw what Gurley did.  Malcome got hurt, but still had a decent game.
  3. No shorts passes that end in long runs given up by the defense - Check but...there were not a bunch of short passes, however the QB runs were really bad.
  4. 4 Sacks -Wrong, Georgia only registered 2 sacks.  But Jarvis was double and triple teamed all day.
  5. No personal foul penalties (excluding facemasks) -Check
  6. 5+ catches from the tight end position -Wrong.  The tight ends were not even targeted, let alone did they catch a pass.
  7. At least a full quarter of play for Christian LeMay -Wrong - LeMay got in late, but Georgia's inability to totally blow Buffalo out prevented LeMay from getting significant time.
  8. No kickoffs out of bounds -Check.  Morgan can drill it.
  9. Brandon Harton and Kyle Karempilis playing in Sanford again - Half right.  Harton got the final carry of the game and Karempilis was out there on special teams, but it definitely wasn't like the NMSU game.
  10. Georgia 48, Buffalo 10 -Wrong.  We gave up way too many points.  The missed field goal by Marshall Morgan would have given us 48, so at least I was close.