Friday, October 23, 2009

SEC Weekend Games of Interest: The Off Week Edition

Just as the Dawgs have an off week to rest, work and improve, so will the SEC Weekend Games of interest. However, I still have to give you some picks and hopefully improve on our 42-6 record. Without any other wait, here is what’s happening in your neck of the woods:

Arkansas at Mississippi: In the battle of high profile transfer QB’s, Ryan Mallett is better than Jevan Sneed and one keeps rising up the NFL Draft Board while the other falls. I don’t expect this game to be close and it's going to be a blowout, whoever wins. I’m going with Arkansas, 33-21.

Tennessee at Alabama: The Third Saturday in October, played on the forth weekend of the month. This should be a tighter game than the spread, but Tennessee won't have the same luck with Alabama’s defense that they did with Georgia’s. The Tide roll 21-10.

Vanderbilt at South Carolina: Is it possible, can the Ole Ball Coach and the Gamecocks fall to Vandy for a third straight year? No, Cackalacky runs past a weak Commodore squad 27-7.

Louisiana Monroe at Kentucky: Kentucky’s freshman QB Morgan Newton looked good early against Auburn last week and both he and Will Fidler should split time in demolishing the WarHawks. Kentucky is the pick, 35-10.

Florida at Mississippi State: Florida hasn’t won in Starkville since 1985 and should end the streak this week. Once again we pick the Gators, but against the spread as their defense dominates, 28-7.

Auburn at LSU: LSU has had plenty of time to recover from their 13-3 loss to Florida two weeks ago and should be licking their chops to face an Auburn defense that is reeling after 2 consecutive losses. This should be a tight game for three quarters, but I look for the Bayou Bengals to pull away in the fourth behind Charles Scott and the night home crowd. LSU wins 27-13.

That does it for this week. Enjoy some college football and a cold beverage because fall is in full swing. Go Dawgs!

80's Music Video of the Week - Randy Newman

This week's video is Randy Newman's, "I Love L.A."

First off, anything Randy Newman is badass. Second, this is fabulously 80's with california girls in bikinis, big hair, sunglasses, surf boards, and hawaiian shirts all over the place.

Also, touting the greatness of Los Angeles and the southern California area is completely 80's, as everybody wanted to live there. Whether it was great movies like Fast Times at Ridgemont High and Valley Girl, awesome shows like ALF, or awful hair metal bands, everyone wanted to be a part of California in the 80's.

Of course, videos like this always left out the downsides (over development, gang violence, drug wars, homelessness, and the prospering of the valley girl dialect), of California life.

But, who wants to hear that crap? I wanna see hot chicks on the beach! That's 80's.

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Ultimate Nightmares: Nerds & Gators In The National Championship

Yesterday morning over breakfast, my roommate told me he had the most awful, disturbing, and horrific nightmare of his life.

He told me he saw images of a disgusting sight. The old gold/mustard/off-yellow dressed fans cheering on the Trade School against Floriduh in the National Championship.

I nearly slapped him for suggesting that he could even have a thought process to conjure up a nightmare of such horrific standards.

Think about that. It's so awful, I didn't want to bring it up to put the thought in your heads. However, it is so awful, I couldn't help but bring it up!

While very far fetched and vastly unlikely to happen, the reality is at the moment it is not completely impossible.

That's a pretty scary notion and one I will do almost anything to push out of my brain. Just the thought of it makes me want to do everything in my power to ensure that Miami doesn't lose again, or work to ensure that we pummel the Trade School into a post-Thanksgiving submission.

Imagine over 92,000 bandwagoners filling the Rose Bowl. That's just not football. It might even be the absolute end of football!

I might stab my eyes out at such a sight. While you would root for injuries, there would be the undeniable fact that nothing beneficial for Dawgs could result from such a match up.

This is too awful to discuss any further. Let us never speak of this again.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

National Day of Mourning: DJ Shockley Released By The Falcons

It's a sad day here in Atlanta as DJ Shockley has been released from the Falcons after originally being released after training camp and re-signed to the practice squad.

I am a person with a very rational thought process who removes the more emotional aspects that typically drives a person's decisions.

I am a massive DJ Shockley homer. I believe he is the next messiah, and should have a nine figure NFL contract for no other reason than his greatness on the field while wearing the red and black.

I realize that I am so irrational it is nearly absurd. I don't care, I don't care, and guess what...I don't care!

I reject all notions that somehow DJ couldn't beat out Sarah Jessica Parker Wilson for the job. It was pure conspiracy that DJ was cut and Bama Bangs was kept as the 3rd stringer. As to what that conspiracy is, that is not important.

I will hate the Falcons for a bit because of my emotional irrationality, I will then get over it realizing Matt Ryan's awesomeness meant it was never going to happen for DJ in Atlanta anyway, and that this is best thing for DJ to go to another team and win 7 Super Bowls.

You're still the man, DJ.


Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Happy Birthday, Lewis Grizzard

Today, October 20, is the anniversary of the birth of our lord and savvy-ior, Lewis Grizzard.

There's an appreciation of Lewis by most everyone from the South. However, when you become a Georgia fan, you begin to understand an entirely new appreciation for the man and what he represented for every Dawg out there. Obviously, Dawg fans everywhere have shown him the love in return for his contributions.

We wouldn't be here without Lewis (or we might just have another ridiculous name), so we'd like to share one of our favorite columns from the man himself. Rather than being about football, it covers two other important things in life; stupid rules and whiskey.

Whiskey Nazis In The Night

It had been a long day. My head hurt. My neck hurt. My stomach hurt. Airplane food.
There had been the long flight after sitting at a typewriter for five hours and also talking to a man who said I needed more life insurance.

I told him what I needed was a beneficiary.

The cabdriver who took me from the airport to my hotel had been sullen. It was raining.

I checked into my hotel. Some silly looking little man gave me a card I was supposed to put in a slot in my door to get in my room.

Those things never work for me. Whatever happened to metal keys?

Before I went to my room, I decided to stop by the bar and get a drink to take up with me.

Just one. It might ease some of the pain and help get me to sleep.

I ordered my drink. The bartender brought it to me. I started to walk out of the bar with it. The bartender said, "You can't take that out of here."

I asked, "Why not?"

He said, "It's a rule."

I said, "Whose rule?"

He said, "It's just a rule. I don't make 'em, I just follow 'em."

I vas just following orders.

Then I knew whose rule it was - the Whiskey Nazis.

I'm against drinking and driving. I'm against anybody not old enough to have studied geometry drinking at all.

But you give the Whiskey Nazis some rope and they'll eventually hang you with it.

"Listen," I went on, "I understand about bars possibly being held responsible when a customer gets smashed and then goes out and runs into something or somebody in his car.

"But I'm just taking this drink up to my room."

"How do I know you aren't going to get in your car with it? There's an open-c ontainer law," said the bartender.

"How you know is, I don't have a car here," I explained. "I came from the airport in a cab driven by a jerk. I'm a registered guest here. Here's this little card they gave me to get in my room."

"You still can't take that drink out of the bar," the bartender said.

At that point I realized the simplest thing to do would be to leave the drink in the bar go to my room, and, if I could get in, order one from room serivce.

But, like I said, it had been a long day, and I've got a stubborn streak.

"Exactly what are you going to do if I walk out of here with this drink and take it to my room?" I asked.

"Call my manager," the bartender answered.

Probably a guy in jackboots.

I said, "So call your manager."

As the bartender went for the phone, I exited the bar with my drink, took the elevator and went to my room.

My card worked this time, and two minutes after leaving the bar I was alone in the room with my drink and nobody came later and kicked in my door and hauled me off to headquarters for interrogation.

The bartender and his manager didn't know my name nor my room number.

I had beaten the Whiskey Nazis.

You can't do this. You can't do that. Where will all this end?

I had my drink, went to sleep and dreamed the Speech and Thought Nazis got me for publicly agreeing with Sen. Ernest Hollings.

*taken from

Sunday, October 18, 2009

BNE Pick 'Em Week 7

I'm going to keep it short and sweet this week. Week 7 sucked! With the exception of calgee's 8-3 record, it looks like everyone else made some dismal picks. While this was a great weekend of football overall, the picks sucked. I'm personally disappointed in my picks and results, not to mention Auburn's offense stalling against Kentucky and their quarterback by committee, including playing a true freshman!

After a dismal weekend of play, we have a shakeup in the Top 10:
1. GenStoopangle
2. Dutch
3. OneHairyDawg
4. DawgDai
5. Donald Eason & shelt320
7. dawgsman81
8. allyugadawg
9. ecdawg
10. yedidawg, bulldog91 & aumaverick

From the BNE staff:
1. aumaverick
2. bubba
3. BFR
4. earl
5. Streit
6. bulldawgjosh

Our Bottom Feeder of The Week remains mmike032, who managed to stutter his w-w-way to a 11-68 r-r-r-ecord and 52 points. This week mmike032, try stopping by our sponsor, Kleenex, at because you're going to be crying the rest of the season if you keep making picks this way...and I might be too if Auburn can't find their offense again.

This week's game will include our SEC games and feature Arkansas at Ole Miss, Tennessee vs. Bama, Oregon vs. Washington, Penn State vs. Meechigan, USF vs. Pitt, TCU vs. BYU, and our game of the week, Auburn vs. LSU. Good luck!  

Thoughts on Vanderbilt: Long Live the King

Now that's a little more like it. For the first time all season, the Dawgs put together a solid effort that resulted in a victory that was not decided in the fourth quarter. I know a lot of people will say that it was just Vanderbilt, but we needed this one bad. It was a great start to a long day of college football yesterday, one which I spent the entire day on my couch surrounded by friends. I couldn't ask for a better day. Here are my thoughts on our game and other things I observed this week.

- The start of the game may have been one of the ugliest performances by two teams I have ever seen. Before the AJ Green 65 yard touchdown, Georgia had already punted twice and thrown an interception. Vanderbilt had already punted three times. It was disgusting. If the offense plays like that in Jacksonville in two weeeks, it will look like the 2nd half last year.

- AJ, by god, Green. How could he only have 3 catches yesterday? The 65 yarder was a thing of beauty and really shows how much he has improved over last season. Did Joe Cox really deserve credit for a touchdown pass on that play or could we just give it to AJ?

- The defense was solid. They played like you are supposed to play against a team the likes of Vanderbilt. Justin Houston is a beast and Rennie Curran was Rennie Curran.

- Drew Butler can kick it 50 yards in a tornado. The punt he hit just before the end of the first quarter went about 45 yards in the air into a stiff wind. This is kid awesome.

- Boykin and Prince Miller were both about 1 tackle away from scoring touchdowns. Nothing helps out a struggling offense like a good kick return.

- Joe Cox is still not that good. When we went the first 4 drives with barely any yards, I really had to question why Logan Gray was not out there.

- Glad to see the running game get going, even if it was in the 4th quarter. We need to stop this rotation though, it should be 1 and 1A with Caleb and Washaun.

- The King has returned. He may not have put up big rushing numbers, but I thought Caleb had a great day. With his two touchdowns, the King is back!


Now, onto other games:

- Notre Dame put up a good fight against USC. The fake field goal play they ran was the same one that Georgia Tech ran against Clemson and should have been flagged as a penalty.
- SEC officials are the worst in the country. Florida celebrates, Tebow runs around, Riley Cooper pushes off and they do not get called. There were some bad calls in the Alabama game against South Carolina as well.
- Nice win for Georgia Tech. I did not think they would get it done against Virginia Tech. Too bad the lost to Miami, because right now they would still be on the outside looking in at the ACC Championship game.

After over a year of posting at least 2 articles a week, I am going to be taking my own "bye week" this week. The rest of the guys will be picking up the slack and I will be back next Sunday for the start of Hate Week 2009!