Wednesday, October 21, 2009

National Day of Mourning: DJ Shockley Released By The Falcons

It's a sad day here in Atlanta as DJ Shockley has been released from the Falcons after originally being released after training camp and re-signed to the practice squad.

I am a person with a very rational thought process who removes the more emotional aspects that typically drives a person's decisions.

I am a massive DJ Shockley homer. I believe he is the next messiah, and should have a nine figure NFL contract for no other reason than his greatness on the field while wearing the red and black.

I realize that I am so irrational it is nearly absurd. I don't care, I don't care, and guess what...I don't care!

I reject all notions that somehow DJ couldn't beat out Sarah Jessica Parker Wilson for the job. It was pure conspiracy that DJ was cut and Bama Bangs was kept as the 3rd stringer. As to what that conspiracy is, that is not important.

I will hate the Falcons for a bit because of my emotional irrationality, I will then get over it realizing Matt Ryan's awesomeness meant it was never going to happen for DJ in Atlanta anyway, and that this is best thing for DJ to go to another team and win 7 Super Bowls.

You're still the man, DJ.



MikeInValdosta said...


DJ will get his shot.

Anonymous said...

Me, too!