Tuesday, January 11, 2011

My Thoughts on the National Championship Game

Here are my quick thoughts on the National Championship game:

- Oregon was cursed from the start. As the Ducks were making their way down the tunnel towards the field, Chip Kelly stopped to shake hands with Craig James - CURSE OF DEATH!

- Oregon had a good defensive game plan. they were really able to limit Cam Newton's running. If their offense would have been even half of what it was the rest of the season, the Ducks would have won.

- Auburn's D-line mauled the Ducks. Fairley and company were so much bigger and stronger. Why Chip Kelly ever tried to run the ball near the goal line is beyond me.

- Speaking of Fairley, he was dominant but still as dirty as ever. The other personal foul that was called against Auburn that left a Duck player bloody was even dirtier. Auburn definitely lived up to its reputation as the dirtiest team money can buy.

- LaMichael James seemed off. Oregon used Kenjon Barner a lot more in the first half. Seems odd that the nation's leading rusher was not getting the ball more often.

- Both offenses looked shaky at first. the 35 day lay-off will do that to you.

- Having the game end like it did kind of made me sick. Oregon got the turnover to tie the game, but Auburn ends up kicking a field goal after a running play that everyone stopped on because they thought he was down. COME ON. I was so looking forward to overtime, where these two squads might have kept playing all night and the final would have been something astronomical like 71-70 (and no, I did not do the math, so I do not know if that score is even possible).

All in all, it was a pretty entertaining game. Congratulations to the War Plains Tigers, enjoy it while you can. There is no guarantee that trophy will still be yours in a few months.

To the 2010 college football season, I bid you adieu good sir!