Saturday, November 29, 2008


I'm cold, I'm soaking wet, and I've been crying. Honestly, there's nothing that I can say except that the best team on the field today won the game. Tech "wanted it more" and was better prepared than were our beloved Dawgs. What a terrible, awful, no good, very bad way to end a season with such high expectations. I hope this result leaves enough of a bad taste in the collective mouth of the program (players, coaches, fans, etc.) that we get our act together and find a way to live up to our potential beginning with a potentially impressive bowl match up. Let's hope the Dawgs come out of the holiday break without all of the distractions that they brought with them out of the summer break:

1) national ranking--likely not going to be much of a distraction this time around

2) injuries--while we likely won't be returning any of the big name guys who were lost to us during the season due to injury, let's keep the guys healthy headed into the bowl game and be ready to welcome back those who had to witness the 2008 season from the sidelines

3) off the field distractions--please no arrests, academic casualties, etc. anymore!

From the bottom of my broken heart--Go Dawgs!

What a Senior Day for Mo Mass...

Friday, November 28, 2008

BulldawgJosh & Bubba's 80's Music Video of the Week

This week, we bring you the absolute greatest video ever. Here is Don Johnson's 1986 surprising hit, "Heartbeat."

Look for Dweezil Zappa in the white suit playing the bright lime green guitar. I love the 80's.

Let's make sure that the heartbeat of the the Bulldawg Nation is alive and pumping fast early on Saturday.

Happy Turkey Day.

One More Day Until Nerd Persecution Begins


We must destroy the bumble bees!

Go Dawgs!!

Thursday, November 27, 2008

It's All About Showing Up

One of the things that irks me is people trickling in late to any game. Dawg fans are better about this than most fans (especially since I went to many new places this season), but it is still a practice that is more prevalent than I'd prefer.

The only time it really gets to me is on the final home game of the year, which is always Senior Day. This is the one time where everyone needs to be there early, and too many times the stadium is just not as full as it should be for such an important moment for our players.

I beg of you, please show up early and be in the stadium well before kickoff to give our seniors a great send off.

Munson being presented a letterman's jacket at Senior Day last year against Kentucky

Photo by Dononvan Eason and

Clean, Old-Fashioned Hate

Here is a masterpiece from Lewis himself. This was written after the 1993 Georgia-NATS game. The Dawgs won 43-10.

I Promise I Won’t Razz the Jackets, at least not much

It would really be a great time to crow. First, my beloved Georgia Bulldogs defeated the dratted Yellow Jackets of Georgia Tech Thursday in what may have been - I have no facts to back this up, but that has never stopped me before - the earliest starting Eastern time zone college football game since television took over the sport. They kicked this thing off at Bobby Dodd Stadium at Historic Grant Field, the oldest college football stadium near a fast food restaurant in America, at 11 in the morning. Imagine if you lived in Hawaii. The game would have appeared on your set at something like 5 a.m. One day, television will ask two collegiated combatants to tee it up at 6 on Christmas morning, figuring a lot of people will be up watching the kids open presents and it will thus have a captive audience. And two schools, slaves to the revenue as gender equity marches on, will agree to it. Lord, please don't let one of them be the University of Georgia. Secondly, Georgia not only beat the Jackets, the game turned out to be a laugher. A slaughter. Georgia won 43-10. It won the second half 30-0.

The crowd seated near me, all adorned in red and black, chanted "We want 50!" I’ll settle for the 43. It covered everything I had in the works. Thirdly, there was a helluva fight between the two teams near the end of the game. I had Georgia winning that on my card, too. ABC's Keith Jackson, I was told, commented it was Georgia's coach, Ray Goff who was responsible for the fight because he was running up the score. I thought Bill Lewis of Georgia Tech was responsible for keeping the other team from scoring a lot of points. And, finally, there was the jerk driving the van northward from the stadium as my happy group headed home. Our vehicle did, in fact, have a Georgia sticker on the back bumper and we had displayed one of those right-after-the-game score cards that read 43-10 in the front window. We were in the right lane. The van, covered in Tech stickers, tailgated us for several blocks, and the driver was having a large time with his horn. We finally pulled over so he could pass. On the right. As he roared by, he screamed out his window, "Get out of our lane!" That made me mad. "Your lane?" I thought. "So Tech owns the streets now. No wonder the traffic is so bad in Atlanta."

So I had and I have every reason to sit here and do my best to add further to the Tech misery. But I won't and here's why. All season I've listened to fellow Georgia fans discuss the shambles they say is now the Bulldogs' football program. I've read the sports pages that buried the Dawgs on a daily basis. And I've listened to the radio talk shows and heard our own describe the situation in Athens with such adjectives as "pitiful" and even "sickening." I certainly agree it's been a year the locusts have feasted upon our crops. But if we're in all that bad a shape, think of the relative condition of the Tech program. The Jackets lost to a Georgia team that has been derided unmercifully by 33 points.

--Lewis Grizzard

ALF Coaches Football

Did you ever notice how this guy...

And this being...

look exactly alike?

This means only one thing...ALF coaches South Florida!!!

Happy Turkey Day!

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

We Just Call Everything Yellow

I explained in the list of reasons why I hate Tech that the Nerds on North Ave seem to think they can use every color of under the sun and somehow classify it all as the same. This picture below is a great a example. Whether its Paul Johnson's tie, the background behind him or the logo on the podium, NONE of these variations of yellow/gold/piss MATCH!

North Avenue Trade School

This is a story of a boy and the lessons that his father instilled in him at a young age.

"Beat the rush, Hate Tech early." - Father Bubba -

These were some of the first words that I ever remember hearing from my father, a 1970 graduate of the University of Georgia. He repeated these words early and often and will probably repeat them when I arrive home for Thanksgiving later this evening. He spoiled me with certain pleasures like Lewis Grizzard, Bluegrass Music and the same tape recorded Arlo Guthrie rendition of "Alice's Restaurant" was always played when we drove to Americus High School football games together. Completely off topic and in honor of Thanksgiving tradition, here is the epic song:

Arlo Guthrie Alice's Restaurant

However, no lesson was as clear or as pronounced as our disdain for the NATS. At the age of thirteen, I told Dad that I wanted to be an architect and go GTU to get my degree. He responded by saying that he hoped I enjoyed spending Thanksgiving somewhere else. Luckily for me, that dream only lasted only a week, like most of my off the wall thirteen year old dreams. Besides, I'm sure Dad would have let me in the house to sleep but I'm pretty sure that all of my UGA aunts, uncles, and cousins would have made me pretty uncomfortable.

Watching UGA beat the Trade School every year was a Bubba family tradition and I’ve seen my share of brawls, beat downs, and miracles with the below clip being my favorite UGA/GT game of all time:

As I grew into adolescence, my love of the Red and Black never wavered, even when I met one of my best friends in 7th grade. We will call him Leroy. Leroy had a long lineage of Techness (easily confused with tackiness) in his family, including his grandfather and his father. This puzzled me as I had never actually met a Bumble Bee fan before, at least one that was proud of it. Leroy and I have many fond memories together and he still clings to 1998-2000 (years of witch it took an illiterate, drunk driving QB and 10 ineligible players to defeat the Dawgs) like it were yesterday. Leroy and I were on the 20 yard line in 1999 together when Jasper Sanks didn’t fumble and my young world came crashing down. Still to this day, Leroy will not let me live that epic game down and I would have it no other way.

What I am saying is that Thanksgiving is the Father’s Day of college football. Thanks to my father, I went to the University of Georgia and grew up knowing two things for certain:

1) It is always great to be a Georgia Bulldog.

2) The North Avenue Trade School is an Evil, Nerdy, Ugly place where all the beer is stale.

To close my story, I despise Georgia Tech. I hate them more than BFR hates Florida. Nothing on earth is better than beating Georgia Tech. I will take a win in badminton over GTU and badminton is stupid. The Techies gave us Bill Curry, I despise Bill Curry. Georgia Tech students say "To Hell with Georgia", I say to hell with you.

Techies, enjoy admiring our women from afar, enjoy your CarQuest Bowl trophies and your upcoming trip to the Tire Bowl because we are a little too busy winning 33 of the last 44 games. UGA is a little busy competing in the Southeastern Conference, a conference that you left in 1963. A move so bold that it allowed you to promptly fall on your face and go 4-6 from 1967 to 1969.

Vince Dooley owned you, Ray Goff owned you, and Mark Richt currently owns you. Your car, like your social life on campus, is still a wreck:

Go Dawgs!

*Picture courtesy of Georgia Spots Blog

Nerd Confidence

I have to agree with the Senator and Realist that I am perplexed as to why so many Dawg fans are afraid of Tech. It's not that I'm over confident, I just believe that the pressure is more on them to come into Sanford and prove they can 1) stop our offense, which is ranked higher than any offense they've faced thus far, 2) prove that they can run their new WOWSERS! offense on us, and 3) prove they can get past the stigma of the last 7 years.

I don't see a reason to buy into the fear that others are purchasing in ever greater quantities. It is all psychological and it's not as if this team hasn't been stopped (see their game against UNC).

I will say that if there were to be anything that worries me about Tech, it would be the confidence that this team exudes.

These players have obviously bought into Johnson and his system, and they've especially bought into higher expectations and winning. Before the season, I got the chance to speak to two of Tech's players through a friend of mine. Both of these players were confident that this season was going to be better than most expected, and that Johnson brought much more demand and discipline to their team (to the chagrin of some of the players). As the year has gone on, their confidence in themselves to win games and perform in crucial moments has obviously grown.

Bring it on wise guys! I mean, pocket protectors of the world unite!

No Tech fan can deny that since the Richt era began, they've walked into this game thinking that it was in the realm of possibilities for their team to win, but that in the end they weren't really confident they could pull it off (even when they probably should have won). It was also obvious that some of the Tech players in the past felt the same way. Maybe it was just the Reggie Ball syndrome or the Gailey effect, because I haven't seen that attitude in their team this year. They've started to actually believe they can win any game, and that is a definite shift that can play a factor in a rivalry game like this one.

Still, as PWD said earlier this week, let's see if they can handle the pressure and see if they really want this win that bad.

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Reggie Ball Pep Talk

Does anyone actually like me? Did anyone, ever!?!

Reggie Ball met the Tech team at practice yesterday to give them some insight on their game this weekend against the Dawgs.

We're told Reggie threw a couple passes in practice with the team, but he ended up only throwing interceptions. This demoralized the entire team, so he decided to give them a pep talk.

We've obtained a recording of it, and here's the transcript:

Coach Johnson: "Alright men, I want you to listen to Reggie because he understands what this game means. While he never ended up graduating, never actually beat Georgia, and I'm sure he should be in Detroit washing Calvin Johnson's laundry, I'm sure he can give you some insight. Reggie, please don't screw up my team."

Reggie Ball: "Uh, thanks coach. I want you guys to know that this is a game of passion, which is something I completely lacked at all times in this rivalry. In fact, at one point I said this game wasn't that big of a deal. "

"That was a lie on my part. This game is actually the biggest deal of your lives here at this school. If you continue to lose to Georgia like I did, you'll probably hate yourself, have everyone lose respect for you, get kicked off the team because depression set in when you stopped going to class in September, and be reminded everyday by everyone in this state that you let those Dawgs dominate you. "

"I mean, these assholes are about to retire my number, and I played for the other team. You believe that? Just because I threw an interception in pretty much every game and always did it at a crucial moment to hand over the win, they think they can do that. "

"I don't want you guys to be like me. First, I want you to actually win. Second, I want you guys to remember that in big games like this, you probably shouldn't ignore your biggest playmakers. Throwing the ball or handing it off to every 3rd stringer you can find won't win you this game. Third, you need to go to class and not miss the ACC championship game because of academic ineligibility. "

"Just remember, you don't want to be like Reggie Ball. Actually win this game and you won't have to leave this state to avoid contemplating suicide on daily basis. Vacuuming Calvin's mansion is much better than being here after losing to the Dawgs. So, uh, go out there and make a claim to the prominence I never had!"

Paul Johnson: "That was the dumbest god damn speech I've ever heard. No wonder you couldn't graduate. Get the hell off of my field. We'll probably lose this game with the way you're demoralizing my players."

Knowshon a Finalist for the Doak Walker Award

See here for the official release.

The other two finalists are are Javon Ringer of Michigan State and Shonn Greene of Iowa.

The winner is announced on December 11th and the award in officially presented on February 6th, 2009.

All three of the finalists have impressive stats. While Greene and Ringer has more yards and TDs (as of now), Knowshon is the most high profile name of the three. With a big showing against NATS, Knowshon has a really good chance at taking this award.

Garrison Heart is the only other Doak Walker Award winner from UGA.

h/t to David Hale.

Monday, November 24, 2008

BCS Doom and Gloomers Getting Ahead of Themselves

Before Texas Tech and Oklahoma even played, talking heads were already discussing the potential calamities that could result from the BCS if Oklahoma were to beat Texas Tech.

Since then, the world has fallen apart at the potential outcomes that can result from the thrashing of Texas Tech. Typical examples of pundits doomsday rants are:

Pundit #1: Oh my god,the humanity! What is going to happen!?! Should Texas be ahead!?! Should Oklahoma!?! My mind is going to explode! The world is ending! What do we do!?!

Pundit #2: Well this is just a complete and absolute disaster and an example of why the BCS is a terrible system. We need a playoff now so we can decide who should really play for the championship. Texas beat this Oklahoma team and should play, and we know this ridiculous system is going to have Oklahoma jump Texas after next week. It's a done deal and it's wrong.

What most of these talking heads skip over, in order to sensationalize the present just a little bit more, is that THE SEASON IS NOT OVER.

While on your way to blasting the BCS for being some evil creation of the Illuminati, you forget that THERE ARE STILL GAMES TO BE PLAYED.

What has irked me so much in the past is when people jump to conclusions with outstanding factors still left to be determined.

Every year it is doom and gloom, the BCS is wrong, and something must be done to fix it. Every year people jump the gun, and then teams lose games they shouldn't and most of the time the problems that were going to cause the apocalypse are fixed.

While everyone is claiming that either Oklahoma should be in the Big 12 Championship or that they shouldn't, the fact remains that they still have to play Oklahoma State. Texas still plays Texas A&M.

There's still two more weeks in the season, and a multitude of possibilities to take place. Think about the situation in college football last year with two weeks left in the season, and what the end result was. A bunch of teams lost to even lead us to the end of the season debate over who should be in the championship.

So, before we even get into a debate over who should be in the Big 12 Championship and whether the BCS is valid, let's wait to see if Oklahoma beats Oklahoma State. I mean, with everyone saying how Texas or Oklahoma should be in their conference championship, Oklahoma could lose and Texas Tech would end up in the game (as long as they win out).

Now, if things remain constant and Texas and Oklahoma do win out, I personally think Texas should be in the game.

I think it is completely valid to consider that Texas lost to Texas Tech while Oklahoma destroyed them. However, I don't consider this point to outweigh the head to head matchup that took place between Texas and Oklahoma.

The reason I feel the Texas Tech situation takes a back seat is because no one is even considering Texas Tech as an option if Texas and Oklahoma win out.

If Texas Tech is not going to be ranked as high as them and are not even being talked about as an option, then the head to head matchup between Texas and Oklahoma should matter a lot more than who beat or lost to Texas Tech.

If you want to include Texas Tech as an option, fine. But, if you're going to lead them out of consideration for the conference championship, I don't see how you rank Oklahoma above Texas with everything being constant.

The most important thing to remember is that none of it matters until the rest of the games are played.

Hold off on the doom and gloom for another week or two.

Sunday, November 23, 2008


I hate you North Avenue Trade Schoolers, and there are many reasons for disliking your lame ass school. Let HATE WEEK commence!

I hate the fact that you play techno music at football games (and you all dance to it like idiots)...

I hate the fact that you can never sell out your moderately sized stadium...

I hate the fact that your fan base is made up of a bunch of douchebags who do not understand the concept of unity...

I hate the fact that you claim national championships you never actually won...

I hate the fact that you likely do this because you're making up for the complete absence of tradition or program identity over the last 40 years (ever since you left the SEC)...

I hate the fact that you think having tough calculus classes means it is okay that you're school doesn't have any females...

I hate the fact that when a female is spotted on your campus, she is either a troll or goes to Georgia State (I don't actually hate this, it's quite funny)...

I hate the fact that you trick people into thinking you have attractive females by using Georgia State and Kennesaw State co-eds as cheerleaders and band members...

I hate the fact that your campus is a complete waste of great property in downtown Atlanta...

I hate the fact that you think yellow, gold, and mustard are all the same color...

I hate the fact that you blame academics for the decline of your football program (didn't stop you from letting Reggie Ball in...oh, wait)...

I hate the fact that every time I go to a game at Bobby Dodd, your fans display a complete lack of knowledge for the game of football...

I hate the fact that your fan base typically lets us walk all over you (have some pride and stand up for your team)...

I hate the fact that you display crappy bowl victories in your stadium...

I hate your stupid little car with your bumble bee mascot riding on it...

I hate that you ruled out Muschamp as a possible head coach because he's a Dawg (this pretty much displays why your school has been completely incompetent for so long)...

I hate the fact that you fired Chan Gailey...

More hate to come...