Saturday, November 29, 2008


I'm cold, I'm soaking wet, and I've been crying. Honestly, there's nothing that I can say except that the best team on the field today won the game. Tech "wanted it more" and was better prepared than were our beloved Dawgs. What a terrible, awful, no good, very bad way to end a season with such high expectations. I hope this result leaves enough of a bad taste in the collective mouth of the program (players, coaches, fans, etc.) that we get our act together and find a way to live up to our potential beginning with a potentially impressive bowl match up. Let's hope the Dawgs come out of the holiday break without all of the distractions that they brought with them out of the summer break:

1) national ranking--likely not going to be much of a distraction this time around

2) injuries--while we likely won't be returning any of the big name guys who were lost to us during the season due to injury, let's keep the guys healthy headed into the bowl game and be ready to welcome back those who had to witness the 2008 season from the sidelines

3) off the field distractions--please no arrests, academic casualties, etc. anymore!

From the bottom of my broken heart--Go Dawgs!

What a Senior Day for Mo Mass...

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Anonymous said...

this is what you get for having an idoit DC wuck fillie!