Friday, March 19, 2010

Don't Overlook New Parking Restrictions For Gameday

I will have more to say on the new tailgating ban (not that you probably care).

However, everyone seems to be skipping over the new parking restrictions the university is implementing:

General Parking

The following changes will apply to all parking areas on gameday:

  • No pull-behind items (trailers, cookers, etc.)
  • No golf carts or ATVs
  • No parking on sidewalks (expanded to include Carlton St.)

Additionally, the ban on setting up tailgates (tents, tables, etc.) in parking spaces will be reemphasized, to include those areas controlled by the Athletic Association.

You notice that first one? Looks like all of you that invest so much money in awesome trailers and cookers are also being squeezed out by the new policies. It's completely ludicrous, and it's a slap in the face to those of our fans that spends thousands on these items, act responsibly on gameday, and add greatly to the tailgating experience at UGA.

Death to tailgating by incrementalism.

Thursday, March 18, 2010

80's Music Video of the Week

Bam, It's NCAA Tournament time:

Enjoy the games, my Bracket is better than your bracket.

DOA: North Campus Tailgating

Gameday in Athens lost its luster today with the announcement of new rules concerning tailgating for the 2010 football season.

North Campus, home to a good majority of Georgia fans (including Bubba 'N Earl), has essentially been eliminated as a tailgate spot begin this fall. If the trash was really the issue, they could have implemented a few simple rules to help make sure things were cleaned up. Instead, the University took the extreme approach. What's next? Are they going to turn all of campus into a family free, no alcohol zone?!?!?

Tailgating is a gameday tradition and is one of the reasons football in the South is something special. Ole Miss would never think about shutting down The Grove, but UGA essentially just shut down the closest thing we had. I know people were upset about the trash, but to all those people who threw a fit, I hope you're happy.

Monday, March 15, 2010

What's on My Mind - March15th

Let the Madness begin! The NCAA tournament kicks off this week's list of things that I'm thinking about.

- Bracket busting - My final four: Kansas, Kansas State, Duke, West Virginia. Yes, two teams from Kansas and no Kentucky. I'm going with the rest of the country on this one, my national championship pick is Kansas.

- The Bulldogs got screwed - The Mississippi State Bulldogs that is. 23 wins and .5 seconds away from an SEC tournament championship and somehow they get left out. Most people say they should have won more games or beat Kentucky, but based on that logic they should definitely be in over Florida. Florida only had 20 wins and lost to Mississippi State in the SEC tournament. How that gives them a better resume than MSU is beyond me.

- Spring practice kicks back off again. Why the hell did they have two days of practice and then go on Spring Break? Consider that some of the players (hmm, hmm, Mettenberger) spent their spring break boozing it up, what did they really learn in those two days before the break.

- The QB competition will once again be the focus. With Mett out of the race, Murray and Gray will duke it out the next few weeks. I've said it before and I'll say it again, Murray will win the job.

- G -Day is just a few weeks away. The Masters is great and all, but I'll be in Athens. I can watch golf on Sunday.