Thursday, March 1, 2012

Even if the intent was good, the message was bad

Back in December, I wrote this post where I voiced my disgust with fans booing Isaiah Crowell during the second half of the SEC Championship game. Many people, both here on this blog and on another, were quick to respond saying they were booing at Ken Malcome. While that was definitely not the case in my section, I could accept this as an excuse. But then I read this quote from Arthur Lynch about that incident:

But when you play against LSU, let’s face it, they played in the national championship game, and in the SEC championship game they boo him? I thought that was, one, disrespectful, and two, I don’t think anybody understood the pain he was going through.

Whether your intent was good or not, clearly the players on the field though Crowell was being booed. I have said it before and I'll say it again, you should never boo a player under any circumstance.

I hope Crowell uses it as motivation this fall. From everything I have been reading, he has been tearing it up in offseason workouts. A backfield with a healthy Crowell paired with Keith Marshall could take a lot of pressure off the shoulder of Aaron Murray.