Thursday, July 21, 2011

The Countdown 2011: 44 Days to Go


1. I would much rather see Richard Samuel carrying the ball up the middle in the season opener than Carlton Thomas. While it is never good to have suspensions and I still think Samuel would be better as a linebacker, this just feels better.

2. So we are going to wear Pro Combat jerseys. They better not be solid black and please God, no red face masks.

3. As the season gets closer, I can't help but feeling the South Carolina game is going to be much tougher than the Boise State game.

4. If the Dawgs can't beat a Tennessee team that only has 24 upper classmen on it in Knoxville, then something is seriously wrong.

5. I think Knile Davis will up being the best running back in the SEC this year. Lattimore, Richardson, and Dyer will be good too, but too many weapons at receiver for Arkansas will lead to a lot of long carries for Davis.

6. Brandon Boykin is going to turn some heads in the SEC this fall. Most people (outside of Georgia) only know him for his kick return ability. That will change.

7. The offensive line is thin, but not bad. In 2007, we had two returning starters and freshmen on the line. We all saw how that turned out. This year, we have three returning starters plus another senior. If the line can stay healthy, they may surprise a lot of people this fall.

8. Jarvis Jones' eligibility may play a key role in the Boise State game. I fully expect him to be one of the best linebackers in the SEC by the end of this season, but if he has to miss time early on, the linebacking corp will be left pretty thin on experience.

9. As bad as last season was, I am glad to see Georgia fans are still supporting the team. Despite there not being a true cutoff score for tickets, we still managed to sell out all of the tickets (for now). Tennessee is having to cross promote with NASCAR to try and sell tickets for its home opener. Just sad. A turn around season for the Dawgs will keep this thought out of mind.

10. This looks like it will be awesome. Set your DVRs.