Friday, March 4, 2011

BnE's March Madness Bracket Challenge

With the Dawgs on the doorstep to a spot in the Big Dance, the first time since the 2008 Tornado Tourney miracle, we here at BnE feel it especially appropriate to host a NCAA Basketball bracket for the tourney.

In honor of the Dawgs' pending spot in the Dance, as well as our recently relocated and current expatriate BFR, the big winner of the bracket, beyond the fame, fortune, accolades and women will receive one copy of Lewis Grizzard's If I Ever Get Back To Georgia, I'm Gonna Nail My Feet To The Ground as well as one copy of AUMaverick's favorite Grizzard book, Shoot Low, Boys--They're Ridin' Shetland Ponies.

Entering the Bracket: We will be using CBS Sports' scoring system and default point scores. To enter, here is the link to the official BnE Bracket Challenge, and the password is 'lewis' (no quotes).

Will the Georgia Bulldogs go all Butler this year and make a deep run? Heck, if Dennis Felton and inclement weather at the Georgia Dome can get us a SEC Tourney trophy, who knows what Fox's Hounds can do....

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Bean Moves back to OL

As I predicted here a few weeks ago, Justin Anderson is officially moving back to the offensive line. I feel like he is another lost project just like Kiante Tripp. I hope he finds success on the line this fall, but unfortunately I think he ends up as another wasted talent the coaches had no idea what to do with.

Oh well.

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Wednesday Night Ramblings

It is a random Wednesday in March and we are still a few weeks away from spring practice. Things have been relatively quiet around the Georgia football program and that is a good thing.

- I just watched Mark Fox's Bulldogs close out their 20th win of the season. The win most likely seals Georgia's invitation to the NCAA tournament and is quite an accomplishment for a program that managed to win 0 games on the road last year. I have been very impressed watching Jeremy Price grow into a great player and leader this year.

- I know Travis Leslie and Trey Thompkins are most likely leaving, but just imagine the team we could have with them back. Add Kentavious Caldwell-Pope to the mix, and the Dawgs would be a top 15 team next year. With an NBA lockout almost more certain than the NFL lockout coming next year, maybe we'll get lucky.

- What's the best part about the Dawgs not being ranked in last year's preseason top 25 in football? Not being included in the Sports Illustrated story this week about NCAA football players with arrest records. Last offseason was bad enough with the Fulmer Cup Championship. I am sure we would not have been like TCU (the only school in the top 25 without a player with an arrest record).

-While the Dawgs may have dominated the Fulmer Cup one traffic incident at a time last fall, this offseason has been completely silent. When the only news coming out of Athens had to do with players lives on the field it is good news.

-Looks like Aaron Murray will be healthy for spring practice. With Ealey also reinstated, G-Day could be a lot of fun to watch this year.

- Hines Ward is going to be on Dancing with the Stars. I hate the show but my wife loves it. At least Hines will have something to keep him busy during the lockout.

- Justin Houston turned heads at the combine. I would love for him to fall to the Falcons, but I don't think it will happen.

- Georgia baseball continues to struggle. I miss the days when we were pretty much guaranteed to make the CWS every other year(2001, 2004, 2006, 2008). Perno took us within one game of a National Title, but it may be time for him to go.

Sunday, February 27, 2011

Why Washaun Ealey's Reinstatement is a Big Deal

When Washaun Ealey was suspended from the team three weeks ago, many of the Georgia faithful felt he should have been kicked off the team. While I expect Isaiah Crowell to be the feature back this fall, I think it is very important for the team that Ealey come back. Here are the reasons why.

1. Caleb King's status is still up in the air. He was suspended for the bowl game we have not heard much since then. Caleb is Georgia's best blocking back, so I truly hope he returns. But if he doesn't, Ealey will need to step up in the blocking department. Pass blocking is one of the hardest things incoming players have to learn and Crowell will only be on campus for a few weeks prior to the first game. Ealey was not exactly a good blocker (at all) last year, but another year in the system should make him better.

2. Depth is always an issue. In todays football landscape, rarely do you see one running back carry all of the load for a successful running program. Carlton Thomas is definitely not the answer and we are unsure what we have in Ken Malcome. But Ealey has been a bright spot at times over the last few years. Even if Crowell is RB1, we need a good complementary back.

3. Washaun Ealey is a talented player. Remember 5 touchdowns against Kentucky? Remember almost 200 yards against Tech? He may have issues with fumbles, but he still can make things happen on the field.

4. Competition for Crowell. Everyone expects Crowell to be the starter, but ask yourself if that makes sense. Georgia returns its leading rusher who will be a junior and scored 11 TDs last year. Without Ealey, earning the starting job could almost be "easy". Washaun Ealey on campus means strong competition, which usually brings out the best in athletes.

I am glad to have Washaun back on the team. Hoefully, his attitude is fixed and he is ready for a big season in 2011.