Tuesday, March 23, 2010

What's on my mind - March 25th

My final thoughts on the North Campus situation:
- Things have only gotten really bad on North Campus over the last few years, but what did the University expect. As the drive to build more buildings on campus has continued to grow, many of those new buildings took away from places where people used to tailgate. It started with the building of the Coverdell Building which took away the entire parking lot next to McWhorter. It continued with the building of East Campus Village, the SLC, the Carlton Street Deck, the new Greek park, and the list just goes on and on.
- Last year was even worse because of new ESPN contract, which resulted in 4 of 6 home games taking place after 7 PM. When you give people 6 to 8 hours to party, there is going to be a lot more trash. Plain and simple.
- The University handled this badly and it has turned into a PR nightmare. I'll miss tailgating on North campus this fall but I wouldn't surprised if there is a "pay to play" plan in place for the 2011 season.

AJ Green wants to return punts:
- I am all for it. He is one of the most talented players we have had at Georgia and this will be his last year on campus. Why not take advantage of his playmaking ability why we can. In '08, we tried Knowshon returning punts and he broke one off for 33 yards against South Carolina. But after the loss to Alabama, Knowshon never saw the field at PR again. If he wants do it, I say we give him the chance.

Murray's got a glove:
- If he can make the deep throws with it on, I don't care what it looks like.

3-4 Offense, 3-4 Defense:
- Herschel Walker made the number 34 special during his 3 years in Athens. If the new defense and the running back tandem of Ealey and King can bring an SEC Championship back to Athens, 3-4 will once again be the most talked about number in the Bulldog Nation.

Grantham's Approach to the Depth Chart:
- It seems to me that Grantham is set on putting players in the positions that fit them best, as opposed to trying to make them better players at a specific position. This is contrast to some of the methods employed by Willie (see Bryan Evans) and I am glad to see they moved Samuel inside. I think Richard Samuel will surprise a lot of SEC coaches and leave them thinking they are glad he was playing running back for his first two years at Georgia.