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Tennessee Defensive Game Plan

The University of Tennessee tried a new defensive strategy last Saturday in an effort to slow the Florida Gators:

It's a shame that they didn't get to Brandon James's shoes.

*Photo courtesy of


Paid endorsements by coaches are one thing, but I think Saban went off the edge with his dedication for the endorsement of the Joe Dirt hotline. Then again, he's really reaching out to the quintessential Bama fan.

My previous post (click here) on the torment that is Bama has come to fruition. In fact, as hard as it is to believe, it is worse than imaginable. They truly are UNBEARABLE.

Bama fans have said that they are going to “expose” UGA because we’re frauds and we’re overrated. We’ve proved nothing. Go to AZ State and win? Garbage. I mean, they truly are the dominant team in college football. This team, after four weeks, is like the manifestation of pure and utter domination in human form. They have proven so much in these four weeks, that we should all quit before our minds melt at the greatness we will witness this Saturday.

I mean, their performance against Tulane proves this. They didn’t score an offensive touchdown against Tulane, but that’s okay because OMG BAMA IZ #1! BEST D-FENCE ALL TIME!!!!!! D-FENCE TD IZ BEST WAY TO SCORE!!!!

Juh-Jones and Jawn Pawkuh Wilsun have obviously become the number 1 and 2 Heisman contenders, and it will soon be re-named the J&J Trophy. That Heisman guy wasn’t that good anyways. I mean, he didn’t even play for Alabama!

Their offense will score 78 touchdowns against our worthless defense. Juh- Jones will pass to JPW, JPW will pass to Juh-Jones, and they will even play our entire defense alone! 2 versus 11, disaster for any other team, but an easy feat for the Tide.

Terrence Cody will show that he is the greatest defensive player of all time. He will extinguish each member of our offense in a single blow and then eat 47 cheeseburgers, wishing he had ordered some french fries to add some variety.

If it weren’t for the fantastically amazing skills of Juh-Jones and JPW, Cody would be the 2nd defensive player to win the Heisman, excuse me, the J&J Trophy.

This is all pure speculation based on my part. We can only receive the crimson crushing we so rightly deserve if our team has enough gas to even get to the stadium. I mean, Bama will make it for sure because they fuel their buses off of undeserved arrogance juice (the richest reserves of which happen to be located in Tuscaloosa).

My fellow dawgs, we are doomed this weekend as we will truly learn what greatness is at the hands of the big crimson elephants.

Don't we all wish we could be as wonderfully amazing and successful as Bama fans?

SEC Weekend Games of Interest: 9/27/2008

Last week brought us back to reality as I proceeded to make stupid picks and we lost more games last than we had all year, bringing our season record to 24-5. Here are a few games happening in your neck of the woods:

Ole Miss at Florida: Last week, the fightin' Nutty Houstons got a case of turnoveritis, giving Vanderbilt their second 4-0 start in the past four years while Florida humiliated Tennessee and shut the playbook down up 17-0 in the second quarter. QB Jevan Sneed, the SEC leader in interceptions, has got to control the ball better in order for the Rebs to have a shot in this game. The only positive Ole Miss has coming into this one is that they have won 2 of the last 3 over UF, including a tough 30-24 loss last year. Of course, Eli Manning was the QB for both of those victories.

That's Right Tim Tebow, Eat Your Heart Out!

Huston Dale Nutt stated earlier this week in a press conference that he wants to play one perfect game and that Florida doesn't need the Rebel's help to win this game. He sure got that right, Florida wins this one and shuts it down early again. Look for a few first half turnovers from Ole Miss and a 35-14 win for the Gators.

Arkansas at Texas: You would think with the great history of these two programs and with the epic battles they have both fought on the gridiron that this preview would be filled with great stories, wrong. This isn't the SWC and it isn't 1969. I'm sure if Darrell Royal and Frank Broyles could come back to the sideline for one more match up they would, until that happens, we are stuck with Bobby Petrino and Mack Brown. Texas wins big, let's say 42-21. Arkansas is bad, very bad.

Tennessee at Auburn: The epic battle of the questionable Offensive Coordinator hires, loser gets fired first. It's safe to say that offensive inconsistency has caused issues for both of these teams. However Auburn, when you have the lead, at home, against a second string QB who had thrown arguably the worst pick six I have seen all year, you should be able to hold the lead. Auburn has some excuses for their poor QB play, they basically have first year guys competing for the position and personnel not suited for the spread. Tennessee on the other hand has a talented QB in his fourth program year, their soon to be all time leading rusher, and five returning starters in the O-Line, what's going on? Why are you on the verge of 1-3?

Tennessee Fans like to blame the fat man:

"Look, It's Johnny Majors coming to steal my Job back"

This is SEC football between two of the historically great teams in the conference and B'NE thinks Auburn pulls this game out, probably in the 17-10, or 20-10 range. Auburn needs to prove a point and get a sold victory after last week. Tennessee, I really don't mind if they go 1-3.

Mississippi State at LSU: Mississippi State's run to be the worst team in the conference will continue this week. It's surprising to me how inept MSU has been so far this season. I understand the offensive issues because they are not very talented at QB. After watching them play Georgia Tech, they run plays that don't fit their personnel. For example, RB Anthony Dixon is huge and has been pretty productive between the tackles in the SEC. MSU had success running the ball up the middle, even breaking a 1st quarter 71 yard run. They then proceeded to try and run the aforementioned 250 lb Dixon outside, while on the goal line, why? MSU has a talented defense and during the GT game, it became apparent that they were tired and a bit demoralized and LSU will not let up on them this weekend.

"Ohhh, It feels so good once it hits your nipples"

LSU made a very solid statement last week on the road at Auburn and maybe this Less (get it) Miles character is a better coach than I give him credit for (it pains me to say that, blah). Scratch that, see above picture. LSU will come out and ride RB Charles Scott all night long, most likely to a 41-10 victory.

UAB at South Carolina: I would like to take this opportunity to say that former UAB QB Darrell Hackney is fat:

Darrell Hackney, Too Big to be sucked into the Black Hole that is UAB Footabll

About the only thing I can say here is let the Neil Callaway/Alabama-Birmingham nose dive continue. Mike Davis is taking his one game suspension this week, so hopefully we get to see Smelley and Rank (RB Taylor Rank) in the backfield at the same time. Boy, you just can't beat that Rank, Smelley attack.

"That's Right Erin, They both Smell as Bad as they Play"

South Cackalacky pulls this one out somewhere around 28-13. In our random Pop Culture Factoid of the week, Miss America 2005 Deidre Downs is a medical student at UAB. She had the longest consecutive reign with this award at 490 days due to the Miss America pageant's inability to find a TV sponsor in 2006.

"I won Miss America and got to live in Birmingham, What a Buzz Kill!"

Western Kentucky at Kentucky: This will mark Kentucky's second Bluegrass battle of the season and I expect similar results to their first game against Louisville. WKU has been terrible against Division I-A competition this year and will struggle offensively against UK's strong Defense. This game will give Kentucky a chance to get the offense going before they begin their SEC schedule. Look for a sloppy 30-7 UK victory.

That does it for this week. B'NE plans on breaking out the Maker's Mark this week, so go and have one or two yourself because it's going to be an exciting Saturday of SEC football.

Go Dawgs!

Aint's No Mountain High Enough: The Alabama Preview

This Saturday's Blackout game vs. Alabama could be more appropriately be called "The Back to Reality Bowl". In 2007, Alabama came in riding high with their new savior, Nick Saban, a perfect record, and a load of confidence. Georgia dominated much of the game only to see Alabama come back and tie it in the waning seconds. But in overtime, Mikey Henderson hauled in a touchdown that sent Alabama on a downward spiral, including a loss to Louisiana-Monroe and a disappointed 6 loss season.

Mikey Henderson's first career touchdown couldn't have come at a better time.

So we find our selves in a similar situation in 2008, with Bama riding an opening weekend win over Clemson to a 4-0 record and a number 8 national ranking. Georgia, while undefeated and rated number 3, finds themselves once again on the defensive after failing to impress voters and falling from their preseason #1 ranking. As in 2008, Richt and the boys have chosen to blackout the visiting school from our Western border state and it should be an electric environment. Hell, even the hated World Wide Leader has decided to bring its show to Athens for the first time in 10 years. This should be one hell of fight.

Who are these guys?
In it's second year under "S the Coach", the Red Elephants have established themselves as a power running team with solid defense capable of scoring points. The offense is directed by 11th year senior John "Pah-kuh" Wilson, who is Alabama's single season record holder for yards passing. Wilson has proven to be a solid game manager, however I wouldn't exactly call him scary. He does however have the services of the best freshman receiver in the country not named AJ Green, one Julio Jones. Jones has all the tools but has yet to have a break out performance. The Dawgs must not let them be the first to be burned by Julio.

Alabama's offensive strength lies in their running game, where Nick Saban has a stable of capable rushers in Glen Coffee, Mark Ingram, Roy Upchurch, and Terry Grant. The bunch is carrying the offense, averaging nearly 250 yards on the ground per game (while averaging 150 yards passing each game). Making holes for this bunch is Alabama's mammoth offensive line, considered by many to be the best in the country.

Defensively, the Crimson Tide bring a defense that is allowing only 9 points a game. Backed by a solid secondary, the Alabama defensive line has wreaked havoc on opposing teams runners and quarterbacks all season. Led the by the huge Terence "Mount" Cody in the middle (look him up on YouTube, it's funny), the d-line shut down Clemson's prized tandem of James Davis and CJ Spiller to open the season and haven't looked back since.

Who does Terance Cody think he is? Only proven fat guys get cool nicknames like "The Fridge"

What is Georgia Going to Do?

Breakout those black jerseys!!! The Dawgs and their fans are going to bring everything they've got to push back the second coming of the Bear. Some people have complained that the Blackout has become cliche', but look at how excited everyone gets. It works and in the end that is all that matters.

Knowshon and Stafford like playing at night!

On offense, I expect Georgia to try and break Knowshon to the outside as much as possible. Cody creates a huge gap to block in the middle, but the quickness of the Georgia line should allow us to cut around the corners and rack up yards in space. If there is a weak point in the Bama D, it is their linebacking crew. As opposed to last week where we threw the ball down towards AJ Green, I look for Bobo to call more screen and quick hitters and let the receivers create yards. The second Bama starts to shut down the outsides for Knowshon, we'll hit passes over the middle or roll out our tight ends.

On defense, we need to continue to bring blitzes when necessary (like we did against ASU, not against SC) and focus on cutting down Bama's ground attack. Make Wilson beat us through the air, not rolling out where he seems to be at his best. If we can control the running game and keep Wilson in the pocket, we should be able to force some bad throws and keep points off the board.

What is Going to Happen?

Like the blackout against Auburn, Georgia will come out full of emotion. Unlike last year, I think Saban may try to use that emotion against us. I look for both teams to try and establish their running games early, but the size and strength of Bama's line will hold us in check early. Bama will most likely take an early lead but by the second quarter Knowshon and Stafford will start picking them apart.

Look for the crowd to get really crazy in the third quarter and help to "Turn the Tide". Georgia will finish strong and win in a close but convincing fashion.

Gameplan: At the end, be celebrating like this.

Georgia 27, Alabama 17


In honor of Tourette's Guy:

Tonight on Unsolved Mysteries, we try to figure out why Georgia lost it's number 1 ranking to USC....


USC just got their asses handed to them by Oregon State. A big win this weekend could mean regaining of the top spot in the polls. GATA. GO DAWGS!!!



Thursday, September 25, 2008

5 Questions with UncleDawg & CousinTide

5 Questions is a new series to Bubba 'N Earl. And there's no better way to begin the series than with a top 10 matchup between the Dawgs and Alabama in Athens. In a Father vs. Son format, UncleDawg and CousinTide have answered the 5 questions presented by Earl from a Georgia and Alabama perspective, respectively.

And since we show Southern hospitality at Bubba 'N Earl, we'll let our guest answer the questions...
1. Mark Richt announced that the Georgia seniors came to him on the airplane back from Tempe about wearing black jerseys for the Alabama game due to it being a night game as well as having GameDay in attendance. Georgia will do this only once per season and in the bowl game if Georgia is the home team. What were your impressions of the "blackout" of Auburn last year and this upcoming "blackout"? And there is a rumor on the message boards that Alabama fans attending the game will be wearing white. What's your impression of that?

CousinTide: The Blackout against Auburn was the greatest thing to ever happen in college football. Georgia is the most innovative and original team in the country. Since Georgia and their fans are wearing black, Alabama and their fans shouldn't even show up. For those fans that do show up, they will most likely be hitting the exits by the 2nd quarter. Hell, I may not even watch the game errr I mean, the end of Alabama Football as we know it. Wait, that has already happened post-Bear Bryant. We are the worst team in D-1A.

Blacking out one state at a time in the SEC...

UncleDawg: While the black jerseys are a special moral booster for the Dawgs, I also think it is a complement to the other team that the UGA players would think the game and opponent is important enough to wear their black jerseys. It’s a rare event. Personally, I’ve always thought of the black jerseys as a type of funeral attire for the other team’s season because they’re going to lose.

Who cares what Bama wears.

2. The Dawgs continue to juggle their offensive line. With the presence of Mt. Cody in the middle for Alabama, what kind of impact will he have on the game? And what will Loran Smith's impressions of Mt. Cody be when he comes out for pre-game warmups? And if Larry were calling the game, how would he describe Mt. Cody?

CousinTide: I'll just put it this way....Freshman Ben Jones will have at least 10 pancake blocks on Cody, especially since he'll be donning a black jersey. Cody won't make an impact at all. In fact, Alabama will get dominated up front which will allow Stafford to throw at least 5 TD passes; Moreno will run for another 4 TDs. We have the worst defense in D-1A. However, if Bear Bryant alone lined up against that Georgia O-line, it'd be a totally different story. And there's no telling what Loran Smith will say. You might as well have asked, "What is the meaning of life?" or "How long is a rainbow?" As far as Larry Munson is concerned, he'd be much better served in telling a Bear Bryant story.

How would Loran interview a hippo?

UncleDawg: The Dawgs O-line will handle him [Mt. Cody] and his only impact will be to gum up the middle from time to time. Maybe Knowshon will jump him just to prove a point.

I think Loran would say something like...
"I'm on the side line and I just walked past number 62, the Alabama linemen they call Mount Cody. He weighs in at about 400 pounds and I'm telling you he's really a big one; his Mama fed him good. He makes Uga VII look like one of those Chihuahua dogs. Back to you Scott.....”

I just hope Loran won’t ask him if he likes peanuts.

3. Julio Jones and AJ Green were the top two ranked WRs coming into college football this year as freshmen. Jones leads the Tide with 132 receiving yards. Green leads the entire SEC with 300 receiving yards. So far, both are as good as advertised. Which #8 will have a bigger impact on the game? Why?

CousinTide: Seriously, have the SAT/ACT scores dropped that low at Georgia? One has a future 1st round draft pick as a QB, the other has a Sex in the City star. Can I get a degree from Georgia now?

Alabama's QB?

UncleDawg: A.J. will obviously have the best game for the following obvious reasons:
· He has already demonstrated on the field he is the best…just look at the stats
· Moreno, King and Samuel are the better running backs and the Dawgs running game will help take some of the coverage pressure off of A.J.
· Massaquoi will also pull coverage away from A.J.
· Really, who would you rather have throwing to your receivers? Matthew Stafford or Sarah Jessica Parker? (or whatever his name is…)

4. Explain the differences/similarities between the Classic City and T-Town. Which one is better and which one is "2nd rate"? Why? (CousinTide's term for Athens in 2003)


UncleDawg: The list is long but I’ll try to be brief because it’s so obvious T-Town is inferior to Athens Town.

Athens is better because:

UGA has better looking women.
The night life is by far much better.
Athens is one of the great live music centers of the South (see B-52s, R.E.M., Widespread Panic, Indigo Girls, etc, etc, etc…)
The co-eds are prettier.
You don’t have to go through Birmingham to get to Athens.
UGA’s athletic facilities are world class and much better.
The co-ed’s Mothers are better looking.
Athens has (the new) Allen’s and the Varsity.
Athens has a double barrel canon and a tree that owns itself.
UGA doesn’t have Phyllis from Mulga.

The only similarity I can think of between the two towns:
They are both beer drinking towns with a football problem, but Athens is still much better than T-Town in both categories.

5. Our blog, Bubba 'N Earl, has poked a little fun at Alabama all year long, including a picture of the ULM billboard in each and every "SEC Games of Interest", even though Alabama isn't one of Georgia's biggest rivals year in and year out. Why do you think that is? Is it just that easy or is the conference thinking about Alabama again as one of the elite?

CousinTide: Alabama was only an elite team under Bear Bryant. Alabama should go to the ACC and keep trying to figure out how to bring the Bear back.

Gosh I miss the Bear Bryant.

Here it is again!

UncleDawg: Because Bama fans think they are ordained to win the SEC every year and most of them have never been to Tuscaloosa, much less attended school there. Everyone wants to beat a team with an inflated ego who claims more National Championships than they really have.

If the Oconee River should part Saturday and Bama finds a way to win, Nick Saban will be the football God who delivered the Tide to victory. If they lose, it will be Phil Fulmer’s fault.

BulldawgJosh and Bubba's 80's Video of the Week

BulldawgJosh and I consider ourselves connoisseurs of fine and obscure 80's music. For your entertainment this week, we present Alannah Myles and the 1990 #1 hit song "Black Velvet". (It's 80's music because it was first introduced on her 1989 self-titled debut album):

This song was chosen for several reasons. First, It was the first song we could think of that had the word Black in the title. With the impending Sanford Stadium Blackout, it was imperative that the song title have some kind of reference to black. We tried looking for some other options, but quite frankly, couldn't get a video we liked. Second, Alannah Myles is Canadian. We here at B'NE have much love for all of our Canadian brethren, especially those not named Jessie Palmer. Besides, all grungy Canadian Rocker Chicks are cool with us.

Until next time, Go Dawgs!

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Where are they now?

Terrence Edwards

"Learned on the playgrounds of Tennille. Perfected on the football fields of Winnipeg. "

This is what happens when you can't hack it in the NFL. You go to Canada and learn to play Duck Duck Goose.


Remember Dawg fans, these people will be trying to steal your tailgate spots Saturday:

Go Dawgs!

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

My Larry Munson Memories

I was born in Ohio and moved to the state of Georgia when I was 6. My parents were graduates of Morehead State University in Kentucky, whose very small football tradition consists of Phil Simms and beating the crap out of Marshall in "We are Marshall". So, needless to say, unlike many of the other posters on this blog I did not grow up on the voice of Larry Munson. After heading to the University of Georgia in 2000 and becoming a rabid Dawg fan, I witnessed the tail end of an amazing career for Larry and through DVD and the Internet, discovered his other famous calls I was missing during the first 18 years of my life. While I may not have heard any of them live at the time, when I think of these moments in my head, I will always think of Larry Munson.

Georgia Tech 2006: The "Last Great Munson Call". Plain and simple, he proceeded to say that they probably killed Loran. Classic.


Auburn 2002: I was in the third row in the opposite end zone. Until I got back to Athens on Sunday, I still thought it was actually Fred Gibson who caught the ball. The perfect call during the march to our First SEC championship in 20 years.
"We're on the 19, you gotta get to the 4 for the first down. Crowd roars at us, 3 wideouts. Man, we've had some shots haven't we? Snap to David Greene, there he goes in the corner again and we jump up... TOUCHDOWN! OH GOD A TOUCHDOWN! In the corner! With 85 seconds, somebody went up high. Was it Watson or Gibson? Michael Johnson up high, we're gonna put glasses on it. And they stagger down into the screen in the fences down in the corner. Michael Johnson turned around and got up in the air. We caught the ball! Its 23-21 with 85 seconds. He turned around and jumped. David Greene in a couple of times missed some opportunities like that. He caught it up high under his neck and had a foot in and knew it, and then got knocked out. Billy Bennett just put the extra point up there good. Its 24-21. David Greene just threw it in the corner and Michael Johnson who he's used a lot in this 4th quarter got racked up in the air, but hung on, and had his foot down in there... We scored!"
Florida 1980: This one became a personal favorite. The most amazing moment of the 1980 championship year and I wasn't even born yet.

Florida in a stand-up five, they may or may not blitz, Belue third down on the 8, in trouble, he got a block behind him going to throw on the run, complete on the 25 to the 30, Lindsay Scott 35, 40, Lindsay Scott 45, 50, 45, 40. ... Run Lindsay, 25, 20, 15, 10, Lindsay Scott! Lindsay Scott! Lindsay Scott! ... Well, I can't believe it. 92 yards and Lindsay really got in a foot race I broke my chair. I came right through a chair. A metal steel chair with about a 5 inch cushion, I broke it. The booth came apart. The stadium... well the stadium fell down, now they do have to renovate this place... they'll have to rebuild it now. This is incredible. You know this game has always been called the World's Greatest Cocktail Party, do you know what's gonna happen here tonight, and up at St. Simmons and Jeckyl Island, and all those places where all those dawg people have got those condominiums for 4 days. Man is there going to be some property destroyed tonight! 26-21, Dawgs on top. We were gone. I'd gave up, you did too. We were out of it and gone. Miracle!"

Tennessee 2001: The only call on this list I actually heard happen. With my high school class mate David Greene at quarterback, Larry made my favorite memory of a Georgia football game that I wasn't at in person.

And now, Greene makes him lineup on the right in the slot, we have 3 receivers. Tennessee playing what amounts to a 4-4, Fake, and there's somebody Touchdown! My God a Touchdown! We threw it to Haynes. We just stuffed them with five seconds left! My God almighty, did you see what he did! David Greene just straightened up and we snuck the fullback over! Haynes is keeping the ball! Haynes is come running all the way across to the bench. We just dumped it over 26-24. We just stepped on their face with a hobnailed boot and broke their nose. We just crushed their faces!"

Florida 2004: I have often called this one of the the happiest days of my life. We finally beat Florida (on my fifth and final try). Seeing pictures of this one and hearing Larry's voice can make me cry.

We are back on the 15 yard line, 3rd down. Gators in a 5, we're in an I. Fake, and he fires right down the middle! TOUCHDOWN! TOUCHDOWN! TOUCHDOWN! Fred Gibson called a ball running right to left. Greene hit 'em...Greene hit 'em with a 15 yarder. He was barely in bounds on that back sideline... on that back line. 30-21, Don't give up!"

As my love of Georgia football has grown, so has my father's. In recent years, he has picked up a habit that many Georgia fans have practiced for years: turning off the TV announcers and cranking up Munson. We hate to see you go Larry, but we'll never forget the joy that you have brought us. Hope the fish are biting!

Monday, September 22, 2008

Larry Munson: Better Than Being There

The gang at B'NE thought there wasn't a better tribute to Larry Munson than the one Lewis Grizzard gave him from the 1978 Kentucky game during the Wonder Dawgs season. None of us were alive then, but we wish were. And what Georgia fan hasn't heard this call over and over again...

Larry (before the kick): Rex Robinson from Marietta, Georgia...Oh God, I spoke with Robinson's folks in the lobby of the hotel today...

From Kathy Sue Loudermilk, I Love You; 1979 (Lewis Grizzard)
Larry Munson: Better Than Being There

Sometime in the wee hours of Sunday morning, my telephone rang. Even the ring sounded drunk. Among a number of other bad things, alcohol in large quantities dulls the ability of the user to tell time.

I muttered a groggy, hesitant, "Hello?"

"Gooooooo Daaaawgs!" was the reply from the other end. Deliver me from Billy Bulldog when it's the middle of the night, Georgia won, and the whisky hasn't run out.

"That you, Dorsey?" I asked. It had to be. It had to be Dorsey Hill, the world's biggest Bulldog fan. Dorsey Hill thinks when you die you go to Vince Dooley's house. He can't wait.

Last year, when Georgia lost to Kentucky, 33-0, Dorsey claimed it didn't count because Kentucky was on probation for recruiting violations and had too many players from New Jersey.

"Best team money could buy," is how he described the victorious Wildcats, who went on to tie for the Southeastern Conference title. Dorsey dies hard.

I was awake enough by now to realize why the telephone call. Only hours before, Georgia had avenged last season's loss to Kentucky with a thrilling 17-16 victory in Lexington. The Bulldogs had trailed 16-0 in the third quarter.

"I never gave up," Dorsey said. "After the miracle at Grant Field Saturday, I knew the Lord would give us one, too."

He was referring to Georgia Tech's equally thrilling 17-13 defeat of Florida Saturday afternoon. Dorsey doesn't like Georgia Tech or anyone else who does.

"I like it when we sweep a double-header," he explains. "That's when Georgia wins and Tech loses."

I have never quite understood that thinking, but there are those among the Georgia Tech followers who feel the same about the Bulldogs.

"I wouldn't pull for Georgia," a Tech man once told me, "with one engine out on the team plane."

I thought Saturday was one of the grandest days in Georgia collegiate football history. Tech wins its sixth straight and Grant Field hasn't been that full of life in years.

That old house on North Avenue literally trembled with delight when Eddie Lee Ivery scored the Yellow Jackets' winning touchdown.

And Georgia's drive to the Rex Robinson field goal in the final moments was a classic profile in sporting courage. Georgia is only two victories - Florida and Auburn - away from another SEC championship and a trip to the Sugar Bowl. That is astounding when you consider that in the pre-season, the Bulldogs bore a strong resemblance to Vanderbilt.

I am almost frightened to consider the ramifications of a Falcons' victory over the Rams Monday night at the stadium. If the clinkers win, close the schools and banks and I demand a parade.

There was one other hero Saturday besides the Eddie Lee Iverys, the Willie McClendons, and the Rex Robinsons. He is a fiftyish fellow from Minnesota.

He worked in Wyoming for a time, and then spent years and years in Nashville. He moved to Atlanta only a few months ago, but he is one of us now.

"The traffic here," he says, "is murder."

Larry Munson has been broadcasting Georgia football games for thirteen years. Saturday night was his finest hour. His description of the closing moments of the Georgia-Kentucky game, said a man listening with me, "is Bobby Thomson's home run against the Dodgers all over again."

It was so good, the Sunday paper reprinted Munson's call of the winning Georgia field goal word-for-word.

"It's set down, it looks good - watch it! YEAH! YEAH! YEAH! YEAH! Three seconds left! Rex Robinson put 'em ahead, 17-16!"

It was so good, Dorsey Hill said, "listening to Larry Munson was better than being there."

Frame that one, Larry. There is no higher praise.

--Lewis Grizzard

Larry Munson Retires has the announcement

You're the man, Larry. You're the man.

This season is for you and our victory over Bama will be in your honor.

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Week 4: Impressions and Ramblings

AJ Green is scary good, enough said.

Week 4 of the 2008 college football season has passed and for once Georgia didn't lose votes in the polls. Here are my thoughts from this weekend.
Destruction in the Desert
- Now that is the Georgia Bulldogs team that was preseason #1. The defense was dominant and the offense was clicking. We made Erickson and the boys in gold look pretty bad. I was disappointed in the clear Pac-10 preference that was afforded by the referees, my god they were trying to Give ASU every break while calling nothing in our favor (they missed at least 3 blatant holds). In my Friday preview, I was pretty close on a couple of things: Margin of victory (I predicted 15 points (38-23), at least 6 catches for AJ, and big rushing numbers for Knowshon, especially in the second half). Overall, a great game.
- AJ Green is out of his mind good. There's so much I could say, but Dr. Saturday says it best.
- Knowshon continues to make amazing plays every week. Right now, I don't see any way he is not in New York at the Downtown Athletic Club in December. Another solid day from Stafford as well, as he continues to show the maturity of a third year starter.
Knowshon doing his best Touchdown Jesus pose.
- The defense is better than a lot of people think. When you only allow 4 rushing yards, you're doing something right. It took Rudy Carpenter almost 40 throws to get over 200 yards, so even the much maligned pass defense played well. Willie did a good job of utilizing the blitz this game and it really worked.

Didn't mention last week that Rennie Curran is a beast.

- Alabama is coming to Athens next week for a prime time show down on the World Wide Leader. They have announced College Game Day will finally make its return to Athens (after nearly 10 years). If Nick Saban had his game plan to shut down Knowshon and stop our offense, the emergence of AJ Green this week has totally blown those plans out of the water. John Parker Wilson only had about 100 yards passing in their win over Arkansas, but there is not way they knock off the Dawgs with a non-existent passing game. It's gonna be one hell of a match up between the hedges!

- I said after week 1 that I was impressed the Buffaloes and after they knocked off West Virginia, I see them as a dark horse contender for the Big XII North title. Missouri watch out, the balanced attack of Cody Hawkins and Rodney Stewart are coming to crush your perfect season.

Alabama and Georgia Tech Win Big
- Are Bama and the North avenue Trade School really that good, or are Arkansas and Mississippi State really that bad?

If Mississippi State can pull a Knowshon on you, are you really that good?

Florida/ Tennessee
- Tennesse is a train wreck. The failure to score multiple times from inside the 5 with their veteran offensive line is pathetic. How many Georgia fans had memories of the 2003 game in Knoxville come to mind when Crompton fumbled at the 2?
- Once again, Urban Liar has Tebow in the game with minutes left of a blow out. On a third down. Tebow rolled right and got drilled by a Vol linebacker. One of these days Urban, you're gonna get your boy hurt and you'll have no one to blame but yourself.

Wake Forest and Vandy
- Wake Forest is the best team in the ACC and Vanderbilt is ranked. What bizarro world am I in?
Since when do smart kids know how to play football?

Notre Dame
- So I was wrong. They suck.

In conclusion...
It was a great week for the Dogs and college football. There's gonna be a hell of a fight at Sanford next Saturday. Get your tickets and I'll see ya there! Go Dawgs!

The Dawgs bring the Heat

Bring on Georgia, huh? You're gonna hate the real heat in Athens next fall!

Photo courtesy of the AJC