Saturday, December 18, 2010

80's Music Video of the Week - Starship

Just because I felt like giving you what is arguably the worst song ever written, but one of the best 80's videos you will find. Maximum cheeseness. Just blatant overuse of blue screens, bad graphics, mullets galore (and literally every type of mullet), being in fucking space!, and there's just too much to name.

Here is Starship's, "We Built This City."

The youtube title is wrong, the group was called Starship at this point because of legal issues.

Friday, December 17, 2010

It's Getting Better

Let's face it, 2010 has not been a kind year to the Georgia Bulldogs. Damon Evans, arrests, AJ Green selling a jersey, and a 6-6 record have all tarnished what was a pretty good image for the Dawgs. But in recent weeks, some events have taken place that have given some hope that things are turning around up in Athens. Instead of talking about the problems, I wanted to point out some of the good things that are happening, both on and off the field.

- Continued dominance of Georgia Tech

The victory over Tech may have been ugly, but the Dawgs still found a way to get it done. Can you imagine how enraged the fans would be if we had lost? The men's basketball team followed it up with a victory over the Jackets just a few weeks later. While our programs may not be at the top, they are still better than Tech's.

- Changing the schedule to play Boise State to open 2011

While I still don't think this was the best idea in the world, it does provide an opportunity for the Dawgs to rebuild their national reputation. A win over the Brancos to open the season may be what the Dawgs need to get back on track. Plus, a national television audience will certainly help recruiting both this year and next year.

- Consistency at the Coaching position

Some people would like to see Mike Bobo and even Mark Richt let go. But with other teams (like Florida) in a coaching flux, keeping a consistent staff can only help the Dawgs going into next fall. Plus, its not like Bobo is making $1.2 million to be a coordinator.

- Aron White speaks at graduation

Tight end Aron White was chosen as the lone student speaker for the fall 2010 graduation ceremonies. He applied for the position just like a regular student would and was picked by a board of his peers. He wanted to take the opportunity to show something good for the football team after a tough year of off the field issues. Aron White may have not had a great season on the field, but he certainly had a great year off it.

- Georgia players help an accident victim

Yesterday, Washaun Ealey and Mike Gilliard ran to check on the driver of a bus that hydroplaned off the road. The bus driver ended up being okay, and while this may not seem like a big deal, it will do wonders for Georgia's image. After so many off the field incidents with football players (including the arrest of Ealey back in September), it is great to see some good press. Hopefully, we will see more of these types of stories in the future.

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Muschamp took the Florida job...get over it

When I heard the news that Will Muschamp would be the new head coach of the University of Florida, I was shocked. Not because Florida had hired a Georgia grad who was the coach in waiting at Texas, but because Jeremy Foley hired a coach with no previous head coaching experience to lead one of the most successful programs in the country.

Florida has been a national power in college football over the last 20 years. That began with the hiring of Steve Spurrier, who was a Florida graduate. However, Spurrier was experienced having coached in the USFL before helping lead Duke University to a share of the ACC Championship in 1989. After Spurrier's run, the Gators promoted assistant Ron Zook, who had no previous head coaching experience. The Gators struggled over the next 3 seasons and Zook was fired. This time, the Gators went back to their old formula, finding a young but experienced coach to come in. Urban Meyer had been coach at Bowling Green and later Utah, who he lead to a BCS bowl victory over Pittsburgh. Meyer would win two national championships over the next six seasons.

But the hiring of Muschamp goes against the method that has brought the Gators success. Does that mean that Muschamp will be a bust like Zook? Certainly not. But before Dawg fans freak out about Florida hiring the man who many considered to be a future Georgia coach, let's see how he performs.

As a Georgia fan, it always hurts to see one of your own join the enemy. But the anger that some have expressed towards Muschamp in recent days is ridiculous. The head coaching position at a major university is the pinnacle for any collegiate coach. Will Muschamp has been given the opportunity to take over a program that is less than two years away from its last national title. Anyone who says they would turn down this offer (and the $2.7 million starting salary) because they root for another school is an idiot.

I certainly do not want to see Muschamp continue the success of Urban Meyer and it will be painful to watch him wear the blue and orange. But does it mean I want to disown him as a member of the Bulldog Nation? No. He has been given an amazing opportunity and I wish him the best, just as long as that means a loss to the Dawgs in Jacksonville each fall. Will Muschamp is the new coach of the Florida Gators, not the Georgia Bulldogs, and I am perfectly happy with that.

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Streit's Bowl Picks '11

It’s hard to believe, but the 2010-2011 Bowl Season kicks off this Saturday with three games. While we don’t planning on running our own contest through the site this year, I will be participating in ESPN’s Bowl Mania. I am a part of Bernie’s group for straight picks and the general public for confidence picks. Here are my picks for all the bowl games, ranked from my most confident pick to my least confident pick:

35. Fiesta Bowl – Oklahoma over Uconn

UConn in the BCS is just sad. Oklahoma is playing well and has momentum after beating Nebraska in the Big XII Championship. Boomer Sooner

34. Capital One Bowl – Alabama over Michigan State

Michigan State struggled to beat Notre Dame. Alabama was preseason #1 and lost to Auburn by 1 point. Roll Tide.
33. New Mexico Bowl – BYU over UTEP

BYU always seems to play well in bowls. The Cougars will go independent next year and this will be their final gift to the Mountain West Conference.

32. Liberty Bowl – Georgia over UCF

I’ll have a full preview for this game later. Needless to say, AJ Green’s last game will be a big one. GO DAWGS!!!

31. Hawai’i Bowl – Hawaii over Tulsa

Hawaii has 10 wins and they are essentially playing at home. They might throw for 700 yards against a bad Tulsa D. Warriors do the HaKa dance all night long.

30. Ticket City Bowl – Texas Tech over Northwestern

Northwestern is missing their quarterback, who was their offense. Tommy Tubberville will have the Raiders ready to win. Guns up!

29. Las Vegas Bowl – Boise State over Utah

Those missed field goals cost Boise nearly $12 million. Utah got invited to the Pac 10 instead of the Broncos. They will be pissed. Kellen Moore goes crazy, Broncos win.

28. Holiday Bowl – Nebraska over Washington

Wow, this is a mismatch. 6-6 Washington against a Nebraska squad that lost 3 games by a total of 13 points. Taylor Martinez will be healthy, the Huskers roll the Huskies.

27. Armed Forces Bowl – SMU over Army

“Pony Excess” was awesome. I love SMU, I wish they would have won C-USA so they could have played the Dawgs. June Jones’ offense against the US Military Academy – no contest. Pony up!

26. Champs Sports Bowl – West Virginia over NC State

Russell Wilson is fun to watch, but West Virginia really should be in the BCS playing Oklahoma. Bill Stewart may get fired, but the Mountaineers send him out with a victory. Couches of Morgantown, prepare to burn.

25. BBVA Compass Bowl – Pitt over Kentucky

Kentucky could not beat the worst Tennessee team in years and now their quarterback is suspended. Even without the Wanstache, the Panthers beat down the ‘Cats.

24. Insight Bowl – Missouri over Iowa

This is an interesting matchup. So much was expected of Iowa, but they finished 7-5. Blaine Gabbert is pretty awesome, so I’m picking Mizzou.

23. Military Bowl – Maryland over East Carolina

Maryland impressed me this season. East Carolina, not so much. Turtles win.

22. Outback Bowl – Florida over Penn State

Urban Meyer’s last game will not end with a loss to a Big Ten team starting a walk-on at quarterback. The torch is passed to Muschamp with a big win in Tampa.

21. Poinsettia Bowl – San Diego State over Navy

The Aztecs have already seen the triple option this season, defeating Air Force back in October. While they have four losses, all of them have been by 5 points or less (and the 5 point loss was to
#3 TCU). If the Navy run game can’t get going early, this may be a blow out.

20. Texas Bowl – Baylor over Illinois

I love Illinois running back Mikel Leshoure and Baylor QB Robert Griffin. They are exciting players whenever they touch the ball. Baylor wins with defense.

19. Alamo Bowl – Oklahoma State over Arizona

At times this year, I thought Arizona was really good. But the loss to Arizona State confirmed they really are not very good. Oklahoma State is better this year than they were in 2009. Justin Blackmon and Kendall Hunter lead the Pokes to the W.

18. Pinstripe Bowl – Kansas State vs. Syracuse

Syracuse is bowl eligible? Playing in Yankee Stadium in December will suck. K-State beat Texas without throwing a pass after the first quarter earlier this year. They will beat an Orange team that plays its home games in a dome running it over and over again.

17. Bowl – Miami (OH) over Middle Tennessee

Don’t know too much about these teams, but I know the Red Hawks had Florida on the ropes to open the season. Plus my cousin went to school there, so I am taking Miami.

16. Gator Bowl

Dan Mullen is still the coach, right? Okay. Michigan has no defense and MSU will wear them down in the second half. Taking the West Bulldogs to get the win.

15. Sun Bowl – Miami (FL) over Notre Dame
Miami doesn’t have a coach, but it won’t matter. Brian Kelly is a good coach, but injuries have killed his team. It’s all about da U!

14. Cotton Bowl – LSU over Texas A&M

The fact that this LSU team went 10-2 is amazing. They looked so bad sometimes. But their defense is awesome and the Mad Hatter is the luckiest man alive. A&M certainly improved since Georgia saw them in the Independence Bowl, but not enough to beat the Bayou Bengals.

13. St. Petersburg Bowl – Louisville over Southern Miss

Southern Miss looked bad on the opening the night of the season, letting some freshman named Marcus Lattimore run all over them. For that reason, I am going with the Cardinals. Plus, I think Charlie Strong is a good coach who will get things turned around in the Bluegrass State.

12. Humanitarian Bowl – Fresno State over Northern Illinois

They always talk about Fresno State being willing to take on any team. I want to see them step up and beat a team they should crush. Northern Illinois is playing well, but I think the Fresno Dogs get it done.

11. Chick-Fil-A Bowl – South Carolina over Florida State

What a great match up? The losers of the SEC and ACC championships meeting in Atlanta is awesome. Can Spurrier get the troops up for another trip to the destruction that was the SEC Championship? The game rides on the legs of Lattimore.

10. New Orleans Bowl – Troy over Ohio

Who cares? I’m taking the school with the cooler mascot.

9. Car Care Bowl – Clemson over South Florida

Kyle Parker has one final game to prove himself before he leaves for baseball. I think he will get the job done. Skip Holtz’s club could not beat UConn to close the season, I see no reason they will beat the Tigers.

8. Rose Bowl – Wisconsin over TCU

TCU has been solid all season and is a great football team, but Wisconsin has just been steamrolling teams. They won’t score 50 or even 40, but I don’t see TCU being able to do enough to beat the Badgers.

7. Little Caesar’s Bowl – Florida International over Toledo

Another bowl I have absolutely no interest in. FIU gets in fights in the OB, Toledo doesn’t, so they win.

6. Orange Bowl – Stanford over Virginia Tech

This may be one of the best games of the bowl season. Since losing to James Madison, Virginia Tech has been unstoppable. Tyrod Taylor has grown into a great passing quarterback (adding to his running ability). Stanford has the most talented player (Andrew Luck) and a great coach.
This one will be close. Stanford has a tree for a mascot, Va Tech has a turkey. Stanford wins.

5. Music City Bowl – Tennessee over North Carolina

Tennessee had to win its last four games just to make a bowl. They have a found their QB in Tyler Bray. North Carolina lost too many players and never lived up to expectations. Another winning season on Rocky Top.

4. Sugar Bowl – Ohio State over Arkansas

Can Ohio State finally beat an SEC school? I think they have the players to do it. Arkansas is awesome now that they have a running game. Should be a fun night down on Bourbon Street!

3. Independence Bowl – Georgia Tech over Air Force

In what may be the fastest game ever played, I think Tech wins the battle of the option offenses. If Nesbitt comes back, then Tech should definitely get the victory.

2. BCS National Championship – Auburn over Oregon

Both teams score like crazy. But no one is stopping Cam Newton right now. Auburn wins, but this one will be a back and forth battle.

1. Nevada Bowl – Nevada over Boston College

Didn’t Nevada just beat Boise State? Yes. Isn’t Boston College only 7-5? Yes. Then why do I have no confidence in this game? BC’s defense has been playing well and should be able to shut down Nevada’s pistol attack…or they score all over the place and it’s a blowout. I have no clue who to pick, so this game earns the #1 spot.

So those are my picks. Debate.

Monday, December 13, 2010

Team of the Decade: What the Fans Got Wrong

During the Annual Football Gala on Saturday, the "Team of the Decade 2001 - 2010" was announced. The team was voted on by fans through (see the full results here). And while the Dawg fans got most of the obvious players (David Pollack at DE, Knowshon Moreno at HB) right, there were a couple of choices they got wrong.

- Greg Blue over Sean Jones at Strong Safety

Yes, Greg Blue was a fantastic player who was named an All-American. He made a number of amazing hits that can still be seen in Georgia highlight packages today. But picking Blue over Sean Jones is a mistake. In addition to his cover skills, Jones was also a key contributor on special teams. Georgia does not beat Auburn in 2002 without Jones.

- Mohamed Massaquoi over Terrence Edwards at Wide Receiver

Lots of Georgia fans try to remember Edwards for the drop in the Florida game in 2002 rather than remembering his whole career as one of the best in SEC history. Edwards was the SEC's all-time leading in receiving when his career ended. MoMass was a great Dawg for four seasons, but like Edwards, had issues with drops during his career as well. Both great players, but it is hard to leave the SEC's (one-time) leading receiver off the list.

- Blair Walsh over Billy Bennett at Kicker

Seriously? Walsh has been great, don't get me wrong. But Billy Bennett set the NCAA record for career points. People forget that even during the success of the early 2000's, Georgia often had problems scoring TDs in the red zone. But with Billy back there, we almost always came away with points.