Friday, August 12, 2011

The Countdown 2011: 22 Days to Go

10 Things I Already Hate About This Season

The season is still 3 weeks away, but I am noticing some trends that are just annoying. Here are my top ten things I already hate about the 2011 season.

1. People (especially when it is Georgia fans) calling Richard Samuel the incorrect name of Richard Samuels. Come on people! This is your team, how hard is it to actually know their correct names.

2. The Longhorn Network. If Texas becomes independent in the next few years, they may very well become as annoying as Notre Dame.

3. Coverage of USC football like they are still a powerhouse. They are still ineligible for bowls and the new Pac-12 Championship game, they have a bad head coach who does not have any history of winning, suffered through major attrition, yet still, ESPN treats them like a top 10 team. Give some press to schools who have gotten better in recent years like Oklahoma State or a team that actually has a chance to win the Pac 12 like Arizona State. I'm not saying they won't be a great team again someday, but right now, they are paying for being cheaters.

4. Recruiters, recruiting services, and recruiting violations. Is it really necessary to put Georgia on the front page of for self reporting a violation when coach McClendon accidentally called a player who shared the last name with a friend? We all know recruiting is a shady business, it has been for years. But it is a lot cleaner now than it used to be. I especially hate the holier than though fans from other conference who like to rag on the SEC. Give it a rest.

5. Is Coach Richt on the hot set??? If you are a coach a program that is used to winning between 9 and 11 games every year and suddenly you have 3 consecutive years where you fail to reach that goal, then most likely you are going to get fired. It is the same in the business world. The question doesn't need to be asked anymore.

6. Aaron Murray's stats were inflated by having AJ Green to throw to. Yes, Green was an amazing receiver who helped Murray out, but AJ missed four games. Aaron Murray had one of the best statistical season by a Georgia quarterback ever, not just for a freshman. One player does not make that much of a difference. Matt Stafford had Massaquoi, Green, and Knowshon in the backfield, and barely had better numbers than Murray last year.

7. Poor Ohio State. Seriously, they brought it all on themselves. I certainly hope the NCAA drops the hammer on them like they did on USC.

8. Florida State suddenly being cocky again. One 10-4 season and a bowl win over an SEC school sure has made FSU fans think the 90's are back. They have to get past Oklahoma first. And then win an ACC Championship (shouldn't be too hard to do).

9. Auburn and the trees...well, really anything related to Alabama and Auburn fans being idiots. Driving to my wife's family reunion, I listened to the Paul Finebaum show for the first time in my life. Good God, the people who call into that show are idiots. This year, I feel like it will be a competition over who has the better sob story: Auburn and the Trees or Alabama and the tornado. Clearly, Alabama has suffered the far greater tragedy. But don't tell that to the Barners.

10. The college football playoff debate. It will never end until there is a playoff. You can argue forever, but the BCS is in place and it will determine the National Champion. Suck it up and quit complaining.