Friday, September 17, 2010

80's Music Video of the Week - Rick Astley

Thanks to the rick-rolling phenomenon, Rick Astley has become a household name again.

However, too many people forget that Astley was not a one hit wonder, for the man had four Top 10 hits in the U.S. Two of those were #1 hits, including this weeks gem, "Together Forever."

Talk about 80's, this video has it all. Those great neon 80's color schemes, music that sounds like all his other songs, turtlenecks with sport coats, blondes dancing in the background, and it has Rick Astley! You can't get more 80's than that.

Thursday, September 16, 2010

3rd Annual BNE Pick 'Em: Week 2

I have to say, everyone did pretty good last week. With the exception of the Techs losing (Va and Ga), most everyone had a winning record for the week. Don't forget to have your pick in by this afternoon. This week features some good match ups between GaTech and UNC, UGA and Arky-saw, OU and Air Force, BYU and FSU, Texas and Texas Tech and the game of the week, Clemson vs. Auburn.

Speaking of Auburn, there have been rumors floating around the blogosphere of a total "Blue Out" at Jordan-Hare Saturday night to combat the all-orange uniforms of Auburn By the Lake. Specifically, a photo of a very authentic-looking Under Armour helmet in navy blue has popped up, leading to rampant speculation of the Tigers wearing all blue, from the rumored helmet down to the pants, much like UGA has done for their "black out" games.

I'm all for having the stadium decked out in blue and I appreciate the jolt a new look can bring, but Auburn has one of the best looking uniforms in college football and its a classic look that should not be messed with. Making a uniform switch can bring you luck; look at Notre Dame and their green jerseys. On the other hand, making a switch from tradition can bring you bad luck; look at Notre Dame and their green jerseys. While the black uniforms for UGA worked in 07 and for the Sugar Bowl, making a huge statement and pumping up the fans, using it too often can result in an embarrassing black eye...

First UGA, then VaTech, then Texas Tech and now we might see Auburn making a switch? Come on folks, let's leave the uniform gimmicks to the experts over at Oregon...

For the BNE Pick 'Em Top 5, we'll be presenting the top performers of the week and the overall standing. So without further delay...
  1. AUMav's Picks with 237 points and a 20-2 record. Yeah, suck it bitches!
  2. allyugadawg with 225 points going 17-5
  3. BLACKOUT (18-4), woof woof (16-6), G.D. (17-5), and Dawgfan17 (20-2) all with 221 points
  4. WarriorDawg (16-6) & FelonWaites (18-4) with 220 points
  5. and finally, Dawgsman81with 219 and an 18-4 record
Overall leaders:
  1. woof woof: 566 and 37-12 
  2. Dawgsman81: 561 and 39-10
  3. G.D.: 560 and 38-11
  4. AUMav's Picks: 557 and 40-9
  5. HayDuke: 554 and 39-10
And now for out Bottom Feeder of the Week, sponsored by my favorite time-wasting website, Once again, BFotW will throw out those who did not make picks and those who seemingly don't understand how to make a pick. So, with this in mind, this week's Bottom Feeder of the Week is LostinAlabama with a whopping 95 points. The entire group managed to average 436 points, but you couldn't break 100? 11-11 for the week picking Vandy over LSU, Tennessee over Oregon and Penn State over Bama, and with such high confidence? Come on now, I thought we went over how to make picks when our friends from last weeks BFotW helped us with counting. You know what, I'm a sport. I'm willing to forget this whole mess. In fact, I even got you a cookie cake from our sponsor, to show there's no hard feelings and to help you enjoy your football Saturday...
Oh lord, the horror, the laziness, the blue icing...just don't hold it in front of your crotch and take a photo...

Get your picks in by the end of the day on Friday. Saturday morning, get up early and look for me and my lovely wife on ESPN's College GameDay, built by The Home Depot. Maybe if I'm lucky I can wrangle my way onto the set and meet up with Fowler, Howard, Corso and Herbstreit.


When we last met: Arkansas Edition

Georgia host Arkansas this weekend in a crucial game if Georgia wants to get back to the 10 win plateau. Last fall, the Dawgs travelled to Fayetteville in a rather similar situation. Georgia was 1-1 after looking sluggish in season opening loss to Oklahoma State and winning a shootout at home against South Carolina. Here is what the folks at College Gameday thought going into that game:

Georgia's "struggling, conservative" offense went out and defeated a high-powered Hogs squad, 52-41:

Georgia, coming off a tough road loss in Columbia, will now face an Arkansas squad that opened the season with two cupcakes on the schedule. The question once again is whether the Georgia defense can step up and force Ryan Mallett to make mistakes. While I don't expect another almost 100 point shootout, I sure hope the results are the same.

SEC Preview: Sept. 18

Alabama @ Duke
Line: Alabama -24
The defending champs in football. The defending champs in basketball. Unfortunately for the boys from Durham, they’re playin’ with the pigskin on Saturday. And Duke thought it was tough playing Butler in its basketball-crazy hometown of Indy. Coach K, this is what a real rockstar head coach looks like. Roll Tide 41-10.

Clemson @ Auburn
Line: Auburn -7.5
In the words of Lewis Grizzard, Clemson is just Auburn with a lake, and they’ll be seeking some extra hydration as the Plainsmen spread ‘em out and run ‘em. Cam Newton looks for real and Howard’s Rock is coached by a man named Dabo. But baseball great Kyle Parker (why would you ever return to Clemson?) will keep the ACC Tigers close as Auburn wears out its own defense again by either scoring quickly or going three-and-out. Tigers/Plainsmen/War Eagles don’t cover, but push the SEC’s record to 2-0 against the ACC this week. Identity Crisis 30-24.

Miss. State @ LSU
Line: LSU -8
The Bayou Bengals turned away the Western Bulldogs at the goal line last year to avoid cowbells ringing in their ears for 365 days. Jefferson and Lee continue to battle it out for most ineptness as LSU’s quarterback. State is better coached, but LSU is more talented and at home. Mike the Tiger 24-17.

Vanderbilt @ Ole Miss
Line: Ole Miss -12
Ole Miss seeks to run its record to 2-1 in games it’s favored by double digits in. Good luck to Georgia State versus Jacksonville State this week, they’ll need it. But back to the SEC as Robbie Caldwell looks to out motivate Houston Nutt in the respective pre-game locker room speeches. Ultimately though, Ole Miss is in the people-helping bidness, and it’ll pay off as Masoli leads the fightin’ Ackbars to their first home victory. Play Dixie in the Grove Again 23-10.

Florida @ Tennessee
Line: Florida -14
Remember when Tennessee actually kept this game somewhat close? Urban still hasn’t lost to the Vols and he isn’t about to this year. Of course, if Smoky was good this year, speedy Chris Rainey wouldn’t be missing from the team this weekend. It’s not good to be Chris Rainey anymore. But even speedier Jeff Demps will be there flying down the sideline when the Gators need him to be. Florida rights its offense. Blue, Orange 37-14.

Akron @ Kentucky
Line: Kentucky -24.5
The Joker Phillips era continues on its smooth path, and Rich Brooks still approves. Cats 40-16.

Furman @ South Carolina
Line: Furman’s a I-AA School
Damn you, Marcus Lattimore. The Cocks move to 3-0, and buy up tickets to the Georgia Dome for early December that they’ll have to sell in early November.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Weekend Garbage

Because there is always something to complain about:


If you happened to not catch the UGA-Cocks game on television, then you missed out on a bloody assault that could only remotely be considered legitimate broadcasting. Things got started off right with absolute silence coming from Bob Davie and Mark Jones during kickoff, with a total of 60+ seconds of silence. This amount of broadcasting silence occurred at least one additional time in the broadcast.

Was this unprofessional? Potentially. Was it a technical glitch? Possible, except it occurred too many times in the game.

Was it actually a relief to just hear the sounds of the game, rather than a couple imbeciles talk about everything but what's actually happening on the field? MY GOD YOU HAVE NO IDEA HOW EJACULATORY AMAZING IT WAS!


If you know me (which you probably don't), you know that I am no fan of Craig James.

This season, ESPN has decided to torture us by combining the raw and awesome powers of MIKE "Britney Spears" PATRICK and CRAIG JAMES into what has to be the most vicious mindfuck anyone could conjure up to torture college football fans.

They say evil doesn't have a face. They're sooooo wrong.

Hey, you know that Ron Franklin guy? Let's make sure he's on the 10:00a.m. coverage of the All Male Private College Your Grand-Dad Went To vs. The Program That Will Hopefully Still Exist By December.

You thought Thursday night with Jesse Palmer and ol' Craig were bad? Nope, you were wrong about that.

Someone at ESPN is just messing with all of us now, and to them, I'd have to say...touche. You have really upped the ante this time.


Michigan loses to Appy State? That's nothin'! Oklahoma gets beat by Boise and their 1937 Statute of Liberty Play? Such a defeat is for amateurs who know nothing about degrading losses.

To be a real professional in the art of public embarrassment, you have to lose to the smurf turf and a I-AA school in the same season, and you get the MVP if you do it in BACK TO BACK weeks!

Enter Virgina Tech, who recently handed over their man card after being shamed by James Madison University, a former I-AA champion.

Thank the Lawd! for that weak ass ACC, because the Hokey Pokey Dancers are looking at an 0-12 season and the kind of shame that never, ever goes away. Doesn't matter how hard you scrub, it ain't goin' nowhere!


Last Week, North Dakota State (I-AA) defeats Kansas. This week, South Dakota defeats Minnesota. It was only in 2007 that Minnesota lost to North Dakota State. So for Minnesota, this is their second DAKOTA FAIL.

The Dakotas are on the rise and aren't taking your shit anymore, Big 12(?) and 11. They've beaten both of you and are setting their eyes on a 2 for 1 punch.

Mark your calendars now, on September 25 South Dakota State visits Nebraska for what can only be the Jackrabbits rise to the top of the Dakota hierarchy.

These things come in threes, so you better watch out Bo.

You're about to get invaded from the north, by South Dakota State. That's directionally confusing.

Lots of things to say, just not the right words to say them

It has now been a few days since the loss in Columbia, but I am still not sure how I feel about the game. While disappointed in the loss, there were some positives that I think Georgia can really build on through this season. Is this year going to end with a trip to Atlanta, probably not. But have I given up hope of a 9-3 season and a New Year's day bowl appearance? No.

The Bulldogs face a major challenge at home on Saturday with the high powered offense of Arkansas coming to town. As we saw first hand last year, Ryan Mallett and his stable of receivers can put up a lot of points. Arkansas has good, not great numbers, through its first two games after playing cupcakes in both contests. Georgia, on the other hand, played a tough conference road game that was within a single touchdown until late in the fourth quarter.

As shaky as the tackling was last week, I think our defense is definitely better than what Arkansas brings to the table. Justin Houston continues to be one of the most impressive looking players in the SEC and if we get pressure on Mallett, he will make some bad throws. On offense, I hope that the coaching staff has realized it cannot continue hold Murray back and expect to score many points. South Carolina loaded the box on Georgia and without the threat of deep passes, they forced the Dogs into 4 three and outs.

Vegas has us favored to win on Saturday, and right now I seem to agree. A Georgia victory on Saturday will be to turning this season around quickly. I just hope the team is ready, or else the trips to Starkville and Boulder may be a lot tougher (and more important) than we thought.