Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Lots of things to say, just not the right words to say them

It has now been a few days since the loss in Columbia, but I am still not sure how I feel about the game. While disappointed in the loss, there were some positives that I think Georgia can really build on through this season. Is this year going to end with a trip to Atlanta, probably not. But have I given up hope of a 9-3 season and a New Year's day bowl appearance? No.

The Bulldogs face a major challenge at home on Saturday with the high powered offense of Arkansas coming to town. As we saw first hand last year, Ryan Mallett and his stable of receivers can put up a lot of points. Arkansas has good, not great numbers, through its first two games after playing cupcakes in both contests. Georgia, on the other hand, played a tough conference road game that was within a single touchdown until late in the fourth quarter.

As shaky as the tackling was last week, I think our defense is definitely better than what Arkansas brings to the table. Justin Houston continues to be one of the most impressive looking players in the SEC and if we get pressure on Mallett, he will make some bad throws. On offense, I hope that the coaching staff has realized it cannot continue hold Murray back and expect to score many points. South Carolina loaded the box on Georgia and without the threat of deep passes, they forced the Dogs into 4 three and outs.

Vegas has us favored to win on Saturday, and right now I seem to agree. A Georgia victory on Saturday will be to turning this season around quickly. I just hope the team is ready, or else the trips to Starkville and Boulder may be a lot tougher (and more important) than we thought.

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ARkansas 28

UGA 17