Friday, October 24, 2008

TOUR de Gulf Coast 2008

Our good friend C-Matt and I will be embarking on THE road trip of road trips, especially if you're a Dawg.

We will be traveling to New Orleans and Baton Rouge this weekend. Come Sunday, we will not be heading back to the ATL. Nope, we will stay in NOLA until Monday and then we're going straight down I-10 to Floriduh! We will be hopping around different places on our slash and burn campaign of America's worst state, and finally arrive in Jaaksawnville on Thursday.

We will be chased by rabid cajuns, probably kill some gators in some swamps, and hopefully not be chased out of Tallahassee faster than Ted Bundy.

If you are also stupid enough to use your vacation on the Tour de Gulf Coast 2008, then we'll see ya on I-10.


SEC Weekend Games of Interest: 10/25/2008

Kentucky-Florida: The Daves will be in Gainesville this weekend covering the Gators game before the WLOCP in Jax. Thank God it’s not an off week for the Gators. The pundits seem to think that the Gators will romp in this one. Florida definitely hit its stride against LSU a couple of weeks ago, but Kentucky’s not to be overlooked. Florida will handle its business in the 12:30 time slot, but I’m interested to see how the Gators do it. They will certainly be looking forward to the Cocktail Party, probably thinking of just how Trinton’s going to dance all over them again with only one good ACL.

Florida 35 Kentucky 13

Ole Miss-Arkansas: This game should be mandated viewing, but it’s not on mainstream television. Houston Nutt travels back to Fayetteville. How is that not on television? I realize the records aren’t good, but come on…

Look for Houston to bring along his new, young Mississippi television reporter to the game. She’s hotter because she’s from Oxford. Not a surprise to the Arkansas faithful, though. They’ve already read all of the text messages between the two.

The critical question: How does "crazier than a sack full of weasels" handle a weasel?

Pretty well, I say. Look for Ole Miss to dominate this game. Ole Miss is the better team and Houston will want to send Arkansas back to its SWC days. Unfortunately, after the victory, Houston will walk into the wrong locker room and mistakenly address the Razorbacks. No worries, though, because Petrino will already be gone for the 49ers job.

Ole Miss 38 Arkansas 17

Awkward post-game speech to the Razorbacks...

The Third Saturday in October: Alabama and Tennessee. The Third Saturday in October. Being played on the fourth Saturday in October. Again. I swear that I don’t remember if Alabama and Tennessee ever played on the third Saturday in October. It’s kind of like CBS not calling Georgia-Florida the World’s Largest Outdoor Cocktail Party…oh, wait a minute…

Alabama and Tennessee hate each other. Other SEC schools pretend to hate each other. Alabama fans will never forget Fulmer and Tennessee turning Alabama in to NCAA officials for rules violations. Never. Alabama wasn’t relevant for a long time because of it. Now, the Tide is back, probably complaining that a #2 ranking isn’t high enough. Tennessee, on the other hand, shot its foot off early in the season and then began working on its hand.

Tennessee seems to have found a quarterback it can rely on in Nick Stephens, though. While not the most spectacular, he doesn’t make the giant mistakes that Jonathan Crompton made. For the Tide, John Parker Wilson ripped apart the Vols last season. His confidence should be high heading into Knoxville. On paper, Alabama should roll. But, the Tide has had trouble closing teams out this year. I’ll be interested to see how Bama responds when Tennessee takes an early lead and the crowd gets into it. The Vols will be ready to play. The game will be close the entire way. In the end, take the home team in overtime. Fulmer saves his job again much to the pleasure of the rest of the SEC.

But, no need to worry for Tide fans because Alabama will beat an over-pumped LSU team in Baton Rouge. The Tide always plays well in Baton Rouge. And Alabama will hammer Auburn. Auburn might want to think about just not playing a quarterback from here on out. Look for Alabama right back in the national title hunt in the Dome, facing either the Dawgs or the Gators. The Eastern team will be alive and well in the national title hunt too.

Tennessee 23 Alabama 20 (OT)

Dawg Barkin' Chasin' Down a Hoodoo There

The title of this post comes from a line in CCR’s “Born on the Bayou.” Of course, we’ve taken some liberties with the spelling of “Dawg.” This is a Georgia blog, for God’s sakes, and we all know what Saturday brings, the first trip to Tiger Stadium in 5 years for our Dawgs. One of the most respected, revered, but most importantly, feared stadiums in all of college football, if not the most. This Saturday afternoon, and thankfully not Saturday night, is what college football and the SEC are all about. Unfortunately, I won’t be there, but BNE will be well represented.

Onto the game…

LSU knows how to win. Just look at its game last week against South Carolina. The Gamecocks, as usual, doubted themselves at the end, and LSU, with a little help from the ref tackling, took advantage. The Bayou Bengals are a confident bunch, especially in the friendly, bourbon soaked confines of Red Stick. And they should be, winning 19 of their last 20 home games. Thank you AR-Kansas for that one loss, but we all know that LSU was undefeated in regulation last year, right Les…

The line of scrimmage will play a huge role in this game. It played a huge role in the Alabama game. We all know what happened there. The Dawgs will be starting the same offensive line lineup as in the Vanderbilt game. When was the last time the Dawgs could say that? LSU will throw DE’s Tyson Jackson and Ricky Jean Francois at them and DT Kirston Pittman. This is a veteran group. I expect the LSU front to occupy the Dawgs’ offensive line all day, in turn opening holes for the LSU linebackers to come free on the blitz. Even though Bo Pelini is gone, LSU still plays a similar blitzing, man-to-man defense that we all got used to when Nick Saban was coaching there.

The key will be the Dawgs’ backs picking up the extra man. Fortunately, Georgia is coached well here. And the Dawgs have an advantage on the outside with MoMass and AJ Green against LSU’s CB’s Jai Eugene (#4) and Chris Hawkins. Eugene is a gifted young player, but if Stafford has time, Eugene will have trouble covering MoMass or Green without safety help. The other CB won’t be as good for LSU. Speaking of safeties, LSU’s Harry Coleman (#24), Curtis Taylor (#27) and Chad Jones (#3) are headhunters in the typical LSU safety mold. Taylor is a veteran and Jones was highly recruited. LSU will bring the safety up, especially at the beginning of the game, to help against Georgia’s running attack.

While very good to this point in the season, I don’t know what to expect from Georgia’s running attack. I’m leaning towards the LSU linebackers, but Knowshon is just so good at changing the game on one drive.

On defense, Georgia will a tough time covering the man opposite Asher Allen’s side. It will either be Demetrius Byrd (#2) or Brandon LaFell (#1) depending on who Allen picks up. Both receivers are very good. And Trindon Holliday (#8), the 5’5”, 165-pound waterbug, is tough to catch. A mini Percy Harvin. Terrance Tolliver (#80) is yet another very good LSU wide receiver. He's the big target at 6'5". Only a sophomore, he plays behind Byrd and LaFell.

Georgia is saved here a bit because of LSU’s quarterback situation. Andrew Hatch (#14) will come in to run the option and throw occasionally, while Jarrett Lee (#12) will come in to throw the ball more. But, Lee’s not a huge threat with only 2 touchdown passes in 4 games. Neither quarterback will be the starter when LSU visits Georgia in 2009. That will probably go to Russell Sheppard, a hot shot recruit. Georgia has to take advantage of LSU's inconsistency at quarterback by pressuring and intercepting some footballs. Georgia has been in good position the last two weeks, but has failed to catch the ball, negating the turnover. Georgia’s defensive backs can’t drop the ball this week. When a turnover presents itself, and it will, it has to be made. If not, Georgia doesn’t win.

Even though LSU has a veteran offensive line with players like Herman Johnson and Ciron Black, I fully expect Georgia to slow down LSU’s running game. Georgia has been great at this all year, with the exception of the Alabama game. But, I don’t expect LSU’s coaching staff to maintain the run as much as Alabama’s coaching staff. Georgia’s defensive line should be ready as well as Georgia’s linebackers. Darryl Gamble is going to play a huge role and he is good enough, with help from Rennie Curran, to carry Georgia’s linebackers. Expect Reshad Jones to continue to help on run support from his safety position. He reads the play quickly now and responds like a cheetah. He’s turning into a combination of Sean Jones and Thomas Davis before our eyes.

With LSU’s quarterback problems, they won’t throw many deep balls, if at all. Georgia should creep up a safety all day and roll the other safety over to help the side opposite of Asher Allen.

As good as LSU is on the lines of scrimmage, I expect their lack of quarterback play to extremely affect the outcome of this contest. And to that, I give a slight advantage to the Dawgs.

Georgia 21, LSU 16

It will be a back and forth affair and the place will be very loud for the entirety of the game. A couple of turnovers should give both teams a short field once. Both teams will cash in on their opportunities. But who scores the touchdown and who kicks the field goal? In the end, what’s there not to like about the Dawgs on the road? They are a road team. And Knowshon will have his game changing drive…he’ll have more than one against the Gators…

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Wreck Tech...Wait!?!

An age old rivalry is renewed tonight when "Every Georgia Kid's Fall Back School Since 1856" meets those pesky nerds from the "North Avenue Trade School." That's right, its Auburn versus Georgia Tech tonight. These two have a long standing rivalry that dates back to their days in the SEC together. Auburn students have prepared all week long as they reintegrated their famous "Wreck Tech" week. say Auburn's not playing Tech!?!

I'm sorry, I just assumed that since Auburn was playing on Thursday night that the opponent was Tech. I was preparing myself for ESPN's soliloquy on the Atlanta skyline and how beautiful it looks on Thursday nights from an empty stadium.....Look Pa! You can see the Coke building!

Alas, lets burn some couches instead!!!!!!

As the rest of the BNE crew heads through Mobile on their way to New Orleans today, we would like to remind everyone that West By God Virginia QB Pat White hails from Daphne, Alabama, very close to Mobile. Auburn and Alabama didn't want him as a QB (because he's not one). And we all know how college football players play against their home state teams. Auburn should know very well as it usually specializes in this against Georgia (insert lower Alabama drawl here: 'em Dawgs didn't want you, son. You ain't good enough for 'em Dawgs). Correct: Georgia didn't recruit you because you weren't good enough. I'm sorry that you're from Macon and grew up a Dawgs fan your entire life. There's always Auburn for you. They produce some fine cow pastures.

Now, the shoe is on the other foot...

Auburn wishes it were THIS Pat White. Although, I think the Barn might want to tryout the lady on the right for its QB position. She probably incessantly spells her first name with an "i" too...Right, Kodi....

BulldawgJosh & Bubba's 80's Music Video of the Week

This week, our 80's music video is dedicated to all the insane cajuns out there. Here is Cameo's 1984 song, "Talkin' Out The Side of Your Neck." While Cameo is more well known for their 1986 hit, "Word Up!," this video is truly an 80's visual masterpiece and an interesting format for social and political commentary.

To see why LSU fans love this song so much, check out this clip:

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Streit: The Man, The Myth.... The Married

This week marks a pivotal moment for the Georgia Bulldawgs. Yes, dawg fans and the B'NE squad will make their first trip to Baton Rouge in five years. More importantly, we are able to celebrate the impending nuptials of Streit for the only time in his life and we get to do it in New Orleans. Mark this as Bubba 'N Earl roadtrip #3 for the season.

That's Right, It's a Celebration!

As far a our blog and group of friends goes, Streit is a former Fraternity Brother to some, a former roommate to others, and a dedicated friend to all. We have no worries that he will put this same effort into a great marriage but until that faithful day in November comes, here is to you Streit.

May you break it down in NOLA hardcore:

May you get lost and end up in Mexico (I'm a personal fan of this):

May you come back from Baton Rouge/New Orleans with a UGA victory and a toy:

Most Importantly, May you have a few beers and a good time:

Posting will be light after today with Earl (unfortunately we might add) being the only person in Atlanta holding down the fort. We look forward to having Cajuns yell at us and to making some new friends with the other traveling Georgia Fans. GO DAWGS!

Georgia vs. LSU Memories - 2005

Georgia came into the 2005 SEC Championship ranked #13 in the country and fresh off a 14-7 win over rival Georgia Tech. LSU entered the game ranked #3 and heavily favored to beat the Dawgs for the SEC Championship for the second time in three years. Georgia jumped to a quick 14-0 with a pair of touchdown passes from DJ Shockley to Sean Bailey. After a Tiger touchdown made it 14-7, Georgia blocked a punt deep in LSU territory. DJ Shockley turned in a fantastic 7 yard touchdown run to make the score 21-7 at half.

Georgia continued to dominate in the second half. After knocking out JaMarcus Russell, Tim Jennings ran back a Matt Flynn pass for Georgia's final touchdown. Final score: Georgia 34 LSU 14.

Shockley's MVP performance included 3 touchdowns (2 passing and 1 running)

This will be my last LSU memories post of the week as we are heading to New Orleans tomorrow. Hope to see everyone in Baton Rouge on Saturday.


Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Georgia vs. LSU Memories - 2004

Revenge. How sweet was this game? LSU came to town as defending National Champions and had beaten the Dawgs twice in 2003. We took them to the woodshed. David Greene threw for 5 touchdowns as Georgia rolled to a 45-16 victory.

The video below has all of the highlights. Be sure to look for:

(0:58) - David Pollack adds to his legend with a sack.
(2:28) – Thomas Davis hits then freshman Jacob Hester who fumbles. Hester would not fumble again until late in his senior year in 2007.
(2:45) – David Greene to Reggie Brown for an amazing TD catch.
(4:47) – The LSU kick off returner takes a knee at the 1
(5:10) – Daivd Greene’s 5th touchdown of the day to Sean Bailey.

Monday, October 20, 2008

Georgia vs. LSU Memories - 2003

Georgia and LSU only play in the regular season every few years. The 2003 matchup was the first time I had experienced the Dawgs and LSU playing head to head and it was one of the most disappointing games I have ever seen.

Below are the highlights from that game. The best memory from that game is Tyson Browning's 93 yard touchdown, which can be found at the 1:06 mark. This game jump started LSU's run to the National Championship, but we would get our revenge the next year in Athens.

Week 8: Impressions and Ramblings

Week 8 of the college football season has come and gone. Another Dawg victory, a massacre in the Lone Star state, and a scare for 'Bama are among this week's highlights. Here are my thoughts:

Georgia 24, Vanderbilt 14

- Without Blair Walsh's two missed field goals, my prediction of a 34 - 13 victory for the Dawgs would have been pretty close. Like the UT game last week, this was a game that was close on the scoreboard but not really that close on the field. Georgia once again dominated in yards (425 to 245) and one of Vanderbilt's touchdowns was the result of an interception deep in our own territory. While Georgia failed to put the pesky Commodores away, I had little doubt who would end up with the victory.

- Stafford really loves throwing the ball to AJ Green. Stafford only had 13 completions for the day and 7 of them went to Green. The second half was a struggle for Stafford, which is cause for some concern. There were a couple of occasions where he completely overlooked our tight ends who were wide open. Also, if Stafford would have taken the time to plant his feet, the interception by DJ Moore would have been a touchdown to Massaquoi instead.

You're looking at the SEC Freshman of the year.

- What was the most encouraging thing on Saturday? The play of the Georgia defense. A great defensive game overall kept Vanderbilt from making any big plays (they had 0 plays of more than 20 yards). Game balls go to Darius Dewberry (who had his best game as a Bulldog), Daryl Gamble (who is becoming a very good linebacker), and Asher Allen for the huge hit he laid to make Vandy turn the ball over on downs late in the fourth quarter. The only bad thing I saw out of the Dawgs on Saturday was the regression of Bryan Evans. Teams have continued to pick on him this season, and it seems like he is backing away from the challenge. I hope Vance Cuff can step in at the outside corner when we are in the nickel package, because Bryan just isn't getting it done.

- Every week Knowshon Moreno amazes me with his heart and play on the field. It is my opinion that there is no player in the SEC more valuable to his team right now than #24. Over 170 yards on 23 carries, another touchdown, just another day at the office. It will be a real shame if he isn't at the Downtown Athletic Club in New York in December.

This is the definition of walking in untouched.

Alabama 24, Ole Miss 20
- Alabama stopped Ole Miss from converting a 4th down late in the 4th quarter and ended the Rebels' hopes of upsetting another top 5 team. Alabama is starting to show signs that they can be beaten, especially with the injury to Terrence Cody. I've seen conflicting reports about what the injury is, but they all seem to think he will only be out a few weeks. I doubt it. When a man that size either badly sprains or tears a muscle in his knee, I don't see how he will be back at full strength in a few weeks. Mount, it's up to you to prove me wrong.

When Cody hit the ground with a knee injury, a 6.5 was measured on the Richter scale.

Texas 82721320, Missouri 1122993
- Missouri looked worse in the first half against Texas than we did in the first half against Alabama. Has the Big XII just decided to completely ignore defense? I know Texas, Oklahoma, Texas Tech, and others have good skill players, but when both teams are putting up over 500 yards of offense, it is a little ridiculous.

Why do the 'Horns score so many points? Ask Roger Clemens.

Ohio State kills Michigan State

- I thought MSU had a good chance to win. Javon Ringer has looked great this year, and I finally thought the Spartans may be for real...Never mind. Now we have to hear about Ohio State (along with USC who beat poor Washington State with their 4th string QB 69-0) as being a contender for the National Title.

ACC = Parity
- Your top team in the ACC this year- Georgia Tech. What year is this, 1990? Maryland knocks off Wake Forest, Virgina has suddenly won 4 in a row and knocked off UNC, and preseason top 10 Clemson is now under .500. With Duke actually looking better this year (they were leading Miami into the 3rd quarter on Saturday), there is very little difference from those teams at the bottom and those on top.

Overall, another good weekend for the Dawgs. We're 6-1 and headed to a showdown in Baton Rouge with the Bayou Bengals. The game has been chosen as the CBS game and will kickoff at 3:30 PM EST. Thank God. Most of the Bubba 'N Earl crew will be there this week as we celebrate my bachelor party. It should be one hell of a match up.


*Pictures courtesy of the AJC, ESPN, and