Thursday, October 22, 2009

Ultimate Nightmares: Nerds & Gators In The National Championship

Yesterday morning over breakfast, my roommate told me he had the most awful, disturbing, and horrific nightmare of his life.

He told me he saw images of a disgusting sight. The old gold/mustard/off-yellow dressed fans cheering on the Trade School against Floriduh in the National Championship.

I nearly slapped him for suggesting that he could even have a thought process to conjure up a nightmare of such horrific standards.

Think about that. It's so awful, I didn't want to bring it up to put the thought in your heads. However, it is so awful, I couldn't help but bring it up!

While very far fetched and vastly unlikely to happen, the reality is at the moment it is not completely impossible.

That's a pretty scary notion and one I will do almost anything to push out of my brain. Just the thought of it makes me want to do everything in my power to ensure that Miami doesn't lose again, or work to ensure that we pummel the Trade School into a post-Thanksgiving submission.

Imagine over 92,000 bandwagoners filling the Rose Bowl. That's just not football. It might even be the absolute end of football!

I might stab my eyes out at such a sight. While you would root for injuries, there would be the undeniable fact that nothing beneficial for Dawgs could result from such a match up.

This is too awful to discuss any further. Let us never speak of this again.



Well prepare b-josh to stab at least one of your eyeballs out cause that orange and blue team will be in the rose bowl regardless of what the Saban azz sucking media thinks.Besides,TEBOW SAID HE WANTS AN UNDEFEATED SEASON THEN TEBOW GETS AN UNDEFEATED SEASON !!p.s see you Ugas in jax.

alex gibbs said...

Tell Drew I'm going to slap him for even having the brain power to muster up a dream of that nature.