Friday, October 23, 2009

80's Music Video of the Week - Randy Newman

This week's video is Randy Newman's, "I Love L.A."

First off, anything Randy Newman is badass. Second, this is fabulously 80's with california girls in bikinis, big hair, sunglasses, surf boards, and hawaiian shirts all over the place.

Also, touting the greatness of Los Angeles and the southern California area is completely 80's, as everybody wanted to live there. Whether it was great movies like Fast Times at Ridgemont High and Valley Girl, awesome shows like ALF, or awful hair metal bands, everyone wanted to be a part of California in the 80's.

Of course, videos like this always left out the downsides (over development, gang violence, drug wars, homelessness, and the prospering of the valley girl dialect), of California life.

But, who wants to hear that crap? I wanna see hot chicks on the beach! That's 80's.


AUMaverick said...

80's delightfully and awesomely tacky as any Hooter's waitress uniforms.

To quote my secon favorite 80's movie starring Anthony Edwards, 1985's 'Gotcha!', "L.A., we love it!"

I highly recommend this movie by the way...

flyingcarpet said...

Another thing about this song that rules and sucks is that the LA Dodgers play this song when they win games at home.