Sunday, October 18, 2009

Thoughts on Vanderbilt: Long Live the King

Now that's a little more like it. For the first time all season, the Dawgs put together a solid effort that resulted in a victory that was not decided in the fourth quarter. I know a lot of people will say that it was just Vanderbilt, but we needed this one bad. It was a great start to a long day of college football yesterday, one which I spent the entire day on my couch surrounded by friends. I couldn't ask for a better day. Here are my thoughts on our game and other things I observed this week.

- The start of the game may have been one of the ugliest performances by two teams I have ever seen. Before the AJ Green 65 yard touchdown, Georgia had already punted twice and thrown an interception. Vanderbilt had already punted three times. It was disgusting. If the offense plays like that in Jacksonville in two weeeks, it will look like the 2nd half last year.

- AJ, by god, Green. How could he only have 3 catches yesterday? The 65 yarder was a thing of beauty and really shows how much he has improved over last season. Did Joe Cox really deserve credit for a touchdown pass on that play or could we just give it to AJ?

- The defense was solid. They played like you are supposed to play against a team the likes of Vanderbilt. Justin Houston is a beast and Rennie Curran was Rennie Curran.

- Drew Butler can kick it 50 yards in a tornado. The punt he hit just before the end of the first quarter went about 45 yards in the air into a stiff wind. This is kid awesome.

- Boykin and Prince Miller were both about 1 tackle away from scoring touchdowns. Nothing helps out a struggling offense like a good kick return.

- Joe Cox is still not that good. When we went the first 4 drives with barely any yards, I really had to question why Logan Gray was not out there.

- Glad to see the running game get going, even if it was in the 4th quarter. We need to stop this rotation though, it should be 1 and 1A with Caleb and Washaun.

- The King has returned. He may not have put up big rushing numbers, but I thought Caleb had a great day. With his two touchdowns, the King is back!


Now, onto other games:

- Notre Dame put up a good fight against USC. The fake field goal play they ran was the same one that Georgia Tech ran against Clemson and should have been flagged as a penalty.
- SEC officials are the worst in the country. Florida celebrates, Tebow runs around, Riley Cooper pushes off and they do not get called. There were some bad calls in the Alabama game against South Carolina as well.
- Nice win for Georgia Tech. I did not think they would get it done against Virginia Tech. Too bad the lost to Miami, because right now they would still be on the outside looking in at the ACC Championship game.

After over a year of posting at least 2 articles a week, I am going to be taking my own "bye week" this week. The rest of the guys will be picking up the slack and I will be back next Sunday for the start of Hate Week 2009!


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