Sunday, October 18, 2009

BNE Pick 'Em Week 7

I'm going to keep it short and sweet this week. Week 7 sucked! With the exception of calgee's 8-3 record, it looks like everyone else made some dismal picks. While this was a great weekend of football overall, the picks sucked. I'm personally disappointed in my picks and results, not to mention Auburn's offense stalling against Kentucky and their quarterback by committee, including playing a true freshman!

After a dismal weekend of play, we have a shakeup in the Top 10:
1. GenStoopangle
2. Dutch
3. OneHairyDawg
4. DawgDai
5. Donald Eason & shelt320
7. dawgsman81
8. allyugadawg
9. ecdawg
10. yedidawg, bulldog91 & aumaverick

From the BNE staff:
1. aumaverick
2. bubba
3. BFR
4. earl
5. Streit
6. bulldawgjosh

Our Bottom Feeder of The Week remains mmike032, who managed to stutter his w-w-way to a 11-68 r-r-r-ecord and 52 points. This week mmike032, try stopping by our sponsor, Kleenex, at because you're going to be crying the rest of the season if you keep making picks this way...and I might be too if Auburn can't find their offense again.

This week's game will include our SEC games and feature Arkansas at Ole Miss, Tennessee vs. Bama, Oregon vs. Washington, Penn State vs. Meechigan, USF vs. Pitt, TCU vs. BYU, and our game of the week, Auburn vs. LSU. Good luck!  


BulldawgJosh said...

I declare bias in this reporting! I did better than all of you this weekend (for once), even though I am in last for the season (still). Conspiracy!!!

AUMaverick said...

The stats don't lie. 8-3 is a good record, 7-4 is OK, 6-5 or worse is awful. Face it, it was a bad week to play the spread.

Keep trying...