Friday, October 2, 2009

Colin Cowherd in Atlanta for LSU-Georgia

Colin Cowherd is broadcasting his show from Buffalo Wild Wings in Buckhead today. Doesn't seem to be as a large attendance like I've seen at his past visits to other cities (or at least a more interesting crowd, like when he was in Austin the day before Texas-Texas Tech).

This is probably because 1) regular folk like ourselves have this thing called work (even if I am doing it from home right now), and 2) if you are traveling here to preview the LSU vs. UGA game, perhaps you should go to Athens where the game is being played.

I'm sure logistics are easier to handle in Atlanta, and around lunch the crowd might just explode given the location, but there is no way Atlanta can suffice for Athens.

Imagine having the background of his show full of drunk undergrads before noon, particularly some co-eds in their best sundresses.

Just saying.

UPDATE: It is way more packed now at his show, but I still maintain it would be much better in Athens.


Stephen said...

the last time COLIN COWHERD came to this area before a big game was in 2007 for the Auburn weekend...Id like to see a similar result

JADAMS said...

I am planning on going there for lunch around 11:30. I work across the street. My friend is there now and said there is standing room only and they arent letting anyone else in.

BulldawgJosh said...


Yeah, I originally wrote this almost an hour ago, and I'm watching now and it is way more packed.

I don't mind being made a fool, I generally enjoy Cowherd.

Bubba said...

I know Colin is very controversial as an ESPN personally and his show is very much a love/hate thing. That being said, he's the most entertaining thing the WWL has, along with Scott Van Pelt. I almost took off of work to go to his Athens show in 2007.