Monday, September 28, 2009

What kind of plaque will they put up now?

According to ESPN, Urban says Timmy is going to be okay and will most likely start against LSU in two weeks. If the Gators lose, all the media will rave about what a gutsy performance it will be and how Tebow's injury is the only reason the Gators lose the game. But, if Timmy plays and they win, the media will fawn over another accolade for the GPOOE.

The real question is, what will the University of Florida put up to commemorate Tebow this time? Last year it was a plaque of his speech. Maybe a picture of his CAT scan?

You think the media coverage was bad when he got hurt. Just wait until he comes back.


Stephen said...

ohhh but he was laying on the ground with his arms convulsing, and yet had the wherewithal to wink and say its great to be a gator...YEAH RIGHT!!!!

Anonymous said...

1,2,3,fo,fi dem gator dont take no jive
go gator

percy harvey....percy harvey.....

dey gonna win da BS champonship

AUMaverick said...

If Tim Tebow can cure cancer with one tear, I'm sure he can overcome something as minor as a concussion.

On a different note, I think its all an act. This is just Meyer and Tebow putting on an Academy Award-worthy performance to bring more drama and attention to the Gayturs.