Monday, September 28, 2009

Final Thoughts on Arizona State and on to LSU

Here are my final thoughts on the 20-17 victory over Arizona State on Saturday:

- The rain screwed up a lot of things. That was by far the most rain I have ever seen at a Georgia game, but unlike the 2004 Georgia Tech game, it was not freezing cold out. If it was not raining, I honestly think the Dawgs would have blown the Sun Devils out.

- Caleb King has his faults (the fumble and two dropped passes) but he look much better carrying the ball than Samuel did. He now has 22 carries on the season for 110 yards giving him a nice average of 5 yards a carry.

- Where was Michael Moore? Joe Cox only threw two passes his way and on a rainy night I thought the slot receiver would have played a much bigger role.

- The defense did a complete 180 from Arkansas. They only allowed 10 points and once again the touchdown came when the other team had a short field. Justin Houston and Geno Atkins had big games, and I am sure Arizona State fans are still having nightmares about Rennie Curran.

- Blair Walsh is money this year. So much for our scholarship kickers always losing their jobs to walk-ons.

- As Earl said, AJ Green. There are no other words needed.

After an ugly few weeks, the Dawgs sit at 3-1 with LSU coming to town. LSU is 4-0 and has moved up to #4 in the country. I honestly do not think they are a #4 team, but because so many other teams have lost, they have found their way to the top. LSU struggled in wins over Washington and Mississippi State and have failed to find any type of running game despite having two of the best backs in the SEC. This should be an interesting game on Saturday and could really provide a boost to the Dawgs national image if we pull out the victory.

Georgia won last year in Baton Rouge, 52-38. Here's a look back at last year:

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Earl said...

Cordy Glenn's move to LT vs. ASU. He might be there the rest of the season.