Tuesday, September 29, 2009

LSU Notes

Turnover Margin: LSU +7 (first in SEC); UGA -9 (last in SEC)

Sizable sophomore cornerback Patrick Peterson (#7) and safety Chad Jones (#3) have played very well for the Tigahs in their defensive backfield. Both are playmakers and possible game changers. Peterson had a pick 6 vs. Miss. State while Chad Jones returned a punt for 6 of his own. Jones also had a game-saving pass breakup on 3rd-and-goal from the 1-yard-line late in the 4th quarter vs. Miss. State. Peterson will get the AJ Green assignment, not an envious assignment for even the best of cornerbacks.

The Tigahs struggled handling the football in the rain on special teams vs. Miss. State, dropping two snaps, one on an extra point attempt and the other on a punt attempt.

Where's QB Jarrett Lee and all of those pick 6's when you need them? And Georgia needs them with that awful turnover margin...

What's Really Under the Hood? Will Georgia see more of highly touted freshman Russell Sheppard (#10) at quarterback?

The LSU fans want it, although starting QB Jordan Jefferson (#9) is still a sophomore and has plenty of room to grow, even though it looked like he was a full-grown man vs. Georgia Tech last year.

Helping those two are WRs Brandon LaFell, Terrence Tolliver and Trindon Holliday, three dangerous threats. LaFell is just so consistent, it's hard to find much wrong with him. With the onslaught arrivals of AJ Green and Julio Jones in the SEC last year, LaFell was the forgotten man in the SEC WR rotation. He answered with a great season in 2008.

The surprise has been LSU's lack of a running game with two good RBs like Charles Scott and Keiland Williams. The offensive line has been a source of frustration for LSU fans as it has seemed to clog up running lanes instead of creating them. And QB Jefferson has faced constant pressure this year too.

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