Tuesday, September 29, 2009


Jay Crawford just interviewed Herschel Walker on ESPN First Take about why he is going to start fighting MMA.

Herschel was wearing a god awful looking t-shirt that all MMA fighters wear.

Crawford asked Herschel if he is serious about dooing this. I know he has to be a douchebag sports host and ask such questions, but it's nearly an insult to even ask such a question. It's downrigt annoying.

This isn't Jose Canseco, this is HERSCHEL WALKER. He's serious about everything. Whether it's football, business ventures, or putting Steve Spurrier in his place, Herschel doesn't take anything lightly and is pretty damn successful at almost everything.

Dana White, UFC President, apparently isn't happy with a 47 year old Herschel Walker taking up the sport at his age.

I'm not an MMA fan, but I presume White's frustration is his attempts to legitimize this sport in the mainstream and not have it seen as a circus sideshow (besides a rival signing Herschel). I can understand that frustration when other celebrities and amateurs are jumping into the sport.

However, if you are going to have a well known person come into this sport without any prior relation to it, and wish for them to respect the sport and everyone in it, Herschel is the exact person you would want.

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