Monday, December 15, 2008

Small Reaction to "ESPN's Bowl Mania"

I wanted to post these thoughts in the comments section of Streit's post below, but I thought that my rant was a little too wordy for the comments. Our readers may find that it's too wordy for the blog in general, just as the rest of the BNE crew usually tell me that I'm too long-winded, but...sorry. I have made considerable progress in condensing the length of my blog entries since my first post back at the beginning of the season. The following comes from an e-mail exchange between Streit and myself this morning:

"I tried to watch the show during the Sunday Night Football commercials last night but the needle on my in-home obnoxious meter never even twitched to indicate it would dip below 'OBSCENE.' I noticed that it did present a lower reading when I changed the channel back to SNF on NBC, but the lingering effects of Bob Costas on Football Night in America coupled with the fact that I bet big money on the Giants who were anemically incapable of scoring points kept the meter at a higher reading than I anticipated. At least the fluctuation let me know that the meter wasn’t broken.
I stopped watching the Bowl Mania show with about six or seven of Jesse’s picks remaining. All of them were in the top quarter of his highest confidence rankings and I knew he would never pick a MSU upset with that high a confidence rating. I was sure he would pick the Dawgs and rank them highly, but I am surprised to hear he put them as his number one pick.

Last year we had an office pool for the bowl picks and I chose Florida over a terrible Michigan team with a lame-duck coach as my number one confidence pick. Like I’ve always said, I will always, always root against Florida, no matter who they’re playing, even if I’m going to lose money. Most of you were at my house to watch that game, so you remember what happened. Also, you’ve probably never seen me so happy to lose so much money, unless you were in NOLA for Streit’s bachelor party and you happened to be sitting close enough to me at Déjà Vu to clearly see the expression on my face through the thick clouds of smoke and vaporized VD during the two and a half hours I spent 'conversing' with the nice lady who sat on my lap."

I just thought I should share my thoughts since I've been completely snowed-under with work and school lately and I haven't been nearly as active with my posting as I had hoped to be. My contributions to the blog at this point have been limited to a few sporadic posts which are quickly overtaken by some of BNE's regularly scheduled content, comedic additions to a few of the comments sections on other contributors' posts, and most largely, grammatical editing duties once the entries are posted to the public. Now, let it not be said that I haven't contributed!

Be sure to post your comments to Streit's post with your thoughts about UGA being Palmer's most confident selection out of this season's bowl slate. In the comment section of this post, go ahead and tell me how much you enjoy my writing, how much you wish I would post more, how much you value the grammatical integrity of pieces posted to the internet and the importance of proper grammar and spelling in the world today, etc. Or--take the opposite approach on all of those topics...


Streit said...

Danner Tanner would approve of your longwindedness.

Streit said...

Oops, Danny Tanner.

AUMaverick said...

Geez! Your as longwinded as your farts and as obsessive about cleaning as the aforementioned Danny Tanner. Hell, I've posted on here more than you have!