Monday, December 15, 2008

ESPN's Bowl Mania Show

Last night the evil empire that is The Worldwide Leader ran a show called "ESPN's Bowl Mania." They advertised the show by saying that were going to preview all 34 bowl games, however they ended up only talking about approximately 10 games and just picked winners for the rest (despite the show being on for 3 hours). The only true predictions were provided by Jesse Palmer, who had a board showing each of his picks ranked by confidence. Out of all of the games he ranked, who do you think he picked as the team he was most confident would win?

No, not Alabama over Utah (which I would have picked) or even his beloved Gators over Oklahoma. No, Jesse picked Georgia to beat Michigan State as the pick in which he held the most confidence. He said he thought we were going to destroy Michigan State in what will be a NFL showcase game for Stafford and Moreno. While I think we will win, I do not think this game will be an absolute blowout.

Any thoughts?


AUMaverick said...

Dumb pick by a dumbass! While I do think UGA will beat Sparty, it will in no way be a blowout. While I HATE to say it, Bama has a better shot of blowing out Utah than UGA.

Anonymous said...

I was quite surprised to see that myself.

I tuned in during the second hour of the program and made the same observation--all fluff, no filler.

The only positive that I took away from the whole show was the fact that Palmer actually seemed confident in picking the Dawgs. Scary.

Oh--and I didn't have to watch Mark May run his mouth.

So, that's a plus.

I laugh every time I think about his Sugar Bowl prediction last year.

"Georgia has never seen an offense as 'prolific' as the Hawai'i Warriors!"

What a douche.

Unknown said...

Don't you guys feel like idiots after Bama got creamed by a tough Utah team?