Monday, December 29, 2008

Public Apologies to BDJ and the Entire Bulldog Nation

Please accept this as my public apology for deciding not to make the trek down to Orlando to support our beloved Dawgs in the Capital One Bowl this year. Bulldawg Josh and I vowed to each other in a completely heterosexual and non-innuendo fashion that we would attend every Georgia game this season. My defection from the Capital One trip breaks that solemn vow. I hope to maintain some respect for my patronage at all other Bulldog football games this season, but alas, I will not be able to claim that I attended 100% of the contests this season. I won't even be able to lay claim to attendance at all games in a calendar year given my January 2008 absence from the Sugar Bowl which broke my string of six consecutive Georgia bowl game trips. The Sugar Bowl absence wasn't by choice, my boss wouldn't let me miss work to go to the game. I believe his exact words were "I would understand if they were playing for the National Championship, but...Hawaii?!?"

BDJ, please accept my apologies for breaking my promise and for changing the plans on you at the last minute. Fellow Dawg fans, please don't hate me. BNE is represented well in Orlando with BDJ, Earl, Streit, and the new Mrs. Streit in attendance.
Go Dawgs!
I was at this game!

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BulldawgJosh said...

SELLOUT. Just kidding. It doesn't matter. You went to all 12 regular season games, and that's what counts. Our trip to Kentucky was the most memorable trip ever.