Thursday, January 1, 2009

Bubba 'N Earl Bowl Pool Update #9

NOTE: the Outback, Capital One, and Gator bowls are worth 3 pts., and the Rose and Orange bowls are worth 5 pts (as are all BCS games).

The majority went 3-2 yesterday.

SRQDawg15 and Stephen went 5-0 yesterday.

Jason and BFR went 4-1 in games yesterday.

Streit went 1-4 in games yesterday.

Earl went 0-5 in games yesterday.


The majority has picked South Carolina over Iowa by an 8/5 split.

Capital One

We have a defector. JOE PICKED MICHIGAN STATE. Traitor!

Obviously, the majority picked the Dawgs in a 12/1 split.


The majority picked Clemsux over the Cornshuckers by an 8/5 split.


I'm the only one to pick Penn State.

So, the majority is going against me in a 12/1 split.


The majority has picked the Bearcats over the Hokies by an 8/5 split.


The majority has picked South Carolina, UGA, Clemson, USC, Virginia Tech.


Ally - 14pts.
Jason W. - 14pts.
Stephen S. - 14pts.
SRQDawg15 - 14pts.
Streit - 12pts.
Ann & Bob - 12pts.
BFR - 12pts.
BulldawgJosh - 11pts.
Bubba - 11pts.
Earl - 10pts.
ThinkingBulldog - 10pts.
Joe P. - 8pts.
AUMaverick - 8pts.

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