Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Late Notice: Capital One Bowl Tickets available

Last minute notice for anyone who has not yet made plans for the game and wishes to attend:

A true Bulldog fan and truly wonderful person who helped to sponsor the infamous BFR and BDJ trip to Lexington has offered up two tickets that will not be used. If you're thinking about going, please help out Carole by buying her tickets so that she is not stuck with them. She is looking for as close to face value as she can get for the tickets, but that's not asking too much. Help out a fellow Dawg fan if you, or anyone you know, are looking for tickets to the game. Please give me a call on my cell phone if you are interested--706-224-8634--and I'll help get you in touch with Carole.

Go Dawgs and thank you Carole!

P.S. I'm really trusting our readers not to disseminate or otherwise abuse the phone number listed above. If you fail to live up to the responsibility inherent in reading this blog, now with my personal phone number posted, I'll have no other choice than to go Knowshon on your ass...

Don't abuse my number, man...but do call me for the tickets, or if you're cute, single, and maybe a season ticket holder!

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