Thursday, September 9, 2010

Suck it up, there's a game to play

We've had our day to analyze, complain, and then over analyze the AJ Green situation. No matter what happens with the NCAA appeal, the fact of the matter is that the kid will not be playing in Columbia in 2 days. And suddenly, every ounce of confidence that Georgia fans had heading into the South Carolina game seems to have left along with AJ's Independence Bowl jersey. If I have one message for Georgia fans today, it is GET OVER IT.

I know AJ Green is an amazing talent but how quickly you forget that he had no part in the victory over Georgia Tech last fall. Georgia has recruited the receiving position well in recent years and there is absolutely no reason to suspect that the guys we will have on the field won't be able to get it done.

Marlon Brown was a 5 star recruit from the state of Tennessee who is considered a fantastic blocker and started to show some of the talents he has last week. Kris Durham is a fifth year senior who looked great last week. Rantavious Wooten has shown sparks of brilliance, including hauling in two TD passes in Green's absence against against Kentucky last year. He was nursing a knee injury and only played sparingly against ULL. And lastly, Tavarres King (who is still only a sophomore) has shown the ability to get open down the field. This group of receivers looks pretty good to me without including our amazing group of tight ends into the equation as well.

For now, we need to forget about AJ. We need to remember that we are Georgia and they are South Carolina, a team that Georgia holds 46-14 advantage against. A team Mark Richt has lost two twice in 9 years and a team we beat last year with no answer for Stephen Garcia's roll out passes to the tight end. If Georgia loses the game this weekend, it will not be because of the absence of AJ Green, but rather the lack of focus needed to be an opponent that we have owned historically.

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Well said. Go DAWGS!