Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Scott Van Pelt Reaffirms His Greatness

Immediately after coverage of the Smurf Turf vs. Hokies games was over, Sportscenter comes on and obviously the Monday Night (College) Football game is the lead story.

So, what is the first thing Scott Van Pelt mentions? The score? Boise again notching a last minute victory? The, OMG BOIZE IS SOOO GUUUUD!!!? NATIONAL CHAMPS ON THE WAY!?!?!

No, he mentions the Dawgs thumpin' of Boise State in 2005.


Thank you SVP, for continuing to show your love for the Red and Black.

Man Crush? That's an understatement.


Dawgfan17 said...

What other team plays so weak a schedule that winning the first game sets off national title talk. I truly believe Boise would have a chance against any team in the country, the question is could they turn around after the emotion of tonights game and play another good team next week, followed by one the week after that. They get Wyoming next week, then a week off, then play their other tough game against Oregon State. Then they have to play a schedule full of ULL's the rest of the way.

BCSAV said...

Spot on 17.

I wish they'd let Van Pelt take Cowherd's spot. I use to like Cowherd but all he is now is a yes man for ESPN. He use to talk a lot more college than NFL. NFL dominates his show now. He use to rip soccer and this past summer he repeatedly talked about how great the "world's game" has gotten. SVP is one of the few personalities in Bristol that is worth my time.