Monday, September 6, 2010

Thoughts on: Louisiana-Lafayette

Now that I've had a chance to rewatch the game on the DVR, here are my thoughts on the 2010 opener:

- Todd Grantham is awesome! All of the Georgia coaches were wearing white shirts on Saturday, except for Coach Grantham who sported a black Georgia polo. He was fired up when we made great plays, but even more fired up when Rambo blew his coverage on the 60 yard touchdown. I've never seen a crowd get so excited about a coach chewing out a player. It was the complete opposite of Willie.

-That was the most vanilla offense I think I have ever seen us run. The running plays were mostly straight up the middle, we did not run any zone reads, and even barely used the toss sweep. So while the rushing numbers were not fantastic, they were pretty good considering ULL was stacking the box.

- Murray is a playmaker. While the touchdown run may have not been the best decision, he still got the ball into the end zone. But the play that really impressed me was the incompletion to Logan Gray in the end zone. even if he would have caught it, there would have been a penalty, but it was a great scramble and throw. I also really liked the come back route by Orson Charles. Murray can definitely make things happen and with a more open playbook, he may out up some really big numbers this year.

- Jakar Hamilton is going to be great in the secondary. covers well, hits hard, and should have had two picks.

- Justin Houston was unstoppable. I see him getting the Pollack treatment from now on.

- The player who impressed me the most: Christian Robinson. Seemed to be everywhere, all game long. He has a bright future in the 3-4.

- My last thought concerns the AJ Green situation. I think it is horrible that the NCAA has not made a ruling. If he is going to be suspended, make that decision. even if AJ did not attend the party in Miami, the NCAA can deem any type of contact as a violation. Since it seems pretty clear that he was at least invited to the party, that may be what they are looking at. Or it could be something different all together. Either way, the decisiveness is crap. They made a ruling on Dareus at Alabama, why can't they make one on AJ.

All in, a great way to start. We didn't look flat like we typically do in these cupcake games. The defense looked great and the offense looked better on TV than it did in person. Next week is going to be a battle.



Dawgsman81 said...

Man, the Dawgs looked great! I know it was a BS team, but Murray was on fire and the defense was stout. I'm definitely disappointed with the lack of running plays, but not near as disappointed as I am over the AJ situation. That's just ridiculous. Either you have some proof of a violation or you don't. I hope the coaches don't hold him out against SC. Goooo DAWGS! SIC EM!!