Friday, September 10, 2010

80's Music Video of the Week - EDDIE MONEY

First off, nothing beats Eddie Money. Nothing.

As my good friend Ronnie Brown (not the Auburn one) says, "Play me some of that EDDIE MONEEEEEEY!!!!!!!!!"

Because of the awesomeness that is Eddie Money, he has many awesome videos and it was hard to choose one.

The 1982 hit, "Think I'm in Love" is amazing, and the video is ten times better.

VAMPIRES, Eddie Money as Dracula (or so you think), Eddie Money's retarded monkey faces, and the nonsensical shift from the absurd plot to Eddie Money playing in your high school's auditorium. These are the things that make this video one ridiculous concept and therefore, top of the line!

If you look closely at his band in the video, there are 2 certified mullets, one borderline mullet, and one potential mullet (give it a month).

Rock out on your Friday. Remember what Ronnie sang...


Earl said...

Excellent. Good to see "80's Music Video of the Week" come back strong to start the season.

nateranson said...


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Anonymous said...

Money is playing a free show on Tybee in a couple of weeks. Too bad its the day of the Tennessee game or I would be there.

Amanda said...

One of the best intros of all time. amanda vanderpool model