Saturday, October 10, 2009

"Let all the Bulldog faithful rally behind the men who now wear the red and black"

I feel the same as all of you: Frustrated, sad, and wondering what the hell just happenned. How did we go from a preseason #1 team last year to what we saw on the field today. There will be lots of radical statements from the Bulldog Nation over the next few days but I think it is time to remember the words above, spoken by Larry Munson before every Georgia home game. This is the team that we have and they need us, the Georgia Fans, more than ever right now.

I'm sure someone will make a smart ass comment making funny of me for this post. I don't care. I bleed red and black and this is my team through thick and thin. Today, I saw the worst performance I have ever seen from the Georgia Bulldogs since I became a student at Georgia in the fall of 2000. Things look bad right now, but if we quit on this team, things will only get worse.

If you truly are a member of the Bulldog faithful, now is the time to get behind our team. There will be plenty of time in the off season to complain about changing coaches.



Stephen said...

Thank you for saying that. I agree, and said that to my aunt on the way home as we drove back today.

Get behind them, support them. They need us NOW...See you in nashville.


Unknown said...

I agree, they are my team, win or lose, now is the time to rally the wagons. Love them Dawgs.

Anonymous said...

Im right here and Im not going anywhere. I still got the UGA sweatshir and cap on and wearing it proudly here in ky. I am really frustrated with our coaches but its still damn good to be a dawg.

South FL Dawg said...

I'm not going anywhere, this is my team.

Walter Sobchak said...

i agree that we should support the team and players in good or bad.

That being said there's loyalty and blind "my eyes are on fire" loyalty.
It's been a "long time" since we've seen a game like that? How about Bama or UF last year? Or maybe you meant against UT? We got stomped just like that game the last time we played them in TN. That game felt the same as this one.
I support the Dawgs, and in that love and support I think it is perfectly justified in giving CONSTRUCTIVE criticism...not the sky is falling, cut off their heads bs....but constructive.
You know, like "hey, CMR you're at a fork in the road and i'm concerned you're going to take the one where Donnan, Goff and Streit live in sucktown". Take the fork with the rest of the BNE boys to Knowshonville. Is that not even more supportive?

Streit said...

The difference between what we saw yesterday and the Florida game last year and the Tennessee game in '07 was at least in those games we at least showed a little fire. We were in the Florida game during the first half, even if we got dominated and at least vs. UT two years ago we were able to score some touchdowns in the second helf. Yesterday, there was none. You would think that a kick off return for a TD and an INT for a TD would give you some momentum to get back in the game, but these plays seemed to almost generate the opposite.

I agree with giving criticism, but at this point I know that most people are beyond that. There have been rumbles in the Dawg nation all year about coaching, play calling, kick offs, lack of discipline, turnovers, etc. We all know this team has major problems, but when you are half way into a season, you cannot expect things to change that much.

We have to support what we've got.

ladydawginfl said...

Well said. I am behind the team and the coaches win or lose. These are kids that bust their butts all year long and put their hearts and bodies on the line every week during football season. Goooooooo Dawgs! Sic em!

ladydawginfl said...

And BTW, I don't have a problem with constructive criticism but a lot of people have been out for blood since last year and haven't stopped with the whining and complaining even before the season started this year. It is actually pretty sad.

Ally said...

There's nothing i can personally add that bests what all of y'all have said, so i'll jsut include two tweets that Mike Moore sent out last night after the game. Fyi, there's a/b 10 players on twitter now and most all of them tweeted last night asking for our support & not to boo them or turn your backs on them. Seriously had me in tears. If anyone wants to quit on the Dawgs then by all means please turn your G card in- this team doesn't fucking need you.

From @mikemoore82:


"All I can say 2 the dawgnation is don't turn your backs on us. That's it. We need u to support us and times like this is when we need u most."

ladydawginfl said...

I'm with you Ally.

I find it reprehensible that our players would have to ask our fans not to boo. This happened in front of me at a home game earlier this year and I actually saw a man smack his 20 something son on the back of his head and tell him not to ever do that again.

If you can't support the Dawgs win or lose, you don't need to call yourself a fan.