Monday, October 5, 2009

Thoughts on Louisiana State

After LSU scored to take a 20-13 lead, I looked at the time left on the clock and immediately thought something special might happen. Georgia was about to receive the kickoff with 1 timeout remaining and 46 seconds on the clock. 8 years ago, the Dawgs received a kickoff with one time out remaining and 44 seconds on the clock after Tennessee had scored a touchdown late in the fourth quarter on the Dawgs in Knoxville. Unfortunately, there were no hobnail boots to rescue the Dawgs this time. Here are my final thoughts from a tough game that leaves the Dawgs at 3-2 and a tough game next week against the Vols in Knoxville:

- Despite the score only being 6-0 at half, this game felt a lot like the 2008 Bama game. The fact that we held it that close is a testament to the defense's performance. If you were to remove the final 3 minutes of the game, that was one of the top 10 defensive performances of the Mark Richt era (and yes, there have been some great defensive games during that time).
- People have been complaining about Richard Samuel and Caleb King in the first half, but really they should be complaining about the O-line. The offensive line was great on pass protection, but every time we ran there were mutliple guys through the line. However, it was nice to see the number 24 bursting through the line again. Washaun has a bright future in Athens.
- The lack of effort to both block and return punts is horrible. Put Carlton Thomas back there and let him give it a try if Prince can't. Every time we send out Logan, we might as well be raising a white flag.
- Rennie Curran and AJ Green continue their wonderful play. Our offense would be nothing with AJ right now. He is not on any Heisman lists (and with the team at 3-2, he stands no chance of winning it) but he is clearly the most valuable player in college football right now.
- The penalty was crap and the make up call against LSU was BS as well. Bottom line is the first one should have never been called, it changed the game. Walsh had two touchbacks during the game and I believe he could have done it again if we kick off from the 30.

This game was a heart breaker. After an exhausting 5 week stretch to open the season, the Dawgs have yet to play a game that they either had a no chance to win or lose. The won-loss records of the teams Georgia has played so far is 16-5 (I believe). To come out with a 3-2 record, while disappointing, is still something to be proud of. We've got two games in Tennessee and then the week off before Florida. I hope the Dawgs can right the ship like we did in 2007.


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