Thursday, October 8, 2009


Please do not fool yourself into thinking that moving the 2011 game against the North Avenue Trade School will be an interesting opportunity to play on the national stage and have even more Dawgs at the annual game against the bumble bees.

It is pure conspiracy on the part of Techies to play us on the national stage and have THEM fill the Georgia Dome. How would they do such? Easy.


Dragon*Con has typically lined up with Labor Day weekend each year, and the Trade School will find every wizard, storm trooper, and fat superhero they can to fill the Georgia Dome if the game is moved.

There will probably be an entire section full of Harry Potters and storm troopers, painted bumble bee yellow, will guard the Trade School players on the sideline.

Not only must we not agree to this proposal so all of the supreme nerdiness in the air will not lead to the Trade School having a magical advantage to the game, but we do not need to embarass the game of college football.

If you see Damon Evans, tell him to stop the conspiracy, stop the nerds.


Gov Milledge said...

It'll never happen based on GT's demands. In the AJC today, the Trade School is saying the only way they'll do it is if the '12 game (in Athens now) will instead be at Bobby Dodd.

Essentially we would be making it a neutral site game and losing a home game according to their initial terms. Fat chance.

BulldawgJosh said...

I saw in the AJC this morning that the rumor was confirmed by Tech's AD. Typical Trade School, think they can make such a ridiculous demand and it be considered legitimate. You wonder if they are really smoking something, or purposely making high demands so they can walk away from it without looking like they're weak.

alex gibbs said...

I'll hit a bumble bee with a light-saber. I don't care.