Monday, October 5, 2009

BNE Pick 'Em Week 5

Once again, it was an exciting weekend for college football and there was a lot to see this week with a couple of upsets and overtime games. UGA, Air Force and Meechigan fell in tough battles during close games, Miami pulled off a miraculous win against OU, and USC trounced Cal. It looks like everyone did a good job this week with their picks.

Here's the quick and dirty standings overall after week 5:

1. OneHairyDawg (our new #1)

2. Gen. Stoopangle

3. DawgDai

4. Donald Eason

5. bcdawg97 & aumaverick

7. dawgsman81

8. ecdawg

9. yedidawg

10. allyugadawg

From the BNE staff...

1. aumaverick

2. BFR

3. bubba

4. earl

5. Streit

6. bulldawgjosh

And now for our Bottom Feeder of the Week, sponsored by "Helping you find what you need". Our newest member to the bottom feeding pool is diangel with a 6-51 record and only 37 total points showing that he/she truly has no clue. Its a long climb to the top and OneHairyDawg's 234 points. I'm going to suggest stopping by our sponsor, to find some help for your picks this week along with some climbing gear for that long trek to the top.

This week's matchups will feature a sampling of games from the ACC (BC vs. VaTech), the Big East (WV vs. Syracuse), Big 10 (Wisconsin vs. Ohio State), Big 12 (OK St. vs. Texas A&M), Independent (Vandy vs. Army) and of course our SEC matchups. Look for UGA (3-2) to rebound from a tough loss to LSU (5-0) and Auburn (5-0) to keep the high-flying Razorbacks (2-2) in check. Good luck!

Chris Todd & Onterio McCalebb have the Tigers running to a 5-0 start. Will it hold?

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BulldawgJosh said...

Right when I finished putting up the tent on Saturday morning, I said, "Crap, I forgot to do my pick ems."