Monday, October 5, 2009

Knoxville Memories

The Dawgs head to Knoxville this weekend looking to shake off the bad taste left in their mouths following the loss to LSU. Georgia has won 3 of the 4 meetings at Tennessee this decade, a place they had not previously won since 1980. Here's a look back at the memorable Bulldog victories in Knoxville since 2001:

2001- "We just stepped on their face with a hobnail boot and broke their nose."
During Mark Richt's first season, the heavy underdog Dawgs travelled to Knoxville to take on the #4 Tennessee Volunteers. Tennessee took the lead, 24-20 with just 44 seconds left on the clock. David Greene would lead the Dawgs down the field that would end with a touchdown pass to Verron Haynes and one of the most memorable Munson calls of all-time:

Georgia 26, Tennessee 24

2003 - Sean Jones Takes it All the Way
A close battle in the first half, the Dawgs were leading 13-7 when Tennessee took the snap at Georgia's goal line attempting to take the lead. The following play ensued:

The Dawgs would proceed to blow the Vols out in the second half, a win that would help the Dawgs back to the SEC Championship game that December.

Georgia 41, Tennessee 14

2005 - Thomas Flowers Breaks it Open
With the Dawgs clinging to a 6 point lead in the fourth quarter, Georgia forced the Vols to punt from inside their own 10 yard line. Thomas Flowers received the punt and the rest was Georgia history:

Georgia 27, Tennessee 14


Stephen said...

know whats crazy??? see that dawg pile in 2005 when thomas flowers returned the punt???

NO FLAG!!! wow!! wish that were true last saturday?

Gov Milledge said...

What's even crazier is hearing Gary Danielson commenting in the '05 video: "This Georgia team is a good-tackling ball club".

Those were the days...

alex gibbs said...

I just know I miss listening to Munson.

dean said...

Ah yes the good ol' days when we use to actually return punts.