Sunday, October 11, 2009

BNE Pick 'Em Week 6

Week 6 proves that the season is shaping up to be everything that a college football fan could want. We've seen another weekend of close games, near misses, upsets and blowouts, and everyone managed at least 3 correct picks. So without further delay, here we go...

I hate to say it, but Bama looks like the best team in the SEC after shutting down the over-hyped Jevan Snead and Ole Miss 22-3. In another blowout, VaTech is proving that week 1's loss to Bama was a lot closer than it appeared. VaTech scored early and shut out BC for three straight quarters of play. If UTx falls to OU this weekend, and the stars align, we could see a rematch of VaTech and Bama in the national championship.

VaTech is rolling along...

...Ole Miss is disappointing

In our close games, Iowa narrowly squeaked by Meechigan 30-28. SUC managed another ugly win, beating UK 28-26 while GaTech also held off FSU in a game full of offensive fireworks 49-44. In overtime, Army upset Vanderbilt 16-13? Rounding out the cliffhangers, Tebow came back just in time to lead Florida to a 13-3 victory against LSU in Baton Rouge.

Finally, we saw signs of weakness from our other matchups. First off, Auburn lost plain and simple to an Arkansas team with a great passing game. Arkansas fired off 27 points, shocking the Tigers at halftime 27-3. After a late rally by the Tigers in the 3rd, Arkansas continued to cruise to a final 44-23 victory and 495 yards of total offense. Also, Jonathan Crompton & Tennessee had a career night against the Dawgs, throwing 20/27 for 310 yards & 4 touchdowns in a 45-19 romp of UGA. There are three things to say about the Dagws after this game: 1) Kudos to Brandon Boykin for trying to spark the team after his 100 yard kick-off return, 2) kudos to Bacarri Rambo for his pick 6 and having a kick-ass name, 3) its finally time to start considering that Willie Martinez needs to go.

Run over..

...and thrown out

Let's take a look at the standings overall through week 6:
1. Gen. Stoopangle (welcome back to #1)
2. OneHairyDawg
3. aumaverick
4. dawgsman81
5. Dutch
6. ecdawg & DawgDai
8. DonaldEason
9. JeremyRoyAdams
10. Woman...Do Not accost me while I am drinking!

From the BNE staff:
1. aumaverick
2. bubba (moving up in the world)
3. BFR
4. Earl
5. Streit
bulldawgjosh (hanging on life support at #50)

And now for our Bottom Feeder of the Week sponsored by the brothers of Delta Tau Chi fraternity at Faber College and their favorite site to scope out date night drinks, ...

Joining the pool this week is mmike032, who reached an all-time low with a record of 8-60, 45 total points, a GPA of ZERO POINT ZERO and managed to commit over two dozen acts of perversion so profound & disgusting, that decorum prevents listing them here…ok I made those last two up. But, seriously mmike032, after 7 years of college people usually know something about football…or at least become doctors. In this type of situation, my advice to you is to start drinking heavily. Try visiting our sponsor at and check out their selection of fine wines. BNE & Delta Tau Chi recommends Cisco for the quickest and easiest cure for a dismal weekend of picks.

As always, we'll have our SEC matchups in addition to two undefeated teams in Cincinnati vs. South Florida, the classic Red River Shootout with OU and UT, the Hokies of VaTech at GaTech, and Hollywood vs. Rudy. Good luck!

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