Thursday, October 15, 2009

Tennessee Haunted House with a Dawg Reference?

I'll be leaving tomorrow for Nashville, making my first trip to see the Dawgs play at Vanderbilt. My wonderful (though Yankee) girlfriend will be flying in from Chicago to meet me. This weekend will mark her first SEC and Georgia Bulldogs football experience. Being from a Big 10 school, I thought it prudent to ease her into the life-changing experience that is SEC tailgating and Georgia football. The Vanderbilt game was a perfect option for her first game! However, I had no idea at the time we made our plans that the Dawgs would limp into Nashville at 3-3 and earn a noon timeslot for kickoff...

If there's a formula for low-key tailgating, Georgia faces it this weekend.

Disappointing performance halfway through the season + noon kickoff + away game at an "academic" school = Snooze-filled tailgate.

So, I've spent a little time researching some other things to do in Nashville over the weekend for fun. I knew that this time of year in Tennessee there must be some pretty entertaining hick-horror haunted houses! I surfed around online a little today checking out the different Halloween attractions in and around Nashville and found this gem of a background story for a haunted woods attraction. I had to post this and I look forward to the comments that will hopefully follow.

I wonder if Bill Bates is scared to travel through the woods that Herschel haunts...


Gov Milledge said...

Herschel Walker as a vampire... maybe they can tie that and his MMA gig into 'True Blood'.

And if you've ever seen "Deliverance", people disappearing unknown in the backwoods in Tennessee is probably fairly common.

Michael J Fischer said...


Go to Broadway and find a place with some live music.

My favorite is Tootsie's Orchid Lounge.

That place is the shit.