Friday, September 25, 2009

Alpha Kappa Psi To Help Take Out the Trash

The Alpha Epsilon chapter of Alpha Kappa Psi, the nation's oldest and most recognized business fraternity is responsibly taking the lead to help keep North Campus clean, impressive, and viable as a future tailgating location for generations to come by donating garbage bags to tailgaters on Saturday.

Details and information on how you can help are available at AE's website.

With just over 50% of the BNE contributing staff being proud alumni, former chapter officers, and current members of the AE/AKPsi Alumni Board, we couldn't be more proud of the chapter's proactive and responsible approach to tackling this problem.

Have a great time tailgating tomorrow, drink heavily (responsibly) to cheer on the Dawgs, but remember to take out your trash.


Michael J Fischer said...

They should patrol campus and stop the homeless people from ripping through trash while we're all at the game.

I've seen these dudes rip open trash bags, throw garbage around looking for scraps of meat and cans. That's just as much part of the problem.

Pumpdawg said...

I've been on every blog since the trash story broke trying to explain that the homeless were responsible for the majority of this.No one wants to listen.I guess it's a better story if the "privileged" tailgaters are the problem instead of admitting Athens has a homeless problem.

BulldawgJosh said...

The homeless tearing through the garbage after the game are a part of the problem. I've seen it to. However, it's not the sole source of the problem, it's not even the main source of the problem.

For several years I've watched people throw anything and everything on the ground at their tailgates, without even an attempt to find a trash can. I've watched people continually do this, instead of bringing their own trash bag.

When I used to tailgate on south campus, I saw people act in the same manner, and trash on the ground in the same manner. It wasn't the homeless ravaging from north to south campus, it's just stupid people who do not know how to act in an adult manner.

Stupid people are the problem.