Friday, September 25, 2009

80's Music Video Of The Week

This week's video was suggested by our faithful reader, Alex.

"Walk the Dinosaur" by Was (Not Was) defines an absurd video.

Everyone in the band looks completely normal (for the 80's), but they are set in fictional pre-historic times where cavemen (and women) and dinosaurs lived in harmony.

This is even shown by the cartoons playing on the pre-historic television.

It's even better that the video provides instructions on how to do the " Walk the Dinosaur" dance.

The keyboard solo puts this in the great pantheon of 80's songs.

The most unbelieveable thing of all is that this song was #7 ON THE U.S. CHARTS IN 1989! #7! SO MANY PEOPLE LOVED THIS SONG, THAT IT WAS #7.

I Love America.

Walk The Dinosaur


Earl said...

Damn. This is awesome.

alex gibbs said...

Such an awesome song/video! I'm stoked you guys used it! haha.